Best Basketballs

When I first decided to buy a basketball. A problem, I have faced that time. Which basketball is right for me and why. I have this question because I have no idea about basketball types and technical issues. I browse many ecommerce websites to find the top basketball. I have faced more problems. I can’t understand which quality is outstanding because lots of basketball are available in the marketplace.

It’s challenging to select the best one from here. After that, I start to find the right basketball from Google. After lots of research, I found a perfect solution, and I pick two good basketballs from Amazon. And I am very satisfied with this solution. In this post, I am going to share the authentic basketball available in marketplaces with A to Z technical issues that you have to follow. So that you don’t face any terrible problems, and you can select the right one.

Best basketballs

At first, I want to explain the types of basketball. There are three types of basketball available in the marketplace.

  1. Indoor
  2. Outdoor
  3. Indoor-outdoor or hybrid basketball.

I will briefly discuss these three types. And which is for you and why?

  • Best Indoor basketball reviews

Indoor basketball is those people. Who wants to play basketball game is inside courts like Hardwood, Asphalt, Multi-Purpose, or other courts. If you are want to playing basketball for inside court, then indoor basketball is for you. Moreover, I have created this list only for an indoor basketball player. [This type of basketball most of the time made by genuine leather or composite leather, for this reason, it is a little bit more expensive than other basketball types]

  • Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Best basketballs

Wilson Evolution is best for its grip, soft feel, and comfortable for indoor game. When you make a shoot, you can feel the difference from other basketball. The consistent grip is incredible for this product. I think this is number one of the best products made by Wilson. 77% five-star reviews got this idem. That way, it comes in our #1 no one list.

Size: intermediate 28.5″ | Official – 29.5″ and Youth- 27-5″

Color: – 7 different colors

Material: Composite laid-in channels, texture cover and Evo Microfiber Composite

National Federation of State High School Associations NFHS® approved this product


Overall great quality

# 1 indoor basketball in United States

Attractive design

Available is professional man, women, and youth Size and feature


You can get the duplicate product if you can’t purchase the original ball.

I found overall all products; this is one of the best indoor basketball. I highly recommend this basketball.

  • Molten X-Series Composite Basketball, FIBA Approved – BGGX

Molten X-Series is best for its consistent touch, Enhance Visibility, and its design. Also, its handling performance is awesome. Its grip performance is very good. One of the great products in a low budget and shooting performance is too high of this product. 60% of five-star reviews got this product. Butyl Bladder used for this item to protect.

Size: Intermediate-28.5″ and official- 29.5″

Color: one design and colors available.

Materials: Premium Composite Leather Cover

Approved by FIBA

Designed for indoor games.


2- Years warranty

Butyl bladder protector

Professional men and women’s size.


Some people say its size is a little small, but I have no problem with it.

Youth is not available

According to overall benefits and performance of this product. We listed this item in the second position. We have highly recommended this product.

  • Spalding NBA Official Basketball (EA)

NBA official uses this product. Can you imagine how good quality is this product? Guys! If you want to get NBA feeling, then this product is best for you. An overall performance like its grip, shooting, handling, and it bunch everything is awesome. You will get high-level professional performance for this product.

Size: official-29.5″ | intermediate- 28.5″ and Youth- 27.5″

Colors: Only one color or design is available

Materials: Genuine leather

Designed for indoor and competitive game.


Features by NBA

NBA size and weight

100% genuine leather construction

Grip, handling, and shooting performance is awesome


The air hold system has little bit issues

A little bit slippery.

If you can get the right basketball, you will get awesome performance for this product. That way, we highly recommend this product.

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Best Outdoor basketball review

Outdoor basketball is those people who love to play Street or outside courts like Concrete or Multi-purpose court. Most of the time,  outdoor ball made by rubber, but some time we can see composite leather use for outdoor basketball. We select the most popular and most durable, high grip basketball on this list.

  • Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Spalding NBA Street is best for its authentic grip, bounce and durable at a low price. That is the reason everybody loves this product. Generally, we face some problems, when playing basketball outside like consistent grip, bounce performance, handling, and others. This product is able to solve this problem. Moreover, 66% of Five-star reviews got this product.

Size: Official-29.5” | Intermediate- 28.5” and Youth- 27.5”

Color: Orange and awesome designs.

Materials: Rubber.

Designed for outdoor games.


Super cheap basketball

NBA certified

1-year warranty

Eight panels for great grip

All-weather protective quality


Some people claimed the product has an air-leaking problem

Only one color is available.

  • Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Varsity outdoor basketball is total outside product at a low price. Its specialties are durable and authentic shooting, bouche, and grip performance. And 67% of five-star reviews got this product in the marketplace. On the other hand, you can choose so many different color or features.

Size: Intermediate-28.5″ and official 29-5”.

Colors: Nine different colors design and feature

Materials: Rubber

Outdoor basketball


Low price

Great performance

Available in so many designs and features

Cute basketball


Come with deflated

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Indoor outdoor basketball or hybrid

When you want to use a basketball in inside or outside game both, then you should buy an indoor-outdoor or hybrid ball. In this feature, you can use this product inside or outside the courts.

  • Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

This product is well known for its grip, bouche, and durability, especially for outdoor games. Although it is an indoor-outdoor basketball, you can get the best performance both inside and outside courts.

Size: Youth- 27.5″ | office- 29.5″ and intermediate – 28/5″

Colors: Two colors are available pink and tan and designed is awesome

Materials: composite leather

Indoor-outdoor basketball


Pebbled composite channels for consistent grip

Moisture-absorbing cove

Affordable price

Well-known brand

And totally import product


Come with Deflated

  • Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

This is another good indoor-outdoor basketball in marketplaces now. Its specialists are excellent grip and ball handling, and it has air hold systems. In addition, its durability is awesome. That is the reason basketball experts recommend this product.

Size: Official and intermediate

Colors: only one color

Materials: composite leather cover

Indoor-outdoor basketball game


The excellent feel of the product

Come with inflated

Official NBA size and weight


Bouche performance is not well

Lean more form here. 

Some recommended leather ball name.

  • Wilson Evolution Game Basketball
  • Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
  • Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball
  • Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball
  • Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, FIBA Approved – BGMX

Final note

Hey guys! I created this list according to lots of research. I use many basketballs in my life. This shortlist has specially selected from my experience, expert-recommended, and people were satisfied. You can’t find any other basketball like this list. This is list best basketball in marketplaces available now. If you have any recommendations, opinions, and questions, please comment below. Thank you!

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