Highest vertical jump records in NBA History

A vertical jump can make any game more enjoyable, and audiences love it. In the case of the NBA and NFL, it is no different. There are many high vertical jumps here. We listed all the records separately so that you can easily understand them.

Best vertical jump in NBA

Here a top list and the details below.

Wilt Chamberlain – 48″

Wilt Chamberlain was one of the greatest basketball players in basketball history. He played many teams and leagues before started career in the NBA. He was 7 ft. 1 inch tall and 250 pounds weighs. But, after bulking, he became 300 pounds [140kg].

He had numerous NBA records like scoring, rebounding. Ball control and durability. He is a player who scores 100 points in a single game and one of the fantastic players is average points of 40 and 50 every game. He had won the NBA champion in (1967, 1972).

Height- 7ft 1”

Born and died – 1936 to 1999


Playing Position: Center

Darrell Griffith – 48″

Darrell Griffith is one of the great shooting guard players. He was born on June 16, 1958, in Louisville. This 6 ft 4” inches NBA player won many awards, which are very highlighted for his career history. Darrell Griffith is also known as Dr. Dunkenstein, was a great American basketball player. This jersey number was 35.


Michael Jordan – 48”

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. He plays in shooting the guard. This 6 ft 6 “player has so many great records during the NBA career, like vertical jumping and good defending. He made an average of 33.45 points per game in his career. Not only famous for that but also very good leadership, agility knows about his strengths point. Here a video we collect from YouTube.

Spud Webb vertical jump – 46.”

Spud Webb a very good basketball point guard player. Some people said he is one of the shorts players in the NBA.  He was 5 ft 7”. Now he is president of Texas legends.

His vertical jump was really interesting and very excellent. Here YouTube video, it can help you to understand his talent.

Zach Lavine vertical jump – 46.”

This shooting/point guard player is one of the best performers in NBA league come with Minnesota Timberwolves 2014-2017. At present is playing with Chicago Bulls. He is 6 ft 5” height and born March 10, 1995, in, Washington, America.

This is an interview with Zach Lavine.

This video for inspiration and about this duck and skills

Jason Richardson vertical jump– 46”

Jason Richardson was a great basketball player in the NBA. His 46” inches vertical jump made more popular to all audience. He is 6 ft 6 “inch, and his jersey number was 23. He is shooting guard player.  The 46” vertical jump is very point of view of his career at that time. Here is a video to get more idea.


D.J. Stephens – 46”

One of the best basketball players ever in the NBA right now. This small forward player born December 19, 1990, and his height is 6 ft 5 inch.  This vertical jump was excellent in his career. Here a YouTube video will help you to understand about all skill of this young basketball lover.

Shannon Brown vertical jump 44.5 inch

This vertical jump was a great imagination of Shannon Brown career. 44.5 inches is a great performance overall in the NBA. This 6 ft 4-inch height player proved he is one of the valuable basketball players in the world.  He is the best player of shooting guard/ point guard player.

David Thompson vertical leap 44 inches

David Thompson vertical jump was a great inspiring about basketball history. He was 6 ft 4 inches in height. In shooting guard/ small forward was perfect for him. Read furthermore about David Thompson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Thompson_(basketball)

Deshawn Stevenson vertical 44 inches

This vertical jump also another great vertical jump ever in history. Deshawn Stevenson is 6 ft 5 inches height. He was a great shooting guard/Small forward player.

LeBron James vertical jump 44 inches

LeBron James‘s 44 inches vertical jump most popular for all basketball lover. Also, at present, he is one of the great players in the NBA.

He is 6 ft 8 inches in height. That way, he is playing small forward and power forward.

Nate Robinson vertical jump 43.5 inches

Nate Robinson is a point guard player, and his vertical jump is most great in his career. This 5 ft 9-inch height player build a 43.5 inches records in NBA history. Here a video he teaches about how to increase your vertical jump. In this video, he builds these records.

Before we go our last session some major point you should know, Note: if you already know about it then you skip this session.

Types of a vertical

Are divided into two

Running vertical: Most of the time, we see it in a basketball game.

Standing vertical: Generally, NFL player performance is standing jump.


What is a good vertical for a 15-year-old?

There perfect vertical jump for the 15-year-old player is 17 inches. Some coaches and expert recommend a different opinion, but 17 inches is the best answer.

What is a good vertical jump for a 14-year-old?

15.7 inches is good for a 14-year-old.

How much vertical do you need to dunk?

If your vertical jump 28 inches then it is perfect. Also, it not too hard, if you continually practice than you can jump 48” inches like Wilt Chamberlain or Darrell Griffith you already know those dunks.


In this article, we do authority research to find historical information about vertical jump records. We have coved officially and verify movement and video footage. So, you can easily understand. However, one of the most important things we are always maintaining when any basketball dunk create records recently, then instantly, we will cover the information in this article.

Vertical jump always looks great for the audience. They love when a player jumps high to scoring or defense side. That way, this world records can impress the entire basketball lover. If you have any questions about this article, please comment here.

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  1. Surprised you didn’t at least mention Kenny Gregory since he is one of the few people with an officially recorded vertical jump during the combine. At 45.5″ he seems like a worthy inclusion.


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