How to shoot basketball perfectly The Most Important Tips & Tricks

This post is only for those people who ask how to shoot a basketball perfectly. We have shared the most important tips and trick so that you can be a great shooter. 

Important facts
  • Shooting is most famous for the basketball game. This is a basic step before building your career on it. If you can shoot a basketball, then other skills like rebounding, footwork, passing skill, jumps will work. Otherwise, it did not work without good shooting skill.
  • If you think I can’t shoot accurately so it not for you. [I never will a good shooter]. This is a wrong conception. The shooter is not born; they practice and develop himself.  No single player was not perfect in the beginning. They practiced and made themselves like that. So believe me you can be a good shooter. You need to improve and a proper guideline.
  • Always remember your right hand is shooting hand, which help you to shoot the target.

Moreover, your left hand is balanced hand, which helps you to balance the basketball consistently.

[Note] it can be change for left-hander player.

The beginner BEEF method

BEEF is a method used for teaching kid and who have no idea about basketball before, and it is too simple. That way, you should know about it.


B- Balance

E- Elbow

E- Eyes

F- Follow Through

I hope you can understand. It is super simple. It is basic of the art of shooting and then you can move to advance.

At the first time, every coach uses its method to gradually ahead to advance.

Disclose the solution to the problem in a couple of lines

how to shoot basketball perfectly

#1 preparation

Always get proper training before shooting a basketball. Do not try to shoot first always get prepared or be read fast .otherwise you never make an excellent performance. 

Don Mayer says, “You don’t shoot fast, You get ready to shoot fast.”

Some tips to get ready fast

@ Get prepared to receive the ball. You can start with your knees in ready motion. It will help you to save your time.

@ show your shooting hand so that your teammate can easily pass you the ball and you can get extra time from here.

@ Create the shoot Everman with your mind. You can remind your mind this is time a right time to shoot the ball.

#2 then the method of catches the ball

When you receive the ball you should hold the ball correctly, and you should do this very fast.

Your shooting hand must be up and down of the basketball. You balance hand on the side of basketball.

One most important always thinks as hold the ball “L” and “T” systems. Never hold it like “Y.”

Your finger position is so important. Always touch all finger pads on basketball properly, and it should be spread easily on the ball.

#3 Balance

Good basketball shooter always maintains the balance. Without your balance, you never make a good shoot. That way, it is mandatory.

Some time for a better shoot.

@ Your feet should be slightly staggered stance so that it will be comfortable for you. Your shooting foot is always kept ahead then non-shooting foot.

@ You can keep your feet directly at the basket/ hoop. [It is not too much mandatory.]

@ You can put a little space in the middle of your feet. We prefer it to get a better feel. You can close it if you do not feel like it. But open space, always keep your feet point ready toward the basket.

When you find the right balance stance for follow it is the time to shoot. Don’t use others stance and method.

# 4 Eyes and fix the target

Eyes target is very important for shooting a basketball. Think without a target, how can you do you shoot the basketball. Many beginner basketball players make this mistake always. They don’t fix a proper eyes target. Here tips you should follow…

@ locate your destination at the hoop as early as possible. There is every professional defeated the time that way, and you should follow this method.

@ Only focus your eyes on the target. Never follow the others thinks. Keeping your focus on the rim is so mandatory. So should not avoid this.

#5 is short pocket is mandatory

Yes, it is! Always find a better place is where you feel comfortable for shooting the basketball on the rim.

@ When you get the ball move it fast into the short pocket area.

@ Grip the ball consistently and ready to shoot. Remember one thinks don’t miss properly grip the ball. And keep your position properly limiter inches above your waist.

Final word

We have covered the main factors in a short time. So, that you can easily understand and apply it in a basketball game. In future, we will update this content with some more expert opinion. What you learn from this post, do not forget to share in the comment below.


Here I have shared the most and significant tips about How to shoot a basketball perfect. I hope before be a great shooter you must need to know this subject.

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