5 Best High Quality Genuine Leather Basketball in 2019

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It is so difficult to buy the best quality basketball for your journey. when you have no idea about its manufacture information. However, good basketball is mandatory for every player.

If you are facing problem to pick the best leather basketball, then this is the right place to find the best one.

Here I reviewed five super quality basketballs in my personal experience. We have mentioned which one is best for you.  We have explained why this ball is perfect for you and all questions in your mind with all the necessary information. 

You will get an excellent guide when you disused to buy. I hope that, after reading this post, you can get the right product.

Here is the Best Leather Basketball

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Best Leather Basketball

If you are looking for an indoor and high school basketball, then this one is perfect for you. Also, which can give you a better performance. This ball specially designed for indoor. You know that indoor basketball is always the best quality because of the use of high-quality leather and 100% composite grip cover.

In addition, Wilson is a well-known basketball Manufacture Company at the time. They supply their goods to NCAA and other high school basketball leagues. That way, this is one of the leading basketball manufacture company.

Product description

This product official is size – 29.5”, Youth size – 27.5 and Intermediate – 28.5″.It has Unparalleled control for most significant composite materials. This product has approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the colour is light brown.

They use Evo Microfiber composite leather only for durable this product. They use of 100% composite leather

This product weight is – 9.65 lbs. and Awesome bouncing performance


  • Soft feel
  • Perfect leather
  • Affordable price
  • Great grip perfect for handing
  • Amazon best sell product
  • Durability


  • Not well finishing
  • No longer holds air
  • Slow Leak

I like this ball because this ball is a softer feel. When I touch this ball, I feel better. Besides, I can shoot it comfortably.


Can I write my name on that ball?

Sorry! They do not offer this service.

Can I use this ball for outdoor?

It special designed for high school plays and indoor not for outdoor.

What is the shipping time?

Most of the time, it takes one week.

This product has 1500+ positive reviews, so you can buy it for your next journey.

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

5 Best High Quality Genuine Leather Basketball in 2019 1

If you are looking for indoor-outdoor feature both then this basketball is for you. It specially designed for competitive players. Bounce performance is awesome.

Also, its manufacture company is Spalding. One of the well-known company since 1983. I love this company due to its good-well.

Product description

It made by Exclusive Zi/0 PU composite cover. Only for competition, players mind due to make it more durable and long-lasting.

It designed for indoor and outdoor.  also,  it made by Zi tournament composite cover and designed for enhanced feel and grip control. It has official NBA size- 29.5 and weight 7.


  • Great durability
  • Official size is perfect for use leagues or tournaments.
  • Composite leather with affordable price
  • Grip, Bounce, and Balance performance are significant.


  • The airs hold not very good like other indoor and outdoor balls.

How long can I use it?

If you see all customers review on Amazon maximum, say this ball has been perfect. It got 70% positive review. After considering many things, it has come our list. Therefore, you can buy this basketball.

Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball

Spalding NBA IndoorOutdoor Replica Game Ball

It is another great basketball for indoor and outdoor. If you want to know many basketball qualities then, this ball also can be great choices. It has much good quality.

We already know about Spalding. They supply many excellent quality goods in the market.

Product description

It has an NBA official size- 29.5 and weight 7. It is specially designed for indoor or outdoor.

The premium composite cover is used to make it durable and feel better. Different size is available in marketplaces.


  • Affordable price
  • Grip, bounce, and balance performance is fantastic.
  • Premium composite leather is best for indoor-outdoor.
  • This basketball recommended by inflation is 8 PSI.


  • It does not seem durable to look like other balls.
  • During the game of outdoor, this air will end in 1 or 2 weeks. That way you have to buy a pump with it.

It is so impressive and cool performance. So that, highly recommended for professional or beginners basketball player. Also, you can purchase for your son or daughter.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

5 Best High Quality Genuine Leather Basketball in 2019 2

Wilson comes with a great indoor-outdoor basketball, which has 100% composite cover. If you want great bouche, grip, and balance, this is perfect for you.

Wilson always gives us the best quality balls, so don’t worry about its manufacturing. because the manufacturer is very trusted and experts recommend.

Product description

Moisture absorbing material

Designed for indoor and outdoor

Age range 12 years up

Official size 29.5 and Intermediate size 28.5

This ball has 100% composite cover.


  • Affordable price
  • Great for indoor outdoor
  • Value and durability are exceptional.
  • Moisture-absorbing composite leather cover
  • It designed for indoor and outdoor.


  • Quality is not very good.

It got a 64% positive review on Amazon. Also, it is better for 12 years up. I suggested this ball.

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, FIBA Approved – BGMX

Molten X-Series IndoorOutdoor Basketball, FIBA Approved – BGMX

If you want to play basketball in street court or wherever you wish, Molten BGMX is the perfect choice for you.

Also molten is Japanese basketball Manufacture Company — molten provide ball in many tournaments or leagues.

Product description

  • They use Synthetic Cover perfect for indoor-outdoor.
  • International Basketball Federation (FIBA) approved this is the ball.
  • Orange color
  • It has Premium Composite Leather Cover


  • They give you a 1-year warranty.
  • Consistent Touch and Enhanced Visibility
  • You can select official and intermediate size and weight
  • Made by Thailand


  • So it an outstanding quality and 61% five-star review in Amazon.

Best Leather Basketball Buying Guide

You already know which leather basketball is best. However, if you have any confusion, then this tips and trick will help you to find the right one.

Here you will get the critical factory to clear your all confusion. You shouldn’t miss this session.


What Size should you choose now?

When this question comes in your mind, then you have to consider some issues. That is your age and your basketball hoop size. Here is a list that will help you to find the right ball.

Professional male or boys up 15 basketball player / NBA official Size 7- 29.5″ in circumference/ weight – 67–650 g

Professional women, girls 15 years up and boys 12-14 year up/ intermediate size 6- 28.5 in circumference/ weight – 510–567 g

Select for kids boys or girls for 9-11 years/size 5 – 27.5 in circumference/ weight – 470–500 g

5 – 8 years old ball size 25.5

2-8 years old mini basketball size 22.0


Generally, the first three types of ball size used more often. So you have to pay more attention to scale. Otherwise, you will not get the right basketball, which you need.  Do this and you will not waste your money.



There are three types of basketball material available in the market.


This is of high quality. That will give excellent performance and long lasting. Perfect for indoor and outdoor, but the problem is a little more expensive.

Synthetic Composite

Synthetic composite is better but not like leather. Not bad quality. 



I hope you already know about the robber. It’s super cheap, but a little worried.


Leather is always giving you the best performance. You will see that experts always offer you to buy leather basketball.

So, that way, leather is such importance for your dream.


Which Color should you select?

There are many different colors available in the market Such as black, yellow, orange, and others. However, most of the expert says to use standard orange color


So this is most Important factory. I hope you can choose the perfect basketball for your Basketball game.



Which brand of basketball is the best?

There are many basketball manufacture company available in the market. Many of them are good, and many have a little problem.

There some brand is expert recommended. You can choose any of them.

  1. Spalding
  2. Molten
  3. Wilson
  4. Dunlop
  5. Nike
  6. Rawlings
  7. Adidas
  8. Avaro
  9. Baden Sports
  10. Kipsta
  11. Mikasa
  12. Mitre
  13. Nivia and others.


What You can use to shine a leather basketball?

You can clean your ball with soap and normal water. To do shine your basketball.

Note: Do not your cold or too hot water.


What is Best Basketball that I could afford?

Generally, the leather ball always a little bit expensive. However, my entire reviewed product is reasonably affordable. So you can choose one of them.


Final Word 

In generally leather basketball is perfect for indoor-outdoor, because it has a lot of great feature and quality. It will give you the best grip, bouche, balance, value of money, and other performance.

This 5 basketball is market leading. When you go to buy, you should consider this issue, which I covered in this post.

Now you know that all the necessary information about leather basketball. Don’t forget to follow our reviews and guide to buy any basketball.

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