Wilson Evolution Basketball Reviews

Wilson Evolution Basketball Reviews & The Definitive Guide 2022

Despite that there are many sports brands offering balls for basketball players, Wilson Evolution took the lead among many of them. And, it did it with a combination of cutting-edge technology and the addition of state-of-the-art materials and designs.

Certainly, many Wilson evolution basketball reviews center their attention on pointing out those features, and we will do it too. In addition, you will also find some of the best chances to buy a Wilson Evolution that actually satisfy your expectations.

Wilson Evolution Basketball Reviews

1. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball Reviews

Wilson Evolution Basketball Reviews

This is the Wilson Evolution indoor game basketball that will give you the best of the Evolution line in High School. It includes all the famous signature features that made it the number #1 basketball in America. More importantly, it is approved by the National Federation of State High School, which makes it ideal for young players when trying to reach professional levels.

Evolution manufacture

Firstly, it is externally made in Premium Evo Microfiber Composite Cover that provides a long duration. Also, this material makes it easier to grip. Internally, it includes Cushion Core Carcass to make it soft despite the texture. To make sure that players can easily control the ball, Evolution added laid-in channels in the same material as the whole basketball. Therefore, players can feel the ball as one for the entire game.

And you can´t leave this Evolution ball out of fashion because it comes in 6 different colors. Besides, it is available in the official size of 29.5 “, 28.5 “, and 27.5 ” for the youngest generation. They may start feeling the best basketball at an early age.

  • Its different sizes make it suitable for men and women
  • The entire ball has a consistent texture
  • It provides more softness than other brands
  • It is recommended for indoor use only. However, you can still use for outdoor, but it will last less time

2. Wilson Customized Personalized Evolution Basketball Indoor Game Ball (28.5″)

Wilson Customized Personalized Evolution Basketball Indoor Game Ball

Wilson didn´t settle for creating the best indoor game ball. Due to that, it developed this model to customize your experience. Hence, super fans of basketball can take their experience to another level. Also, it is the perfect gift for any occasion because you can add a name, last name, or mention any other element that you want to include.

In spite of the customization, this evolution ball keeps all the great features that make it the best indoor basketball in the market. Among them, Advanced Microfiber Composite Leather to guarantee a soft feel.

  • The customized text is permanent and can include logos
  • The customization can be ready in about 2-4 days
  • It is available in 2 sizes, 28.5″ and 29.5.”
  • You can´t add logo and text at the same time, and logos must be simple design

3. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball (27.5″)


When it comes to improving your game, the HomeCourt iPhone can be your best ally. And, buying this Wilson Evolution Game Basketball gives you the chance to try it for free! This App provides limitless fun while helping you to escalate your game skills.

The analysis occurs in real-time with Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and basketball science. As a result, you can track and measure your metrics in speed, vertical jump, or shooting percentage. As the App is backed up by the NBA, you can be confident of its high quality.

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball buying Guide

  • Texture

The special texture of Wilson Evolution is given by the Evo Microfiber Composite Cover. This material is made of leather leftovers that are put together by using different processes and other materials. For the Evolution ball, Wilson chooses the microfiber option along with special methods and fabrication.

Such a method offers the significant advantage of creating a grippy surface, and players fid easier to catch the ball. On the contrary, the ball is still soft and pleasant to touch. So, players can hold strong and confident to the ball while keeping a nice feeling when playing and touching the ball. Besides, the laid-in channels maintain the same texture, and players can feel the same experience for the entire ball and without interruptions.

  • Internal filling

As part of its innovation process, Wilson also changed the internal filling of the ball. In the past, all the filling was made of foam. But the Wilson Evolution ball replaced it with rubber, and it brought a new age for basketball. This is to say that players could start feeling more control over the ball when doing shoots. That’s because they can keep the ball for more time between their hands when they do it. So, the ball feels soft in and out too.

  • Sizes

In the beginning, the first Wilson Evolution ball intended to cover the professional size of 29.5″ only. But it diversified the ball by creating versions suitable either for women and the youth. It means that you can find Wilson Evolution balls in 28.5″ and 27.5″. Therefore, everybody can enjoy its magnificent technology, and young boys and girls don´t have to wait for a certain age to use it.

  • Best value/price

Due to the innovative Microfiber Composite Cover, Wilson Evolution made it possible that high-quality balls were available for everyone. Due to that, it wouldn´t be necessary to buy pure leather basketball to access excellent performance. This material provides the best performance and durability, and the price and distribution of it are massive.

  • High School approval and preference

Nowadays, Wilson Evolution is the preferred ball in high schools not only in America but in England and other countries too. A combination of the right price, good technology, and the variety of models and sizes made it suitable for these institutions.

How to Buy a Wilson Evolution Ball

After you determine that you are ready to buy a Wilson Evolution, you will find that this ball is widely available either online or in physical stores. The most important aspect to consider is the size of the ball.

In this sense, the 29.5 ” is recommended for adult males, the 28.5 ” size is recommended for women, and the 27.5 ” size is recommended for the youth who can be boys or girls. However, you can feel free to try any size you want because those recommendations are only based on general information. Besides that, you can enjoy multiple colors, designs, and even customization to make your basketball a more joyful time.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Wilson Evolution balls contributed to add better quality and performance to the basketball game. But adding the best technology and keeping affordable prices, now every basketball player can improve their game. What is even better is that Wilson Evolution keeps stepping ahead by partnering with the best athletes to make sure that players improve their overall experience.

As a result, they can take much better advantage of the Wilson Evolution ball. Also, If you want to get even more from Wilson Evolution balls just check Wilson evolution basketball reviews. They can offer you better ways to take advantage of Wilson Evolution balls.