Wilson has been known for making quality sporting products, from Wilson footballs to Wilson golf balls, Wilson is the brand of choice for many when it comes to sports equipment. This past Christmas I received a Wilson Official Encore Basketball 29.5” so I thought I would share a few thoughts on the ball.

This ball’s reputation precedes it, before writing it we asked for opinions from coaches, players and referees and it is fair to say there was not one negative piece of feedback.

Who Should Use This Product?

Wilson Official Encore Basketball is for anyone who plays basketball and wants a high-quality product that will improve their game.

Primary Use: Basketball Game Play

This ball is great to use in any type of situation, but it’s best used when playing the game of basketball. It has an incredible grip and touches around the rim which allows for better overall performance when shooting the ball.

Secondary Use: Basketball Practice

The ball is also great for practicing your game. Whether you want to work on your layups, dribbling ability, or jump shots, the Encore will help you improve.

Wilson Encore Basketball Review

Wilson Encore Basketball - Expert Review 2022


My First Impression on Product:

The first time I took it out of the box, I could tell that this ball was an improvement on my old one. When you first put your hands on this Wilson Encore Basketball, it feels incredibly soft and the grip is incredible.

Overall Impression:

Overall, I would definitely recommend this ball to anyone who plays basketball. This Wilson Encore Basketball is great for layups, dribbling drills, and shooting the basketball since it goes in so smoothly when you get to the hoop. It’s also extremely lightweight compared to other balls which makes traveling with it really easy.

What You Should Know

Wilson Official Encore Basketball 29.5” is the latest and updated version of Wilson Encore Basketball. It has some enhancements made in it which we will discuss in detail later on this page. Some of the main upgrades and changes that you will find in the updated version are size, weight, composite cover, and core, etc.

This is a basketball that can be used in gymnasiums or outdoor areas because it has a composite cover and a laid-in composite core. This kind of combination gives you maximum grip for short runs yet bounce required from long dribbles. The cushion-cored carcass allows this ball to have a softer feel which is easier to grip. It is NCAA certified so you can use it in a match played under NCAA rules.

Features of Wilson Encore Basketball

The following are some of the main features which distinguish this ball from other balls in the same category. If you want to know what sets this product apart from others, take a look at these features.

1) Universal Size: The size of this basketball is 29.5” which means that it will be easy for both men and women to play with this ball (it’s not too big or too small).

2) Indoor-Outdoor Play: Apart from indoor play, this ball can also be used for outdoor purposes because it has an “all-weather” composite cover that allows the ball to grip well even when it is wet.

3) Maximum Grip On Both Indoor-Outdoor Courts: The composite cover is not only meant for outdoor play but also provides you with maximum grip when playing indoor games also. So, you don’t need to worry about the grip and can enjoy your game without thinking of greasing (or re-gripping) the ball in between the match.

4)Unparalleled Control: This ball has a laid-in composite core that helps in providing unparalleled control over the ball during shots, dribbles, and passes. It helps you in improving all aspects of your game because of its perfect balance and weight ratio. Also, it improves your game by allowing easy rebounding on both ends of the court (offensive as well as defensive).

5)Softest feel: You will get to enjoy various benefits if you use this ball because of its cushion-cored carcass which offers a softer feel. So, there is no need to worry about grip anymore.

How You’ll Get Benefited From This Ball

The following are some of the most important advantages that you will receive if you use this Product:

  • The size and weight combination makes it easy for you to enjoy your game in outdoor as well as indoor conditions.
  • It has a composite cover that provides maximum grip when playing indoors and doesn’t let the ball slip from your hand even when playing in a wet condition outside.
  • This ball has a laid-in core that gives unparalleled control over the ball during shots, dribbles, and passes. It also helps in rebounding easily on both ends of the court.

What Made Me Choose Wilson Encore?

Features of Wilson Encore Basketball


The softness of the ball: The first thing that made me choose this was definitely the softness of the ball. I had a hard time shooting with ordinary basketballs because they were too heavy and it would often tire me after a while, so one day I decided to go for another type of material that was lighter yet still durable.

Better Grip: the ball has been designed with great care in order to provide a better grip. This is also a good characteristic because it helps you hold the ball firmly without losing concentration on how to shoot it well.

Help To Increase Accuracy: The most amazing thing about this ball is that it has a micro-grooved surface which helps with better grip while shooting and passing, thus increasing accuracy while playing.

Hi-Quality Material: it has been made from high-quality polyurethane which makes it waterproof and tremendously elastic at the same time. This way, you won’t need to worry about losing air throughout your play if you don’t air it up regularly.

Improved Technologically: Wilson has embraced most technological improvements in order to make this sort of product that outperforms various limits for a regular player like me or any other person who wants to enjoy indoors at home. For example, the channels inside are filled with air so that it can maintain its size and volume even if the player squeezes it.

Improve Shooting Experience: Another aspect of Wilson Encore which gave me no doubts in choosing this over other balls out there is definitely the grip on its surface overall. It helps you shoot more accurately without losing grip or getting distracted while playing.

Why Is It The Best For Me?

This basketball has all the characteristics I need to get more fun out of my game. It’s soft, elastic, and very durable at the same time which makes it ideal for anyone like me that has enough skills but lacks a high-quality ball that will fit their needs. This way, you can enjoy your shooting practice even more and help improve your accuracy as well as concentration.

It provides a better grip thanks to its micro-grooved surface which helps players shoot with great precision over long periods of time without tiring up too much. In this way, you won’t have to worry about having to stop due to fatigue every minute during a game.

  • The Official Encore Basketball is approved by the NCAA®.
  • It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • It offers ultimate grip with its high-performance composite cover
  • Makes the perfect gift for any basketball player.
  • Comes in a variety of colors to match your team’s colors.
  • Durable and made to last through hours of playtime.
  • Features a micro-grooved surface that helps players maintain their game for hours.
  • It features Wilson’s patented Sure-Grip Technology™ which keeps the air inside the ball even when you squeeze it.
  • It’s not the softest basketball, But it is a good alternative for light and softball.
  • It’s not approved by the Under 12 league.

Is It Worth Buying?

Of course! It is a top-notch product and I’m sure anyone out there will benefit from this basketball with all its great features and benefits. For players like me who want to become better shooters and enjoy the fun at the same time, this type of ball is ideal as it provides everything you need but with no downsides or major problems as with ordinary balls used every day by people like us.

Does It Worth Buying Wilson Official Encore Basketball

The Wilson Official Encore Basketball 29.5” was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on every single e-commerce site where customers have had a chance to express their opinions. So far, most people who have used it in their houses or at the gym seem to agree on its great features and durability.


With my Wilson encore basketball review, I would give this ball an overall rating of 9/10. Wilson continue to make great products and this is no exception.

I highly recommend using this product when playing basketball for both games and practice. If you liked what I had to say about it, then go ahead and try this ball out for yourself.

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