When I was a newbie basketball player, I made lots of silly mistakes, which I can realize now. I thought there was no connection with the position in basketball. I never asked myself in which basketball position should I play according to my qualities. However, choosing a position according to your classes and skills is essential. You should on increasing your ability by knowing your strength and weakness.
Also, I supposed I should build my skill in shooting while every position in basketball is influential. You might have to change your position during the game. That’s why you should know about all the positions in basketball to get fit yourself into a suitable position according to your skill.
Here I will help you to pinpoint your position by mentioning all fundamental theories. So, you can easily recognize your Power and suitable place.
let’s get started,


There are five positions in the basketball game, and a player has to fall into or play under one of these positions. These positions are,

#1 Point guard

#2 Shooting guard

#3 Small forward

#4 Power forward

#5 Center

We can divide these five positions in various ways. For example- Point guard and Shooting guard play in the front of the court. Small forward and Power forward play the middle position of the court. Moreover, Center men play in front of the basket. [It can change anytime and any movement].

Analyze yourself like as a player

It is an essential part to find a suitable position out. If you can do This section will help you to find your desired position. [If you have a basic idea about basketball position]
First of all, ask yourself some questions.
Are you tall?
What is your Power?
Which area gives you lots of fun or you feel comfortable?
Do you like running?
Can you shoot properly?
What types of players are you?

It would be best if you discovered all these questions answers to clarify it.
When those answers are given, you can easily find the perfect position. We have discussed all the tips further below for you, which could be helpful to you.[ note down all these so it could work as a reminder]

Are you ready to go next?

If you have already known your qualities and your favorite player, You are ready to take the next step. In this next step, we will cover five-position and their importance, required skills, qualities, and responsibilities separately.

One most important thing we already have covered before that Basketball is an evolving game. It always keeps changing according to the situation of the gaming environment. However, if you know every position’s basic requirements, you can comfortably adjust to any condition. So let’s get started.

#1 Center

The center is also known as the FIVE or the big man. If you are the tallest and physically fit player in your term, then this position is perfect for you. We know the tallest person can be a terrific defense for a team. As being a center, You have to block the opponent player and help the teammate to score a point.

Required skill qualities

@ The Tallest person in the term

@ Outstanding skill with blocking and stop scoring of the opponent.

@need perfect vertical jump.

@ be alert always.

#2 Power forward

This position might require the second tallest player in the term. If you can perform quick, this position can be the best choice for you. Also, you have to play in various places in the same position. It is close to the center player. Also known as the four. Be able to score with a different approach. In the sense of defense, you should be able to protect offenses player in various ways.

Required skills and qualities

Need more speed than the center player.

Excellent passing skills

Vertical jump

Good shooting

The mentality of play in various placements.

Tallest person.

#3 Small forward

Power forward, also known as PF or number three in basketball regulation. If you can use more versatility during the game of basketball, then this position is perfect for you. The most important factor here is versatility, scoring point, and defending. It is also considered as the most versatile of all the five positions. But it’s not only the skill required in this position but also mandatory.

Skills and qualities

@you should have excellent ball control skills because you are playing in the middle of the court. Without better ball handling you can never make an excellent performance.

@ Small forward required perfect long and close shooting skill.

@ The most mandatory qualification in the small forward position is good passing. Without excellent passing skills, you never can be a very good small forward player.

@ Always creating blank space to shoot or pass the ball

also other skills such as a post-up game,  pick and roll defense, setting screens and other skills.

#4 Shooting guard

If you’re very fast at passing, shooting, and making a fool of your opponent, Then the Shooting guard position is only for you. It is also known as number TWO or (SG). Here your primary responsibility is scoring with excellent shooting skills. Without excellent shooting skills, you can’t make a good career in this position. A shooting guard player is also well known as a swingman because of his/her ability to switch between shooting guard to small forward.

Skills and qualities

@ shooting skill are most important here.

@ He knows how to score without dribbling.

@ You need very good passing skills during the game.

@ Very speed and know the defense tactics

@ be able to long shoot and close shoot.

# 5 Point guard

If you like to lead your term, then there is no alternative here without the Point guard position. Point guard(PG) Also known as the ONE. This position holds the team’s best ball handler and passer. To play in this position, you have to become super fast at driving, shooting, and passing the ball. The Coaches of the team always interact with the point guard players; that’s why point guards are called the leader of the team. To be a point guard, you have to hold good passing, ball-handling, and immediate decision-making sense.

Required skill and qualities

You need better ball controlling skill

Passing skills

Responsibility for directing plays.

Lead other players.

Need very good long shooting skill

Good communication.


The goal of this post is to make you understand the importance of a position in Basketball, and realize which is perfect for you. You already know the common fundamental of those five positions. I hope you can decide which position is suitable for you. You know that Basketball is a tactical game; so every time you should come up with various tactics according to the weakness of your opponent. That’s why the situation keeps changing. For this reason, you should have skills above all positions.

So be careful and keep improving your skills to adjust yourself to all positions in basketball. In which basketball position should I play? Remove the question from your mind. What is your opinion after reading this post? And which is your perfect position? Let me know in the comment box. and stay with Basketballslab. Good luck!

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