Basketball is a thrilling sport. It’s entertaining to watch as well as to play. As players we all know how important it is to have a quality ball. Here we review The Rock Indoor basketball having heard fantastic things about it here at Basketballs lab.
The Rock is an indoor basketball created by a smaller competitor to the major brands called Anaconda Sports. Don’t let size or the name of the company put you off, the company make great products and it has a cult following among basketball players who consider it one of the greatest indoor basketballs available.

The ball has incredibly clean seams, free of excess glue and panelling overhangs. The channels are formed as one piece and not bonded together which gives the ball a constant feel in the hand and further longevity. The Rock Basketball is a top-tier alternative among the greatest basketballs on the market in our view. Our team really enjoyed playing with this ball. After a full pump pre game, the ball has a fantastic grip, has a true bounce and importantly seems to last.

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The ball is well-designed and performs well. The ball’s exterior comprises unique sponge rubber, which is super-soft and scuff-resistant. Even after years of use, the ball retains its shape and provides the same playability every time you play with it.
The rock ball has a sturdy feel that sets it apart from other basketballs, and it does not fall out of your hands as other balls do. The ball is relatively easy to handle; nevertheless, it was built only for indoor usage, and playing it outside would quickly wear it out.


The Rock’s grip is superb, and the cover is sticky. In our opinion, it’s somewhat more leathery and less grippy than the Wilson Evolution. If you think the Wilson Evolution has a bit too much grip, The Rock may be the basketball for you.
The Rock is primarily regarded as one of the most durable indoor balls available. That doesn’t guarantee it’ll work well on outdoor surfaces, but you should be able to get some use out of it on hardwood courts. It has excellent air retention because of its strengthened two-layer butyl bladder.


The Rock features deeper pebbled channels that are great for basketball players. They are specifically intended to give a better grip than balls with smooth grooves. The one-piece media are broader than regular basketballs and do not need adhesives.

Retention of air

The air is held in the ball for a more extended amount of time. In basketball, the typical air pressure is 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per inch. Although this ball does not lose air regularly, you may need to re-inflate it during the winter if the air has been lost.

The Rock indoor basketball


You may not have experienced any issues with a high-priced ball and you may also be afraid to buy a less-priced ball due to the irresponsive bounce. The NFHS-approved Rock basketball, on the other hand, has a responsive and constant bounce.
You’ll be able to recollect its movements after a few games with it. The ball will then land just where you want it to. Furthermore, the bounce is correct, meaning it does not bounce too low or too high like a toy or a cheap rubber ball.


The Rock ball’s substance is composite leather, yet it feels like genuine leather and is very sticky. The Core to Cover technology reinforces the composite cover supported with sponger rubber. Anaconda Sports did an excellent job with this C2C technology.
I’m not sure how it works or what difference it makes, but it gets the job done. And it’s all about stating it in that sizable C2C writing on the rock basketball. Because of the cushioned rear cover, the ball’s outer layer is very soft. You’ll Love Its Grip

The Rock may not be a household name, don’t let this put you off. After just one session with this ball, you’ll be a believer. The Rock has as excellent a grip as any other basketball on our list. It’s popular among users, with practically every review being glowingly good.

Our ball has such a firm grip that it will feel like you have super glue all over your hands, but don’t worry; you’ll be able to shoot just as well as any other ball on this list. The fact that the ball isn’t made of genuine leather may irritate some users, but the quality of the ball far overcomes this. This Rock basketball review should persuade you, but if you’re still not convinced, give it a try. You will not be dissatisfied.


The Rock ball is made of a high-quality composite material that is exceptionally durable. Even though it is a firm ball made of high scuff-resistant material, I would not advocate using it on outdoor courts. It can, however, endure any level of roughhousing on the hardwood.

In our experience, we prefer The Rock basketball over other balls for reasons other than the cost. We haven’t seen a ball that performs as well as this for less than $50. It is one of the top-rated indoor basketballs because it has outstanding grip, a soft feel, constant bounce, and the promised durability.

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Final Thoughts – The Rock Indoor Basketball Review

There is no doubting, The Rock basketball is a fantastic ball. It has all the features you could want, and it performs exceptionally well considering its cost. Basketballs can be surprisingly expensive, so this one gives you an excellent value for the price. The C2C technology adds stiffness to the composite cover of the ball, which increases grip and soundness when dribbling.

The ball is not made of leather, but it isn’t advertised as such. The composite material feels like genuine leather while maintaining its performance considerably well. While the composite cover may not be pleasant for some users at first, their hands will quickly get used to this different type of feeling.

Even though Anaconda Sports is not as well-known as the pioneers of basketball, such as Nike, Wilson, and Spalding, the Rock Basketball is a good option for basketball fans owing to its superb grip, unique channel design, and bounce on any surface. Overall, we recommend it, it’s a fantastic indoor basketball that provides terrific value at a low price.

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