silverback nxt 54 reviews

Silverback NXT 50 & 54 Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Review

Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Reviews
  • Infinity Edge Backboard
  • Great Stability With Stability-frame design
  • Lift-and-Roll Action Offers Easy Movement
  • Ultra-Fast Assembly
  • High Adjust-ability From 7.5 To 10 Feet In 6 Inch Increment.
  • Increased Rebound

Most people look for some common features when they want to buy a portable basketball hoop system, like, great portability, a strong pro-level backboard, an easy adjustment facility, and a good rim.

Also, most people go for an in-ground basketball hoop instead of a portable because of some extra features which a portable hoop usually failed to serve.

But in Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop system is designed in a different way. Its large base system, infinity-edge backboard, support pole, make for a great combination.

3 Experts Overall Review

From the infinity edge backboard to the steel-frame base, The silverback nxt basketball hoop is a decent choice for all. In this price tag, I’ll say this will be the best choice.
Given Ratings -> 9 out of 10


The only portable basketball hoop with a dashing, cool-looking, unique infinity-edge backboard; the easiest height adjustment facility; ErgoMove wheel-barrow design for easy movement; and a stabili-Frame steel-on-steel connection between the base frame and support pole.
Given Ratings -> 8.7 out of 10

sports pro

A full package of a good look, sturdy material, easy movement, and ease of height adjustment.
Given Ratings -> 8.5 out of 10

  • Who Is This Product For?

It has been designed for people of any age, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur, a mid-range player, a pro, or wanna have this for family and recreational games.

From its sturdy backboard to stabilize-frame base, every aspect of the hoop system is appreciated by basketball enthusiasts of all ages.

A beginner could practice his/her shooting, dunking, Bank Shot, etc. with this portable hoop system.

  • How Did We Make This Review?

We usually spend a lot of time researching any product. This time we spent a day put this to the test and gathering information regarding the Silverback NXT portable backboard hoop.

We also looked at the user satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratio, Expert reviews regarding every specific feature. We’ve watched more than 20+ expert videos to collect their valuable predictions about the product. Also, we assembled 5-star reviews given by users to know why they love this and collected one-star reviews to know what could have been better.

  • Silver NXT 54 Main Features And Ratings

Silver NXT comes with some excellent features. We’ll discuss every part of the hoop along with given ratings by users, experts, and our team.

  • Backboard

One of the coolest features Silverback has introduced us is its unique Backboard. Most Backboard we’re introduced with has a metal frame where the Backboard is attached. But, in Silverback NXT the Backboard isn’t attached to a metal frame. Instead of that, the board is wrapped around at a ninety-degree angle by flanging tech. It’s been confirmed by users that the Flanging makes the Backboard stronger, stable, and causes less vibration, as each corner of the Backboard is attached to the support system.

The Silverback NXT has come in two sizes, 54′ and 50′, to meet the user’s desire.
The Backboard is made of polycarbonate material. The combination of polycarbonate and infinity edge technology reduced the chances of tearing off. Besides, it gonna give you a superior rebounding experience.

Ultimately it is a modern, strong, stable, and stunning backboard that will give superior performance even in rough and hard play.

  • Rim

Most of the portable basketball hoop’s rim is build lightly, so they can’t carry the massive impact of dunking. However, the Silverback NXT comes with a mid-level one-spring setup that may carry the load of dunking. The users give feedback that the bounce and the strength of the rim are quite impressive.

But the demerits that the spring is attached on the rim barely, so it can be dusted easily if somehow come in the touch of wet weather. And also frequent dunking may cause the rim to get sag after a certain time.

  • Support Pole And Overhang

The thing you may concern about is its 3.5-inch support pole. But according to the user, it has built a good support system with this 3.5″ pole. The pole is attached to the base with the “Stabili-Frame” technology. The manufacturer used steel-on-steel connections between the support pole and the base, which decrease the joint weakness and thus make this support system a hard one.

The overhang is considered as the distance from the main pole to the front of the backboard. Most professional hoops have 3 feet to 5 feet overhang. The Silverback nxt has a 26 inches overhang which is not a big one but decent enough.

  • Height Adjustment

The height adjustment technology of this hoop is pretty simple, The hoop can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet with 6 inches increment point.

The height adjustment is so easy that kids can also adjust the with one hand, although the manufacturer objects to the settlement by kids because of the safety issue.
To adjust the hoop all you need to do is just pull the lever up and down.

  • Base

One of the major differences between in-ground and portable hoop systems is the stability system, and obviously many people concern about the stability of the hoop and the size of the base. Because, if the base and the stable system aren’t strong enough, then the hoop could fall by a little push of the air.
Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop is advanced regarding this issue. The hoop is specially designed to distribute equal weight to the whole base. The support pole steel is connected with the steel frame, which is placed below the base.

  • Ergo Move Wheel Barrow Design

The hoop comes with Ergo move wheel Barrow Design, which means it is highly portable with two people’s minimal effort.

Tilt the hoop backward and easily move the hoop wherever you want.
But it is a little bit heavy if the base is full of sands. So fill the base half or less to move it effortlessly.

  • Assembly

The bad reviews of any portable hoop system majorly come only for one reason, bad installation instruction. In this case, Silverback shows their innovative idea. The Silverback NXT offers 90 minutes of installation to the users.

The installation instruction is quite simple if you don’t have any experience in assembling a portable hoop, it won’t take you more than two hours.
Many users claim that, with the aid of its easy instruction and a few tool requirements, the hoop can be assembled so easily in 90 minutes.

  • Unique Infinity-Edge Backboard
  • Super easy 7.5 to 10 feet height adjustment technology.
  • ErgoMove tech to move the hoop easily
  • Stabili-Frame steel-on-steel connection between steel chassis and main pole
  • 90 Minutes assembly
  • Reducing Dead-spot and strong rebound action
  • Clear assemble instruction
  • Durable
  • Some people faced missing parts issues.
  • The rim makes a noise while the ball hits it.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Infinity Edge Backboard

The first reason for buying this hoop system is its unique, dashing, and cool backboard. The backboard is made of polycarbonate material. As you know, polycarbonate is a super sturdy backboard material that is rarely torn off. Its infinity edge facility will give you a super rebounding experience than any other polycarbonate or acrylic backboard. In the end, it’s a strong, attractive, solid surface to play.

  • Great Assembly

Have you experienced the installation of a Basketball hoop ever? How did it feel? obviously disgusting, right?

Because installation of almost every portable hoop available in the market takes hours of hard work with great attention.

But, the Silverback NXT comes up with an assembling strategy in 90-minutes or less with Quick-Play design and preassembled parts.

  • Stable Frame Tech

Another good feature of the hoop is its Stable Frame Tech. There are two metal bars beneath the base to add extra weight to the hoop. Without adding water or sand, the estimated weight is 175 pounds. Some users claim that it could be stable even without adding sand or water. You can use the hoop in any season without the fear of tipping over.

  • Ergo Move Wheel Barrow Design

The hoops Ergo move wheelbarrow design will you let you port your hoop wherever you want. The ballast wheel and the shape of the base combination create an optimal center of gravity and bring the hoop stability to another level. the Ergo move tech lets you and your partner move the hoop with minimal effort.

  • Things That Could Have Been Better

Rim -The rim of this portable hoop system comes with a bare one spring facility. The spring could be the first aspect that may get rusted easily. You may need to spray the spring and rim system for preventing rust issues.

On the other hand, the rim delivers a crack noise while the ball hits the surface of the rim. The Silverback should’ve noticed that issue.

Miss leveled parts – Some users claimed that some parts sometimes come without any level or number. So, it’s hard for them to assemble all the things according to the instruction, given by the manufacturer.

Missing parts issue – According to some buyers, the manufacturer sometimes forgets to deliver the all needed parts. Parts missing issue is a common problem, but although they should try to ensure all the parts are given before delivering the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dunk on this setup?

The manufacturer recommends lightly dunking but hanging is prohibited.

Can a kid adjust the height?

A kid can adjust the height. But the manufacturer recommends that an adult should adjust the height because of safety and height.

Can this hoop be moved by one person?

No, it’s recommended to use two-person.

Should I use sand or water?

You can use both of them.

What is the dimension of the base?

Approximately 52.3″L X 32.3″ W X 16.5″ H.

Is the backboard shatterproof?

The backboard is made of polycarbonate material. So, it doesn’t shatter like glass.

Final Word

The Silverback NXT 54″ portable basketball hoop is one of the most charming, fascinating, and advanced hoop systems with some extraordinary features to date. Be sure, the infinity-edge backboard, one spring breakaway rim, Stabili-Frame base, ErgoMove facilities will blow your mind away.

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