Powerhandz Basketball Gloves Review

Nowadays, the game of basketball is becoming more challenging and more competitive. If you want to reach your goal, you need to be ahead of the curve in dribbling, shooting, etc. What you need is practice, patients, and proper tools.

You might’ve heard about Powerhandz Basketball Gloves; The gloves will help you improve your dribbling, ball handling, and growing your confidence level. In this article, we’ll discuss its pros, cons, benefits, and many more.

Key Features

  • Patented Design
  • Increase Hand Speed
  • Pro Quality
  • Premium Construction
  • efficient kinetic chain
  • Feel lightweight once the gloves removed
  • Anti-Friction material in the palm side

Who is this product for?

These gloves we’re talking about can be used for Basketball, Football, & Kickboxing. This sounds like a package of 3 in 1.
If you’re a guy with a dedicated and thirsty mind to achieve your goal, this product will help you a lot.
The gloves come in 6 different sizes so that almost all ages people can use this and get benefited.

Features and Benefits

What kind of benefits will you get after wearing these gloves? Let’s talk about this.

  • Improve Quickness

Almost every glove weighs 1 pound; this isn’t much, but while you are practicing with these gloves, this little weight will force your hand not to go faster, and this will strengthen your hands’ power up.
After this process, when you try with bare hands, you’ll feel the ball, dribbling and ball-handling lightweight and measure the difference.

  • Improve Ball Handling

You could check the Powerhandz gloves reviews on the internet given by the users, that these gloves definitely increase ball-handling ability. These anti-grip gloves have anti-friction material on the palm point so that the user may get troubled while handling the ball.
By this tough process, if the athlete learns how to control or handle the ball by wearing the gloves, then in the bare hand, he will feel 3 times lightweight than before.

  • Comfort

It has been made of high-quality leather material. The gloves’ top side is placed with iron sand breathable fabric and an adjustable Velcro strap to provide great comfort along with the best support for your wrist.

  • Durability

These gloves come with anti-friction material and a 4-way nylon stretch fabric that guaranteed durability and comfort also. Compared to the other gloves available in the market, these are the most comfortable and durable one. A pair of gloves could last a year of regular use.

Fitting and sizes: As we all know, to have a great benefit from these gloves, what we all need is excellent fitting.

The Powerhandz is made in 6 different sizes so that people of all ages could benefit from the product.

The adjustable Velcro strap and different types of sizes will surely meet your satisfaction of great fitting.

What Will Like

  • Improve ball-handling, dribbling, and speed of hand
  • Pro-level quality
  • Excellent Comforts
  • Great fitting with six different sizes
  • Durable leather

What Should Improve

  • Could slippy if your hands are sweaty
  • The Price range is a little bit higher

Does it worth buying Or Why should you buy this?

As I mentioned before, Basketball is now more competitive than before. So if you want to get a chance here, you have to be super fast in Dribbling, Shooting, Ball handling, etc. 

These gloves will speed your hands up and bring your ball handling to another level. Many high-profile couches recommend these gloves to their students.

Let’s look at some users opinions from various E-Commerce websites,

1) Powehandz review by the NBA player Isiah Thomas

2) Powerhandz review by Grayson “Professor” Boucher and Tyler Relph:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does it come in a pair?

Yes! it does.

2) How much do the gloves weigh?

For youth to medium, each gloves weight approximately 400 grams or .88 lbs
For large to XXL, it’s 453 grams or 1 lb.

3) How to wash the gloves?

The manufacturer suggests using a non-toxic aerosol spray and avoids washing machines.

4) What’s the difference between Basketball and the boxing variant?

The basketball ones have anti-friction smooth palms with no holes. The boxing ones have holes in the palms.

5) Who are these gloves for? men’s or women’s?

The manufacturer didn’t mention that. But I guess, it doesn’t matter you’re a man or woman, just select the size which may fit you most and go for it.

6) Are these only for indoor use?

You can use this both indoor and outdoor

7) Are they water-resistant, or will they shrink or lose quality if exposed to water?

They are not waterproof. They were not made for water, they can handle just a little sweat.


If you’re a guy who never played basketball ever, then buying these gloves is nothing but will be a waste of money. Only if you’re already involved in basketball and want to speed your dribbling up, get a professional-level ball-handling skill, then my strong suggestion is to try these gloves. 60-90 dollars gloves seem a little bit expensive, but trust me, the experience you are going to have is beyond money.
If you have any suggestions, any questions regarding this product or our website, don’t hesitate to inform us. The comment section below is waiting for you 24/7.

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