The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide)

A pool is always an element of fun, especially in the summer. If somebody attaches a basketball hoop with it, it’ll be like a full package of enjoyment. It could make your summer vocation awesome or your pool party rememberable.

On the other hand, we’re living in a technology-based era where everyone is busy with either Xbox, VR box, Video games, smartphones, tablets or laptops, etc. A pool can be a method to taste real things. And the fact is a best pool basketball hoop has never lost its attraction.

Let’s have a look at the best sale product!

Image Product Details   Price
The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 1 JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops   105” x 28” x 35” volleyball court and 27” x 23” x 27” basketball hoop measures.
High quality raft material
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The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 2 Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game Dimensions: 26.5L x 21.5H inches.
water filled base for stability
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The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 3 GoSports PRO Swimming Pool Splash Hoop Includes 1 Splash Hoop Pro, 2 inflatable Water Basketballs, and Ball Pump.
34” x 25” backboard.
Modern design.
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The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 4 Poolmaster 72783 Pro Backboard size:34-inches wide x 25.5-inches high.
sand or water filled base.
All weather materials.
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The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 5 Poolmaster 72900 NBA Logo Backboard size:34-inches wide x 25.5-inches high.
Base measures 34″ wide x 45″ high x 38″ deep.
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What should you consider on choosing a pool hoop

There’re a lot of things you have to consider choosing a pool basketball hoop. Here I mention some factors, whose you can put on your mind while buying a pool hoop. Here we go,

Durability First of all the thing you consider about is product durability. Make sure your chosen product ensures you waterproof material, weather-friendly, it won’t get rust as many hoops do.


It could another factor to consider depending on where you gonna use this especially if you only play this occasionally. There’re a lot of hoops available on the market with portable facilities. 

Floating or poolside

I think this one is the most important factor you should consider about. If you gonna play games with your kids then the floating will be the perfect one for you or if you don’t want to take this game seriously rather then casual then this will also be a good choice.

Poolside basketball hoop will give you feel like a real game that has a backboard to dunk or rebounds.

Usually, this type of hoop is best for adults or teenagers who take the game seriously. It could also a good feature for pool parties.


Make sure your selected hoop has a sturdy base system.nYou should select a basketball hoop that has the best base for store the sand or water to ensure stability.

The more base counter it has, The more sturdy it’ll stay.

If you buy a hoop with heavyweight and less base system, a strong wind is enough to give you a taste of kites in the hoop.


This is also an important factor to look after. Because having a pool hoop without waterproof means having nothing. You are going to use the hoop in the pool. So it’ll come in touch with water.

 7 best pool basketball hoops

1. Lifetime 1306 pool side

Lifetime 1306 pool side

44” shatterproof backboard Rust resistant and UV-protected pole height adjustable screen-printed Graphics Powder-coated, Weather-resistant finish original basketball Rim features  

Lifetime products are well known for their good build quality. And here the Lifetime 1306 also comes with a good build in quality along with 44-inch backboard and that ensure the shooting the target not gonna miss easily.

  • Height adjustable can adjust the height from 4-feet to 6.5-feet.
  • Weather-resistant facility.
  • The heavy-Duty portable base of 27 gallons.
  • 2 piece powder-coated steel round pole.
  • All-Weather net.
  • Screen Printed Graphics with UV-protected links.
  • 44” shatterproof polyethylene Backboard.
  • Should be coated with spray to avoid the rust issue.


This product has a polyethylene frame that can handle the pool water. And as mentioned it comes with the weather-resistant feature. So even if you place this with the pool all year long it won’t get rusted. It has a good feature rim and adjustable pole system. It has a 27-gallon base system which ensures durability.

Despite holding so many features, We’ve noticed that It has a major rusting issue. So if you can coat this with spray it’s gonna give you a long-lasting pool gaming experience.

2. Swimline cool jam pro

swimline cool jam pro

Commercial quality multi-height adjustable poolside basketball Super-wide molded hard body backboard is a full 44″ wide by 32″ height Comes with regulation size game ball, metal hoop and heavy duty net Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging    

The Swimline cool Jam Pro poolside basketball is a quality based basketball hoop with a user-friendly price. It has a wide backboard which only a few amounts of pool hoops can provide. It has been built to take a long period of slam dunks Intense basketball action.

  • It is commercial quality based.
  • Multi-height adjustable.
  • Has a big backboard of 44” wide and 32” height.
  • Comes with regulation size game ball.
  • Metal hoop with heavy duty net.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Could be rusted easily
  • Need spray to avoid the rust issue


I’ve noticed that most of the pool hoops available in the market have a common problem, Most of the time backboard gets twisted and the angle changed during perspective backboard shot. This product is pretty much free from this type of problem. Its big backboard gives you a better shooting experience. It’s easy to assemble, has a good sturdiness and Durability.

But the most observed problem is, the rim gets rusted after a season or during a season. You might need to change the rim once after the purchase or coat it with spray to avoid rust problems.

3. Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1

Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1

Includes two 17” wide×19” deep×38” tall base.2 in 1 set.Vinyl coated 13.5 inch stainless steel rim with all weather net.The basketball rim fixed height of 36” above the deck.16” volleyball net.

Now you can turn your swimming pool into a complete aquatic sports center with the dunnrite pool sport 2 in 1 pool basketball hoop and volleyball combo set. This combo pack has a durable poly backboard measuring 22”×31”, a 13.5” basketball stainless steel rim, and an adjustable volleyball net spanning from 16” to 22” feet. It comes with all stainless steel hardware and a 7 3/4” diameter color-matched basketball and a pink volleyball.

  • Includes two bases with 17″ wide × 19″ deep × 38″ tall.
  • All hardware stainless steel.
  • Has a volleyball net of 16” and can be spans up to 22”.
  • One product, two gaming experience.
  • Comes with 1 basketball and 1 volleyball.
  • Easy to set up.
  • 22” × 31” backboard
  • 115 Lbs base Weights fill with water
  • Can’t play two games at the same time.
  • The rim might get rusted.


It’s easy to assemble and easy to change from volleyball to basketball goals. The rim is saltwater friendly made of stainless steel and coated with rim gonna long-last. It has a base of 115 Lbs weight which gives you stability.

  • Great for families and both adults and kids.
  • If you are fond of both basketball and volleyball, then this item going to satisfy you.
  • great for a gift, pool parties, and having fun with friends.    

4. Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 6

43 inch × 28.5 inch backboard Vinyl coated stainless steel basketball rim with all weather net. The telescoping pole adjusts the height of the basketball hoop up to 56 inches above the swimming pool deck in infinite increments The base holds 25 gallon water. 

The Dunnrite splash and shoot swimming pool basketball hoop turn your swimming pool into an aquatic basketball court. This fun swimming pool basketball hoop features an 18″ stainless steel basketball rim. It coated with vinyl to protect against rust. The base can hold up to 200 lbs. of water. It ensures stability.

  • Polyurethane backboard of 43” × 28.5”.
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel rim with.
  • Aluminum powder coated pole.
  • Height adjustable up to 56” above the deck.
  • Polyethylene basketball base of 40W × 24L × 10H
  • Strong and sturdy materials
  • Stable because of can hold 200 lbs. of water.
  • The rim could be rust if never been spray with an anti-rust product.


It has a big polyurethane basketball Backboard which gives you a better shooting feeling. Its stainless steel basketball rim is coated with vinyl and has an All-weather white net facility. 200 lb water-filled base will ensure stability. It could be adjusted up to 49” to 20” overhang. All stainless steel hardware announce the sturdiness of the product. It comes with a regular size 9” diameter color matched ball and 3 years warranty. It’s sturdy, stable, and top-notch features won’t make you regret for buying the product.

5. SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set

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FUN IN ONE: Easily switch between your favourite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transforms into volleyball posts, and back again. DURABLE: Water filled base and plastic material provide strong stability during play EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required for setup. COMBO SET INCLUDES 24″ volleyball net, 1 volleyball, 2 basketball hoops/base, and 1 basketball. HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of plastic. You will not have to worry about rust!    

This 2 in 1 combo set is the perfect combo for any pool. You can play either basketball or volleyball in your favourite pool with friends or family. It can easily set up like a snap. The water-filled base provides strong stability. This 2-in-1 combo set comes with one volleyball net, one volleyball, 2 basketball hoops, and one basketball.

  • The multi-color facility.
  • could be easily switched between basketball to volleyball.
  • water filler base and plastic provides strong durability during play.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Provides one volleyball net, one volleyball, two basketball hoops, and one basketball.
  • Being made of plastic, no rust issue.
  • Being of plastic it won’t be sturdy enough.
  • The Backboard is flimsy and small.


The most common problem of having a pool basketball hoop is rust. And on this issue, this product is gonna be a blessing for you. Because of plastic material, It has fewer chances to get rusted.

It’s two in one facility that is going to provide you the best experience of gaming. If you feel boring with basketball for playing for a long time, turn it to volleyball.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with volleyball net, volleyball ball, Basketball ball means you can instantly start playing.

It also has some disadvantages. As being plastic, the rim could be broken easily. The plastic does not ensure sturdiness.

  6. Lifetime 1301 Poolside Basketball System

Lifetime 1301 Poolside Basketball System

44″ Shatterproof Fusion Backboard integrates a polycarbonate playing surface with an unbreakable polythene frame for a durable, pro glass look blue 27 Gallon base provides stability and portability; Can be filled with water or stand telescoping height adjustment that adjusts from 4 to 6.5 feet in 6-inch increments Graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks for superior color and protection against the elements-piece round steel pole is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish original classic basketball rim features a 5/8-inch solid-steel ring supported by 1/2-inch braces and an all-weather nylon net.

If you want to have a basketball pool hoop with a premium look along with better build quality, Then you should check this one.It looks more expensive than its real price tag.

It comes with a 44″ Shatterproof fusion, polyethylene backboard. It also has a blue 27-gallon capacity base, Telescoping height adjustment. Its classic basketball rim made of solid steel.

  • 44″ unbreakable backboard frame.
  • The base can hold 27-gallon water or sand for stability.
  • 4 to 6.5 feet height adjustable pole.
  • 2-Piece powder-coated steel round pole.
  • Screen-printed graphics with UV-protected links.
  • Classic stainless steel rim.
  • pretty much hard assembling.
  • Has a rust issue, should need additional protection.


The lifetime 1301 is such an attractive hoop with Great quality and durability. From the classic rim to the look, everything is Gonna give you a premium look and also could be great for experienced players or novices.

The measure of the backboard is 44 ” which made from polyethene, is pretty much unbreakable and gives a pro glass look. Its adjustable telescopic steel pole is UV-protected, and rust-resistant makes it durable.

The base can hold around 27-gallon water or sand to ensure stability. It won’t fall onto the pool even after a strong shot. Although it comes with steel build and powder-coated, It recommended to spray it with a protective anti-rust element. Overall this is a great product. If you overcame the rust issue by spray and coated with anti-rust material, It would be nice selection.

7. Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool

The 7 best pool basketball hoops set in 2020 (Buying Guide) 7
  1.  Multiple ports for multiple shooters
  2. 1 ball included
  3.  Made of durable, heavy-gauge vinyl
  4. 45″ high x 36″ diameter
  • Comes with a ball
  • very durable and long-lasting
  • easy to inflate
  • easy to move from ones to another place
  • can be deflated easily and replace anywhere
  • can be needed to inflate several times
  • need time to deflate fully


If you’re going to arrange a pool party or want to have a good time with friends or family without playing real basketball, It will be a good option. To give someone a gift especially kids, It could be a good choice too. It’s a fun product made for each kid or adult.

          The final word

I assume that by reading the whole guide, You may get an idea about pool basketball hoop. You might’ve got confused by reading all the features, specifications, pros, and cons. Which one should you buy?

first of all, think about your basic requirements.

If you want to give a gift to the kid for simple shooting for fun, you can go for Swimline Giant Shootball. And if you wanna check the taste of volleyball along with basketball, go for either SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set or Dunnrite(BV700 Stainless) Products Pool Sport.

If you want to have fun with kids or friends, you can go for Swimline 9195, Dunnrite Products, Dunnrite Splash, or Swimline Giant Shootball.

But if you supposed to host a pool party, Then Lifetime 1301, Lifetime 1306 would have a great choice. The premium look, better features will create a joyful experience of gaming at your pool party.

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