The Hyperdunk model is a piece of jewelry among all the models of Nike shoes. This is to say, it is one of the greatest models Nike ever launched. The first version came out in 2008 and the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant was in charge to make its debut. Since the beginning, basketball players and fans received them well. And, since then we see an update every year trying to make it better.

But, the Hyperdunk 2015 seems to be a timeless model for many buyers. And we have to give it some credit because it really has many features that make it excel. We are going to make a complete Hyperdunk 2015 performance review and won´t leave anything behind. As an expert, I know the downsides are equally important when it comes to sports shoes.


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Nike is a global company founded in 1964 and has its headquarters in Oregon, USA. The brand Nike appeared for the first time in 1972 and nowadays many of us are familiar with its logo and products. Every sport discipline has at least one of its major players representing the Nike brand. Although they started manufacturing only shoes, its business now reaches all types of sports products. However, the shoes continue to be its flagship.

Year after year they innovate and create new products with the most advanced technology. The versatility of its production makes them understand what customers really need. Even the most affordable pair of shoes offer exceptional quality.

Product Description

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The design

An Hyperdunk 2015 performance review definitively has to start with the design of the shoe. By taking the first look it is inevitable to notice its flamboyance. That is particularly true with the biggest sizes. There you can see a huge contrast between the tubular design in the ankle and the long size of the feet area. A super high heel collar in the back completes its signature design.

The Fabrics

Overall, the fabric of the shoe is thin and elastic to try to create a sock effect. Besides, it uses Flywire which is a special fabric that Nike created with Vectran fiber to offer superior support to the foot. It is light, breathable, and strong at the same time and covers several parts of the shoe. For this model, Nike placed it on the top to create a combination of colors and lace loops.

The Zoom

Nike Zoom Air is a tech that provides cushioning and helps to improve the speed of the users. It is a pioneering tech for this purpose and Nike uses it in many models. Here it comes in the heel and forefoot and really makes a difference. However, it would be better with more zones with the Zoom. This is especially the truth if you use them for many hours.

The Fit

The fit of the shoe doesn´t present any difference with other Nike´s models. You can use the same size. The main advantage is the sock feeling that makes it feel like a second skin and is very flexible while wearing it.

The Traction

The traction of the shoes relies on the sole. In this case, the rubber of the sole is pretty strong and has an interesting design that helps to increase the traction. At first. It might be a little slippery but after using them a few times the traction improves and gets stronger. Since these are basketball shoes, the traction is very important, and with this model, you can get what you need to perform well in a basketball court.


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To obtain the best of Hyperdunk 2015 there are a few tips you may follow. First of all, you need to take some time to get used to all the features. So, wear them at least 4 – 5 times before to make sure you get the exact feeling. The collar, the tubular shape, and the sock type might too much when you first use them. But once you get used to you will love them,

Secondly, make sure you always tight the laces. This is important because the fabric is light and thin and the laces offer the necessary support that they need to keep all its parts in place. Also, if you like to use your Hyperdunk 2015 to play and streetwear, it might be a good idea to buy two pairs.

Although these shoes can handle heavy-duty and work well for both activities, using them for the game can take a lot from them. Also, if you use them for streetwear perhaps you might want to keep them looking at its best.

Some user feedback’s

  • It is so good to get these shoes back. No matter how many other models I try, I always get back to Hyperdunk 2015 because it offers me the best fit.
  • Although I bought them to use them for basketball games, I ended using them mostly to go out, and they look great with jeans and cargo pants!
  • I had a little twist in my ankles in the past, and these shoes make me feel secure with the extra support in that area. I am playing more than ever before!
  • I bought them as a birthday present for my boyfriend, and it seems he loves them because he always uses them to play basket. I am thinking of getting him an extra pair in different colors.
  • These shoes really feel like a pair of socks, and the number I ordered was the perfect fit for me.

If you are ready to take a step ahead with your basketball game, the Hyperdunk 2015 is the model for you. And, if you love the style it offers you shouldn’t doubt getting it right now.

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Final Verdict

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This Hyperdunk 2015 performance review confirms the high-quality of this model and why many buyers still go for it. Commonly, Nike and other fabricants change the features with every new release.

And, this model is not the exception. But when you compare it with other versions, this model remains one of the best. The right height of the collar and the sock style gives them a special personality. Also, the comfort you obtain after using it a few times while offering great support is more than enough to go for it. Also, if you wear them


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.

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