Most of the beginner basketball player makes a mistake in this part [ muscle memory basketball shooting ]. They do not spend time knowing what is muscle memory, and how to improve it? That way they make 100 of the shoot but can’t get a better result.
If you know about muscle memory, you can get the best result during practice and basketball games. If you want a good result from your shooting practices, you should know about this. We have covered the A to Z guide so that you can learn everything in a single article.

What is muscle memory?

Muscle memory is actually an act of committing a motor task into your memory through repetition.
Do you remember when you first ride a bicycle? Did you know the first time how to ride a bike or get skilled in it with one effort? No, you didn’t. You had to put it in your memory by repeat the task so many times.
In the same way, you can’t simply get skilled in basketball dribbling, shooting, passing in one effort. You have to put it in your memory by repeating it a thousand times. And also, if someone doing worse shots so many times, he just building a bad habit.

Do muscles really have memory?

According to livescience. Muscle tissues do not have any memory. A research found a hard-trained muscle and not trained muscle look similar. You see the whole article from here. []

Connection of our brain

Yes, it is connected with our brain. When we think to build a skill about any topic. First of all, your brain makes a basic outline of the skill.
Here is an excellent article about how our brain changes our mind structure when we want to grow a skill.
In addition, Wikipedia makes an awesome article about this. You can know more from here. The article.

Importance of how it helps to become a pro-level basketball shooter.

Muscle memory plays a very important role to become a pro-level basketball shooter. It will help you to be more professional during the game.

But one thing you should remember that practice can make your performance permanent. But it can’t give you a perfect result unless you can use it smartly. 

You can do a great performance on any basketball court. Even though it is a long shoot or short shoot.

Long shoot: a perfect long shoot is essential in the basketball game. It can help to defeat easily any strategy of your opponent. We face the problem most of the time in the long shoot. A perfect drill can help you in this case.

Short shoot: you should learn different types of shooting methods. Whatever type of shooting you want to learn, first of all, you should build your muscle memory.

Shooting Drills to Perfect Muscle Memory

Can you remember when learning how to ride a bicycle? Your coach taught you some tips, which help you to ride a bike. In this video, you can find some awesome tips and tricks, which will help you to be a great shooter in basketball.

Learn more.

How to Develop Long Distance Basketball Shooting Range?

You can read this content. In addition, you can follow their guidelines. They share fantastic guidelines about basketball. Here the article you can follow.


The summary of all is you have to raise a good habit by practicing thousand times to control your muscle memory and use its power during a match. Learn how to use its power smartly and apply this.

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