Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop System Review

Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop System Review

Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop System Review
  • Heavy-duty portable system
  • 52 Inch Makrolon polycarbonate backboard
  • Slam-It® Rim
  • 35-gallon base system
  • 5 years warranty
  • All-Weather Net
  • Steel-Framed Shatterproof Backboard
  • 3-Piece Powder-Coated Steel Round Pole

There are a number of portable hoops are available in the market. Lifetime 1558 portable Basketball System is one of them. It is highly portable that you can move it in your yard, driveway, or the place you want to, without effort. To make your free time enjoyable, or to have a great time with family, friends, A Lifetime portable backboard will be a great choice. For shooting competitions, Pick-up games, or recreational games, This hoop system definitely a good choice for both kids and adults.

Overall 3 expert’s reviews

Lifetime 1558 is a super portable basketball hoop with the easiest height adjustment mechanism and a pretty big backboard.
The double spring rim and 35-gallon base make this hoop system incredible.

-Hoop Hound

This is one of the best portable hoops available in the market at this price limit with an astonishing backboard, double Slam-it rim, easiest height adjusts facility. The plus-points of this hoop system are Its portability, adjustability, backboard size and material, easy-adjust, and breakaway rim while the demerits are No overhanging, not as stable, and difficult assembly.


Lifetime 1558 gonna melt your heart with its stylish look, double spring Slam-It ® rim, easy adjustment, and obviously sturdy backboard. From kids to adults, it could be a good selection based on the level you gonna play. For Practicing, Shooting, Recreational, family function, or having a fun time with friends, it's will be a superb selection.Also, Its 3-piece support pole, polycarbonate backboard, 35-gallon base capacity are could be a reason for the confusion.But within this price range, it is good!

– GetPortableHoop

Who Is This Product For?

Lifetime 1558 portable hoop has been made with some excellent features in a reasonable price range, and you could be sure you will definitely get benefited from this. The hoop has been designed keeping in mind both kids and adults. If you’re looking for a hoop to practice your shooting, rebounding, and playing recreational games, then this portable hoop system will be great for you.

The Lifetime 1558 will be a great choice for,

  • Playing a recreational game
  • Kids who love to spend time on basketball.
  • Practicing shooting, rebounding.
  • Driveways.
  • As a gift to someone, especially for kids, adolescents.
  • For those who wanna have a fun time with family or friends.

But if you ask me, “can I get this for a professional level playing or dunking or hanging on the hoop?”. I will clearly say, this hoop isn’t for you.

How Did We Make This Review?

We’ve spent 3 days making this review honest. We know getting the wrong product is much painful. that’s why, during these three days, we researched user satisfaction and disappointment ratio, the most beneficial things of the hoop system, Things that could have been better, after sell supports of the manufacturer, watched 20+ expert reviews, and many more.

We try to show you off both beneficial and bogus aspects of any product, the rest is up to your consideration.

Lifetime 1558 Main Features

Lifetime 1558 comes in a mid-budget but with some charming features. From the base to the backboard, everything is definitely better than many ordinary hoops available in the market at the same price range.
We will discuss each of its distinctive features, their usability, ratings given by users, experts, and us.
So let’s start,

  • Backboard

Lifetime 1558 comes with 52 inches Makrolon polycarbonate material backboard, which is sturdy enough and nearly unbreakable. The 52 inches backboard is considered a decent size by most of the experts. The big backboard could help you to practice your shooting, rebound, and having a fun time during a recreational game But the honest thing is if you are a pro-level player, and you want this hoop to give you pro-level facilities then you gonna get disappointed. Because the backboard won’t respond as tempered glass or acrylic backboard.

  • Rim

Lifetime 1558 basketball hoop has double compression springs on the rim. Such a rim system will help to perform moderate dunking by not putting so much pressure on the backboard along with the support system.
But the problem is the springs of the rim are uncovered and could be the first aspect of the hoop system which got rusted.

  • Support pole and overhang

The portable basketball hoop system has a 3-Piece 3.5″ round Action Grip pole. The powder-coated facility will keep your support pole rust-resistance and the 3.5 ” round steel material gonna give the maximum support as needed. But the one-piece and square poles are best for hoop supports.
The hoop system doesn’t come with an overhang facility. If you look at the hoop system, you’ll discover that there’s no space from the pole to the backboard when it reaches the maximum height(10ft).

  • Net

It offers a 70gm All-Weather Net, which means it can perform against all weather. Doesn’t matter it’s a rainy, sunny, or cold day or not.

  • Base

The hoop system has a 35-gallon base system which big enough to keep it upright under normal weather and normal types of playing. But the hoop could also fall down if you try to hang on the rim or if the weather is stormy.
Also remember, the base should be filled with sand, cause many users claimed that the water didn’t work perfectly on their hoop system.

  • Steel Frame

The lifetime 1558 portable hoop system comes with a steel frame and a powder-coated Backboard facility which made it durable, weather-resistant, and strong enough.

  • Height Adjustment

Lifetime usually offers an easy height adjustment facility on their portable hoop system. Lifetime 1558 has no difference on this. It comes with an Action Grip® adjustment mechanism means that even a child could adjust the height using just one hand. The Action Grip® mechanism lets the hoop be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with just a little pressure because the counter-balance springs will do half of the work for you.

  • Installation

The installation process isn’t so difficult. You can put them together easily by using some tools and one assistant(assistant isn’t necessary but if you can arrange, it would be better). Many experts and users recommend some tools and things to be considered while installing the hoop. Like,

  1. A drill and socket wrenches
  2. A rubber hammer
  3. Using oil or WD40 on bolts that seem tough to slide
  4. Use dry sand for the base.

Follow the instruction given by the manufacturer. Although, many users claimed that the instructions could have been easier.
If you have no idea or can’t get the instruction, I recommend watching a video on youtube regarding installation.

  • Portable
  • Action Grip® Easy Adjustment From 7.5 Feet To 10 Feet.
  • Fade-Resistant Graphics
  • Slam-It® Breakaway Rim
  • 52” Makrolon backboard.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 35 Gallon Base System
  • No Overhang
  • Fuzzy Instruction

Why You Should Buy This?

Here I mentioned 7 reasons why this hoop could be a good selection.
1) You will be wonder by knowing that the Polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable. Our desired Lifetime 1558 has a sturdy Makrolon polycarbonate material Steel frame backboard. Lifetime has prepared the hoop suitable for rough treatment.

2) One more reason for buying this product is its base capacity, 35 gallons base capacity is big enough if you don’t wanna play rough or hang on the rim, and if there isn’t a strong wind.

3) The slam-It double spring rim is a plus point for this hoop system. The double spring rim usually offers a safe dunking without hurting the backboard.

4) The easiest adjustment facility by the Action Grip® mechanism. Even a kid can easily adjust the height with one hand by a little squeeze.

5) Highly portable, could move at any place even if the base is fully loaded. For its highly portable feature, it could be a reason for fun in a family picnic, any friends gathering, and leisure time.

6) The powder-coated finish on the support system will prevent the hoop support from being rusted over a large time.

7) 5 years warranty, and good after sell support by the manufacturer.

Things That Could Have Been Better

1) The first downside of the hoop is its uncovered springs of the rim. Although the rim spring is powder-coated, the rim spring could be get rusted easily if it gets the touch of water or wet weather.

2) Some users claimed that the installation process was pretty much difficult for them. Although, the rest claimed it easy. But by doing market research, I assume the installation instructions could have been much easier.

3) Three piece support pole system is less stable than a one or two-piece support pole design. Because the three-piece support pole shakes more than one or two-piece hoop system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Put The Bags Of Sand Instead Of Filling Through A Small Hole? If So, How Many Lbs Of Sand Is Needed?

You don’t need to put water or sand inside of the container through the hole. Instead of that, you could seat unopened 4 bags of sand on the surface of the container. It’ll work perfectly. Each is 60 lbs, so four bags will be 4×60=240 lbs.

Can I use this hoop on the pool?

We usually don’t recommend using this hoop at the pool. Rather than you could buy a poolside hoop separately, You can look at this article for a poolside hoop system

Can I Dunk On This Hoop?

Clearly, you can! This hoop system has been featured a classical double Slam-It® Rim. Its double-compression springs offer spring-back action, which is perfect for dunking. But we don’t recommend hanging on the rim.

Does the manufacturer supply the parts separately?

Yes! They do. Replacement parts are available and can be ordered through their Customer Service Department.

Every time I shoot the ball, the rim jumped up and down. How to fix this?

You don’t need to fix it. This is what we call a “Break Away Rim”. It’ll jump up and down every time you make a dunk.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a portable and adjustable at an affordable price, then Lifetime 1558 portable basketball hoop is a good option for you. In spite of having some imperfections, It will be the best selection in my opinion. Don’t be hesitate whether go for it or not. Overlook these pretty flaws cause this is one of the best products within this price tag.

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