How To Watch NBA Game For Free

How To Watch NBA Game For Free

It is not possible for many of us to sit in front of the TV to watch our favorite sports. Because of our busy life schedule, working hours during a match, and other so many reasons, it’s quite hard for us to watch the game.

When it comes to basketball and if you’re a basketball’s crazy lover like me, then definitely you want to watch the games. Doesn’t matter what the situation is.

We can watch all the sports games easily by paying money. But if we can watch games for free, why should we pay for this? On the other hand, the NBA paying doesn’t work in some countries and situations also.

In this article, I’ve shared so many working ways to watch your favorite NBA game for free. If the NBA is your cup of tea, then this article going to fulfill your Desire.

Watch NBA Game Live Streaming with a cable subscription

Before we start let me clear one thing that every NBA match has an individual broadcasting partner. So, some of the partners might not allow live streaming of the match.

With a cable subscription then you can watch NBA games by login cable credentials. If you have a cable subscription that includes ESPN, then you can watch the NBA game while streaming by the login.

ESPN games could be streamed live on some platform-like youtube tv, Hulu + LiveTV and fuboTV

 Just click on this button to get your ESPN login page. Having a cable subscription including the TNT channel could also give you the advantages of watching the NBA live to stream.

Like ESPN, TNT also streaming at YoutubeTV, Hulu + liveTV and fuboTV. Click here to get the TNT login page.

How to watch NBA live streaming for free

In this article, I’ve shared some fascinating websites and links. You can now watch the live streaming of every NBA match by following some simple steps. We’ve added pictures so that you can easily follow the instruction and reach your destination. Now let’s jump into our main section.

Watch The NBA Live Streaming With Nbabite.Com

I did huge research to find out which site or way will be the best for watching the NBA game for free. There is a lot of websites available on the web.

This site offers the NBA match live without paying money, and if your internet connection is strong then without buffering also.

But now this site has a lot of clickbait Ads that’s why many people think this site not going to work. We will explain each step in detail, so stay with us till the last.

Step 01:

First of all, select a browser from which you feel comfortable. I had tried so many browsers. From them, Google Chrome gave me the best result as expected.

So, if you want to know my opinion, I would definitely go for Google chrome. But still that your choice, use the browser you feel contented.

Step 02:

If it is Google chrome then install an extension named “Ad-block plus”. This extension will block annoying ads.

Ad-block plus

Step 03:

Make sure that you have a pc with a massive speedy internet connection. We’re talking about pc because watching NBA live streams on smartphones has been complicated now. You could watch on Smartphone also but have to face some trouble.

By the way, in your desired browser’s URL box, type “” and press the enter button just like the image below,

Step 03 go

Step 04:

After entering the website you will see all the live games which are streaming right now or will be streaming after a few minutes or hours.

Click on the NBA logo just like me. After click on the pointed mark, you might be able to see a scary clickbait Ad like this,

Don’t be scared, it’s just a clickbait ad. It doesn’t know your exact location. So, simply skip this part.

How To Watch NBA Game For Free

Step 05:

As we described before, skip the ad and scroll down.

step 5

Step 06:

After scrolling down, you’ll see a blue-badge list. Click any of them. I simply click the first one and if any it doesn’t work then I go for the second one.

Step 6

Step 07:

Skip the clickbait warning Ad again and wait for a minute till the link “Click Here To Watch” appears clearly. Click on the “Click Here To Watch” button.

Step 04

Step 08:

How To Watch NBA Game For Free

After clicking on the button you will be able to see a playing button. Click on that, your game is started streaming.

Final Word

Remember once again, every single NBA match has a different broadcasting partner. If the one broadcasting partner doesn’t let the game stream online, you can’t watch that specific match or this website can’t stream that as this has already been banned from streaming.

If you face any problems regarding watching matches, please let us know so that we can solve the issue. Do share this article with your friends, family whoever is an NBA lover. Thanks for reading and also happy watching.

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