How to Shoot a Basketball Like a Pro in 2023

The game of basketball requires skill, technique, and practice. One of the most essential skills a player must possess is the ability to shoot the ball accurately. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your shooting or an aspiring professional basketball player who wants to surpass Steph Curry or Michael Jordan, this article will guide you through the steps on how to shoot a basketball like a pro.

How to Shoot a Basketball Like a Pro in 2023

You can significantly improve your performance on the court if you shoot the basketball with precision and consistency. To become a proficient shooter, you need to develop a solid foundation of shooting fundamentals, hone your shooting technique, enhance your accuracy and consistency, and overcome common challenges.

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How to Shoot a Basketball like a Pro: 8 Tips

Practice will improve your ability to shoot a basketball with finesse and accuracy. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player looking to take your shooting game to the next level, mastering the following key elements will greatly enhance your shooting ability.

1. Master Your Stance and Balance

Before you even think about shooting the ball, it’s crucial to establish a solid stance and maintain balance throughout the shooting motion. Your stance can be perfected by following these steps:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  2. Position your shooting foot slightly ahead of the other foot, pointing towards the basket.

  3. Bend your knees slightly for added stability.

  4. Focus your eyes on the rim and keep your back straight.

Maintaining a stable base will provide a strong foundation for your shot and allow for better control and accuracy.

2. Find Your Shooting Grip

A proper shooting grip is essential for maximizing control and precision. Follow these guidelines to find the grip that suits you best:

  1. Place the ball in your dominant hand with your fingers spread comfortably.

  2. The pads of your fingers should rest on the ball, while your fingertips exert gentle pressure.

  3. Keep your wrist relaxed but firm, allowing for a fluid shooting motion.

Choose the grip that feels most comfortable and natural to you by experimenting with different hand positions.

3. Focus on Proper Shooting Form

Proper shooting form is the cornerstone of successful basketball shooting. Pay attention to the following elements to refine your shooting technique:

  1. Hold the ball in your shooting hand slightly in front of your shooting eye, with your elbow directly under the ball.

  2. As you prepare to shoot, lift the ball to a shooting position, aligning your shooting eye with the target.

  3. Maintain a 90-degree angle between your shooting arm and the floor.

  4. Follow through with your wrist flicking downward in a smooth, fluid motion.

Developing a consistent shooting form will increase your accuracy and make your shot more repeatable.

4. Perfecting Footwork and Body Alignment

Effective footwork and body alignment play a vital role in shooting a basketball accurately. You can optimize your positioning by considering the following tips:

  1. As you prepare to shoot, align your shooting foot with the target, pointing your toes towards the basket.

  2. To maintain balance and stability, keep your non-shooting hand on the side of the ball.

  3. Use a slight forward lean from your hips to generate power and maintain balance throughout the shot.

By aligning your body properly and coordinating your footwork, you’ll optimize your shooting mechanics and increase your shooting percentage.

5. Develop Consistency through Repetition

Consistency is key to shooting like a pro. Muscle memory can be developed and shooting accuracy can be enhanced with regular practice. Here’s how you can develop consistency through repetition:

  1. Start with close-range shots and gradually move farther away from the basket as you become comfortable.

  2. Focus on shooting the same way every time, paying attention to your form, grip, and footwork.

  3. To simulate game situations, practice shooting from different angles and positions.

  4. Set specific shooting goals for each practice session, such as making a certain number of consecutive shots or achieving a target shooting percentage.

  5. Incorporate shooting drills into your training routine to improve your shooting under pressure.

Remember, the more you practice, the more your shooting skills will improve, leading to better results on the court.

6. Enhance Your Shooting with Visualization

Your shooting performance can be improved using visualization. Here’s how to incorporate it into your training:

  1. Make the perfect shot by mentally visualizing it before you shoot.

  2. Imagine the ball leaving your fingertips, soaring through the air, and smoothly swishing through the net.

  3. Visualize yourself shooting confidently, maintaining proper form, and feeling the satisfaction of a successful shot.

  4. Boost your confidence and reinforce positive shooting habits by practicing this mental imagery regularly.

By visualizing successful shots, you can enhance your shooting mechanics and increase your chances of replicating those results on the court.

7. Adjusting Your Shot for Different Situations

As you progress in your basketball journey, you’ll encounter various game situations that require adjustments to your shooting technique. Consider the following scenarios and how to adapt your shot accordingly:

  1. Shooting off the dribble: When shooting while on the move, focus on quick footwork, using your legs to generate power, and releasing the ball at the peak of your jump.

  2. Shooting from different distances: The farther you are from the basket, the more leg power you’ll need to generate the necessary range. Adjust your shooting form accordingly and practice shooting from various distances to develop your shooting range.

  3. Shooting under pressure: In high-pressure situations, it’s crucial to maintain your composure and stick to your shooting fundamentals. Focus on a smooth shooting motion and mentally block out distractions.

By practicing and adapting your shooting technique to different situations, you’ll become a versatile and reliable shooter.

8. Utilize Video Analysis for Feedback

Video analysis is an invaluable tool for improving your basketball shooting skills. To improve your shooting, record your sessions and analyze the footage. The following tips will help you make the most of video analysis:

  1. Using a camera, capture your shooting form from different angles.

  2. Analyze your stance, grip, release, and overall shooting mechanics by reviewing the footage.

  3. Identify any discrepancies between your form and that of professional players or shooting experts.

  4. In your next practice session, make specific adjustments to any areas that need improvement.

Your progress will be accelerated if you incorporate video analysis into your training routine.

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Overcoming Common Shooting Challenges

Shooters face unique challenges throughout their careers. You can overcome these common shooting issues by following these steps:

  1. Inconsistent shooting mechanics: Practice the correct technique repeatedly to maintain a consistent shooting form. Be consistent with your grip, release, and follow-through.

  2. Lack of accuracy: Focus on your aim and visualization. Before you shoot, visualize the ball going through the net. Take feedback from missed shots into account when you adjust your shooting technique.

  3. Shooting under pressure: Develop mental toughness by practicing shooting under pressure. Practice how to handle pressure and maintain focus during crucial moments by creating pressure drills that simulate high-stress scenarios.

  1. Poor shooting rhythm: Practice shooting with proper timing and coordination in order to develop a smooth and fluid motion. Find a comfortable pace that allows you to achieve consistent results by focusing on the rhythm of your shot.

It is normal to face challenges when learning to shoot. The more you identify and address these issues, the more proficient you will become as a shooter.

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How to Become a Great Shooter

It is beneficial to know how to shoot a basketball if you want to make an impression on the court. The ability to shoot well can help you improve your overall technique, even if you aren’t an expert. Become a great basketball shooter for these reasons and more:

Scores points: Shooting basketballs increases the chances of your team winning. Basketball is a game where points are scored through baskets. As a result, a better shooter has a better chance of gaining points and helping the team win.

Higher shooting percentage: Having a team with a higher shooting percentage can enable you to devise winning strategies more often. Being a great shooter can help your team figure out what type of shots it needs to win if it needs a certain number of points. As a result of a high shooting percentage, a team that makes more shots is more likely to win the game by taking fewer shots. Rebounds and forced turnovers may be more important to your team if your team has a low shooting percentage.

Playtime: Strong shooters receive more playtime from coaches. When you practice your shooting skills, you may be able to spend more time on the court during a game.


How long does it take to become a pro shooter?

It takes time and consistent practice to become a pro shooter. It depends on many factors, including natural talent, dedication, and how much time is spent practicing. There is no definitive timeline, but with focus and regular practice, you can see noticeable improvements within six months to a year. Developing a truly elite shooting skill takes dedication and continuous refinement over many years.

Should I focus on shooting form or accuracy?

The ability to shoot accurately and with good form is vital to becoming a pro shooter. As a first step, it’s important to develop proper shooting form, including grips, stances, and releases. Your focus can shift from form to accuracy as your form becomes more consistent. Practice shooting drills and refine your technique to achieve accuracy. Your shooting skills will be elevated to a professional level if you combine solid shooting form with consistent accuracy.

Can I improve my shooting skills without a coach?

Coaches can provide valuable feedback and guidance, but it is possible to improve shooting skills without one. Your ability to develop your shooting technique can be improved by watching instructional videos, watching online tutorials, and practicing shooting drills. You can improve your shooting abilities by self-analyzing, practicing consistently, and focusing on the fundamentals. Having a knowledgeable coach, however, can help accelerate your progress and refine your skills.

How can I shoot better under pressure?

It can be challenging to shoot under pressure, but there are strategies you can use to improve your performance. The first step is mental preparation. Focus on staying focused and calm by picturing yourself making shots under pressure. Additionally, incorporate pressure drills and practice shooting while fatigued during practice to simulate game-like situations. Experiencing pressure situations in a controlled setting will help you feel more comfortable and confident in similar situations under pressure in games.


To shoot a basketball like a pro, you must practice, be dedicated, and pay attention to details. To improve your shooting skills, master the fundamentals, develop proper shooting techniques, enhance accuracy and consistency, and overcome common challenges. Don’t lose focus, keep a consistent routine, and be confident in your abilities. You will see significant improvements in your shooting skills over time.



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