From time to time, you will no doubt have to remove the pole from the in-ground basketball hoop. This could be when packing the same to relocate it to an alternative place, regular repairs, and maintenance, or just paving way for some of the ongoing works to name but a few!

You must definitely have to know how to remove the basketball poles from where the same is fixed. This is no mean task as it is heavily strenuous and potentially dangerous. We want to help you to do a thorough job here. The explanations below shall center on showcasing the steps you may need to take.

My Experience

I have been involved in the removal of the basketball poles for a very long time now. My many years of operations have given me the experience I need to teach this subject well. The core reason behind this is the fact that I have removed many kinds of basketball poles that are made by many manufacturers.

On the same note, I have also interacted with many kinds of people who have imposed varying demands and circumstances of engagements. In the process of all that, I have also come to garner a broad pool of experience that has subsequently shaped the way in which I go about the issue. Feel confident as you read through my explanations below hence.

What You Will Need To Remove The Basketball Pole

You will need the following pieces of equipment to remove the basketball poles:

  • Telephone contacts of the local utility company just in case some in-ground utilities lie underneath the said areas.
  • A suitable helper to be on standby to assist you in the entire exercise
  • A shovel
  • Safety goggles
  • Sledgehammer to help in relocating the pole by way of breaking apart the old concrete off the poles.

9 Steps: How to remove basketball pole

You now have to follow these steps to actualize the process of removing the basketball poles from one area to the other one:

Step 1: Prep yourself for the task ahead

You have to start out by preparing yourself and the area concerned for the purpose of removing the basketball pole. This is a task you do by garnering the tools and essentials you need to actualize the task. Also, it involves you putting on the necessary protective gear that will guard you along the way.

Further to the above, the exercise also entails you preparing the surface you intend to work on. This may among others entail cordoning off the place of your working, and notifying your neighbors of your intentions lest they trespass the areas and suffer some untold injuries.

Step 2: Look out for any buried utilities

Look out for any buried utilities

After preparing appropriately for the task ahead, you now have to be on the lookout for any buried utilities. These could include power lines, sewer lines, internet cables, and subterranean gas pipes. This exercise may involve seeking the permission of the utility companies that have a base there.

It is important in the sense that you may usually have to part with so much money to compensate the company if you happen to damage their lines and other forms of utilities they have on the ground. If in doubt, call your nearest municipality office to seek their clarifications.

Step 3: Clear the area

You are now almost good to start. Before starting, you have to clear the area concerned. Slash out the grass and the thickets to make the place open. Move ahead also to remove any debris and other impediments that may hamper the smooth movements out and about the desired location.

On the same note, you may also notify those who are around you like the passersby to let them know of your intention to start working in the area. If possible, you may also wish to cordon off the area and place a sign reading, ‘Works In Progress.’ In case your municipality demands it, you have to seek its permission as well.

Step 4: Start digging

Start digging

Get down now to the core business of removing the basketball pole from the designated area. Be slow and careful as you dig. You do not want to imperil the health and stature of your body as you move along. Restrict your digging to the area just around where the pole is inserted in the ground.

As you dig, be sure to collect the soil steadily and carefully. You do not want them to be blown away by the strong winds, a fact that may let you dirty the environment wherein you are located or have set up base. Take some rest in between to prevent you from suffering exhaustion.

Step 5: Get to the bottom of the pole

In the process of digging, you have to get to the bottom of the pole. Usually, this is between 2 and 2.5 feet underneath the surface. The purpose of this is to get to the place where you may pull out the pole without leaving behind any undesirable debris or interfering with the structure of the soil.

Step 6: Rock the pole forwards and backward

Having reached the bottom of the pole, you now have to rock it forwards and backward. In this way, you shall make it lose and subsequently easier to eliminate from the holes. Take great care that it does not fall on your as you do so.

Step 7: Walk the pole to afar off location

After removing the pole from the hole, you now have to transfer it to afar off destination. This entails pulling it on the ground from the place where it is ejected from the hole to the new place of interest. Chances are that the pole might be too heavy for you to lift singlehandedly.

Step 8: Eliminate the concrete

If the concrete was used to fasten the pole in the ground, you may also consider eliminating the same. To do this, get hold of your sledgehammer to hit the concrete. Get to the bottom of the pole in order to crack and eliminate it from the pole.

Step 9: Restore the landscape

You are almost good to go now. Before you go, you now have to restore the landscape. Restoring the landscape here means refilling the hole and cleaning the affected area that was dug. If possible, you may even have to replant the grass and other original vegetation. If the digging cut off some utility lines, you may call in the company representatives to restore the same.

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Final Verdict

There you go now. We are now truly confident that you now know how to remove the basketball poles from where the same might be fixed. Should we urge you to move with haste and do just that as soon as possible? We always care for your welfare. Feel free to get to us for any further support.

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