how to keep basketball hoop from falling over

How To Keep Basketball Hoop From Falling Over(100% working)

Falling over a hoop during a match is sort of annoying, right? Such things also irked people out and distract them from focusing on the game. Also, it could make somebody injured if fallen while dunking.

Although, make the portable hoop stable even in rough dunking isn’t an easy task. But there are some things; by following them you could make your hoop stand or refrain from falling over.

Well, In this article, I’ve shared some best working tips and tricks regarding how to keep the basketball hoop from falling over. Read the full content and pick one of the best solutions which are most suitable to you.

Reason For Falling Over A Hoop

There are some common reasons why most of the basketball hoop falls down. Some of them are:

  • Strong wind – Strong wind is the main reason for falling a hoop off. If you place your hoop in a strong ventilation area, then there is a chance that it will fall. A portable hoop usually can’t defend against strong wind or small storms as the wind gets a chance to give much pressure on the big backboard.
  • Heavy Dunking – Rough or heavy dunking is another reason for a fallen hoop. While someone dunks so roughly in a lower capacity-based Hoop, the Hoop can’t simply bear it. Sometimes a large base also can’t afford the weight of a dunker.
  • Insufficient base – If you hold the experience of having a portable basketball hoop, or if you researched pretty much about portable hoops, you might notice that almost all budget-friendly portable hoops come with a base of 35 gallons. The 35-gallon base even vibrates with a single shoot, let alone strong wind or heavy dunking.
  • Hanging on– Hanging on the Rim is another reason for the hoop’s collapse. Although it’s recommended and also mentioned on the many hoop instruction to not hanging on the Rim.

How To Keep Basketball Hoop From Falling Over

Keep your portable basketball hoop from falling over absolutely not an easy task. But by following one of these tips given below, you can increase your hoop stability to a much higher level:

1. Use Sand Instead Of Water 

Use Sand Instead Of Water

Now you may have a question in mind despite having so many advantages of using water like it can fill the base easily, comfortable to drain, why should I recommend the sand more?

I’m here recommending sand because of its stability. Sand is approximately 45% denser than water. On the other hand, while water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, sand offers it about 13 pounds!

There’s a chance that the hoop filled with water might get cracked easily in the winter season.

The only problem with the sand is, you can’t drain the sand with ease, and also, it’s pretty hard to move the hoop because of its density. 

If you don’t want to move your hoop often or don’t need to drain the base, using sand will be a good solution for keeping the basketball hoop from falling over.

2. Use Base Gel Instead Of Water

BaseGel Basketball Goal Portable Bases Polymer

Fill the base with Base-Gel instead of water is the second-best option. Base Gel is so absorbent that it absorbs almost 400 pounds of sand and also 400 times of its weight in water.

The most charming thing about it is it won’t leak if your base has a few crakes. The installation process is also so simple:

  • First, add two-third of the gel into the base.
  • Fill half of the free space with water
  • Add the rest gel confirming there’s a 1/2 inches space left on the upper side.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let the base get ready for use.
  • If there’s a requirement for deactivating the gel, Just add a mixture of table salt and water to the gel. and simply flush the gel 

You can get the best Base Gel from Amazon.

3. Put Sand-Bags On The Base

Portable basketball hoop manufacturers measure the base so that it can carry the weight of the entire hoop system. The measurement that the manufacturers give to the base help to keep the hoop fairly stable. But sometimes it is just not enough. 

The quick and easy way of keeping the basketball hoop from falling over is to lay down some sand-bag on the water or sand-filled base.

Most portable hoop users have given feedback that they used this trick to make their hoop more stable.

But remember, don’t go for hang on the rim after laying down sand-bags on the base. It only reduces the vibration of the hoop after the shot and protects the hoop from falling because of strong wind.

You can grab sand-bags with free shipping just by clicking here.

4. Put Some Blocks On The Base

You can increase the base stability by one of the easiest tasks by adding some blocks on the sand-filled base. It’s easy to collect bricks and put them on the base, it also easy to remove them and make the hoop move. But also put in mind don’t add so many bricks because it may cause base damage.

5. Tie Up The Hoop With Ratchet Strap And Anchors

This one is considered the best method of tying up the hoop. This is a simple trick but has a firm impact on the base stability. The anchor and ratchet strap make the hoop almost immovable. The application of these materials is also so simple:

  • Screw down the eyehook to the ground on both sides of the base.
  • Use a wrench if the soil is so hard to screw the anchor down.
  • now hook the strap on both sides head of these anchors.

the applications and removal of the anchor isn’t a tough task. However, I’ve added a video on how to apply them:

You can have the materials by clicking on them, Ground anchor and ratchet strap

6. Upgrade To The In-Ground Hoop

The in-ground basketball hoop is the best option for any basketball lover. This hoop system is stuck on the ground and will give you the best performance than any highly features portable hoops. Especially if you’re living in a windy area, this one is just unbeatable. But the problem is you can’t move this type of basketball hoop like a portable one and it’s a little bit costly.

But if you want to have a hoop with much more stability, the best dunking experience, and great protection from any kind of windy situation, this will be the best selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Use To Weigh Down A Basketball Hoop?

The easy things you can do fill the base with sand, and put some extra weight on the base. The extra weight could be bricks, sandbags, etc.

How Many Bags Of Sand Do I Need For A Basketball Hoop?

Approximately most of the hoop comes with a 35-gallon base. For a 35-gallon base, you nearly need 10 pieces of 50 pounds sandbag.

Is It Better To Use Sand Or Water For Basketball Base?

Definitely sand will be the better selection than water. Sand has more density than water and could offer 45% more stability compared to water.

How To Deactivate Base-Gel?

It’s pretty simple, just add a mixture of table salt and water to the base-gel you wanted to deactivate. Then wait for 5-10 minutes, now your base-gel has become diluted. Now you can easily flush the gel.

How Many Sandbags Are Recommended For Extra Weight?

It depends on how much stronger your base system is. Some people prefer 100 pounds of sand and some 60-80 pounds. However, I’ll recommend first look at how strong your base system is before putting extra sandbags.

Final Words

Most people buy a portable basketball hoop to spend time with their family. But the falling over of the hoop makes them concerning about the safety of their family.

I’ve discussed the 5 most used ways on How to keep the basketball hoop from falling over. For quick play, you can add some extra weights to the base like sandbags, bricks, etc. The anchor-ratchet strap is recommended for the safest methods.

If you have any questions regarding the article, comment on the below section and please let us know.

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