Dunking in basketball is like the blessing of eyes, And it gives your fans a lot of fun. But in the beginning, we face many problems. Especially newbies and short players face this very much. They have no proper guidelines to improve this skill.

Every basketball player’s dream is to become a unique dunker. But due to the lack of appropriate guidelines and fundamental knowledge, their goal never faces reality.
Keep reading this concept; I’ve designed this post for beginner and shorter basketball player. We covered from Basic to Advance Guideline.

Here you can learn about the basics, the way of dunking in basketball, advanced tactics, how a short player can dunk, how fast you can dunk, and how NBA players do this. so, let’s start

The basic

what is dunk in basketball?

A slam dunk, also known as simply dunk, is a kind of basketball shot that is performed by a player by jumping in the air and scores by putting the ball into the rim with one or two hands.

Is it essential in basketball?

It is not too much important than other skills like shooting, dribbling, passing, blocking, ETC. But my personal experience says it also an important thing for every basketball player. This shooting can be essential at any time during the game. For example, man to man passing is a very opportunistic method, and any you can change to score. But the problem is there might have traffic, at that time, a perfect dunk can solve this problem.

Who invented the dunk in basketball?

In the 1940s, Bob Kurland first dunked in the game of basketball history.

What things need to dunk?

To be a good dunk shooter, there two important facts are mandatory.

  1. Vertical jump: Without enough vertical jump skill, you never touch the rim. That way, it is compulsory.
  2. Dunking technique: You have vertical jump skill, but you have no proper idea about dunking technique, then it will not work here. Due dunking is a very authentic skill. You should achieve it.

How to dunk a basketball

The way

There are three ways you can dunk a basketball hoop. This session will help you to understand the main part to do this.

Dunk with one foot

When a player jumps with one foot, then it calls one-foot dunk.  One-foot dunk is very useful for thin people. Its biggest benefit is you can jump higher with it. It is too easier, and most of the basketball player follows it.

Pros side of this method

you can jump higher with it.

It is very fast that way you can perform without blocking.

This is the most common method and easy to use.

Cons of this method

You should able palm the basketball due to it was done by one hand.

A heavy person can’t adjust with the one-foot dunk.

Dunk with two-foot

It jumps with two-foot that the reason called it two-foot dunk. NBA players very prefer it. It is suitable for bigger and more muscular player. This jump is less on quickness and bounce. Its jump very high for standstill player. It takes time to ready for the shoot.

Pros of this method

are very powerful and eye-catching

You can perform from a standstill.

It doesn’t pressure your body.

Cons of this method

it takes to much time.

Harder than one-foot jump.

Alley-Oop Dunk

Allen Oop dunk is most popular during the game. And its very heart touching performance. Your fun like Alley- Oop dunk. You should able to be fast to catch the ball. It is very difficult and harder than another method. There is no alternative to passing skill here. That way you’re passing and timing too critical here.

Pros of this method,

your jumpering skill is not too much fact.

Don’t require to palm the basketball.

Cons of this method

You need a very good passing and timing skill. Otherwise, you never make very good result from here. Also, all the players in your team need to have those skills.

Which is better for you one foot or two-foot jump

The answer is so simple, which jumping method gives you high? If one foot gives you high performance, then one foot is perfect for you.

If two-foot gives you high performance, then two-foot dunk is perfect for you.

Some time it depending on some factors like your weight, age, and body types.


Step by step dunking technique

  • Jumping technique

All these significant points are essential. We have already talked about it. Here I tell you to be patient and find the right way for you. You can choose one foot if your thin and faster . also you choose two feet jump tactics if you are muscular and powerful. One importance thinks without a proper jumping performance, and you never make a dunk. So be careful and gradually improve your vertical jump. Here a video will help you that.

  • continually improve your power

there not only just jumping higher but also increase your speed, quick passing skills and ability to do everything in basketball.

At first, you need to increase your primary skill to ahead advance like vertical jump, bouche, and dunk shot.

If you gradually improve those skills, you can successfully improve overall in basketball tactics. And your basic pilar will be more and stronger.

  • practices make it perfect

There are many facts that are major. Its does not like to jump higher. It is just part of basketball to dunk. When you find all the problems with your performance, you should improve that. That way, practice is so important.

Now the question is how to practices and where to start it?

  • begins with little size ball

at the beginning you should practice with a small ball like a tennis ball, softball, mini basketballs, Youth size then you can start official size.

At first, If you can successfully be done with a tennis ball, then start with a softball when you can do it start with softball. You can start with a mini basketball and then a youth size. Then start your preferred size.

The reason of his process: at first you should get experience with easy steps then you can gradually start the main or hard process. This is the basis of learning anything.

how to dunk at 5’7/ how to dunk a basketball if you are short

if you are a shorter play and still want to dunk. Dear brother, you should work hard to achieve your dream. here I mentioned the main point for a shorter basketball player { how  to dunk a basketball if you are short}

practices with lower goal or hoop,

it will help to really time practice with a dunk shot. If you can do this one time, you can able to do this a real basketball hoop.

But one important thing keeps the goal where you can jump. Don’t keep it too lower.

be able to touch the basketball rim with your wrist.

always try to touch to the rim with your wrist. this mentality will help you boost your confidence like sky path.

use a little ball

 We already have mentioned it before. It is mandatory always a short basketball player. It’s essential for every beginner.

Tips to safely finish a dunk

I always remember dunking a basketball is a risk. Look at the player how risky they jump. Sometimes essential jump too much higher. That way the most of the accident occurred in dunking shoot.

1. don’t practice with the portable hoop

2. set your placement correctly:  when you jump high and dunk the basketball rim the time to get down safely, that our main target. So always be careful about it.

3.maintaining your balance properly.

4. if you successfully have done the dunk don’t hang with the hoop. It is so much risky. It also saves out handing foul.


“Good dunk shooter is not born, they develop” maybe you know this word form coacher and any professional. Yeah!  It is 100% right.

Without hard work, you never make a good dunk though you are a tall and strong person.

Now you already know how to dunk in a basketball game. It is time to improve in real life.

One most important thing is never to be disappointed. Always be positive. and believer yourself, you can do this. And, Practising this guide accordingly.

If you have any question about this topic, please comment here.


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.


  1. Sandra Adlawon

    Really helpful article! Having the right jumping technique and working on strength training are crucial to being able to dunk. In case of a two-foot takeoff, a blocking technique can considerably improve your jump.

  2. Nice Article, I want to practice all day to play very good. Let me show you how to do.

  3. Trey Williams

    Fantastic Article, very motivating and uplifting. You discussed many good points on helping to dunk easier and much better. One of the things that you said was to make sure that you finish the dunk well and properly. Which I think is a very good tip that you pointed out. Over the summer I too wanted to learn how to dunk so I did some research and I found this website https://bit.ly/3b3BLeD . Within about 3 and a half weeks I had managed to increase my vertical by about 16.5 inches, and it has worked for not only me but for millions of other people.