How To Build An Indoor Basketball Court | Step By Step

Having a personal indoor basketball court is a dream for most of us basketball lovers. But the process to build such a court isn’t easy. Like, choosing the right place, gathering all the needed elements, implements all of them together, etc.

But building an indoor basketball court can be done far easily with proper instruction, economic consideration, research, and successful implementation.

In this article, I’ve covered some fascinating methods. By following them, you could build your personal indoor basketball court and get rid of the headache “How to build an indoor basketball court?“.

Why An Indoor Basketball Court?

The best thing about an indoor basketball court is, it does not end with basketball only. There are so many benefits of having an indoor basketball court. The benefits of having an indoor court are: 

  • Use the court as a gym center.
  • Invite your friend to the weekend to have fun.
  • Convert the court instantly to volleyball one.
  • To add value to your home.

How Much Building An Indoor Basketball Court Cost?

The cost of building an indoor basketball court depends according to the low-end, average-end, and high-end profile. Mostly a court of 94 by 50 feet measure costs approximately $11,000 at low-end, $35,000 on average, and $75-80,000 at the high end.

What You Need To Know To Build An Indoor Basketball Court:

If you have room to build an indoor basketball court, you are almost all set. But if you don’t, then you could build it in another way. You can simply turn your driveway into a portable basketball court by installing a single in-ground hoop or a portable hoop system.

If you have a room with adequate space in it, you can easily turn it into an indoor basketball court. Things you should know before building an indoor basketball court are,

  • Basketball Pole Or Backboard: If you have enough space to install two basketball poles, you need two poles to set up(1 for half-court). If your “baseline” ends up with the wall, you’ll need to use a wall-mounted backboard. Buy one of them according to your requirements.
    1. Wall mounting HoopsChoosing a wall-mounted hoop is a good decision because the wall-mounted hoop is 3 times stronger, durable, and dunkable than portable hoops. On the other hand, it brings pro feelings among the players.
    2. Portable Hoop SystemPortable hoop system is rarely seen in competitive indoor basketball courts. It is mostly used in recreational, fun, and family games. Although, some people select this because of its portability. It could be moved to anywhere as your requirement.
    3. In-ground Hoop systemin-ground hoop system is generally installed in flat-driveways. There is absolutely no use of it for the indoor court system. 
  • Court Stencil Kit: In the case of court making, lining the court can be a lot of trouble. Without applying enough tools, your line can get distorted. You can easily draw lines on the court and get rid of this problem with the aid of the Court Stencil Kit.
  • Hardwood: When it comes to court surfaces, Hardwood is the most professional and ankle-friendly surface material ever. The NBA uses Acer saccharum, which is also known as Hard Maple.
  • Proper Light Setup: lighting is another important thing to be considered. Everything will look fuzzy without proper lighting and it will also be challenging for the player to understand the movement of the ball.
  • Cooling Or Heating System: If the atmosphere isn’t under control and it’s been too hot or cold, it can get the player’s concentration away. To get playable weather, you should apply the cooling or heating control system.

What You Should  Need To Consider Before Build An Indoor Basketball Court?

Proper planning is a must-needed thing in our daily life. You could make your indoor basketball court far easily by doing a proper plan. There are some things you should consider before building an indoor basketball court. like,

Sound Reflection: A louder reflection system of an indoor basketball court could spoil the fun of the game, and could also make the players feel annoying. So try to reduce the sound reflection at a low level.

Roof Height: Be sure the roof height is more than 16 feet. Make sure when the Ball reaching the basket, the roof does not interfering in the middle.

Proper Ventilation: The most needed thing for basketball players is fresh air. So, there should be some windows or other ways to ensure ventilation.

Standard Measurements: Check the pro-level measurements and apply them to your court. Because every inch matters, and if you can shoot properly at your court, you could do it anywhere.

How To Build A Indoor Basketball Court

Building an indoor basketball court is pretty hard for those who don’t have any idea about it. First of all, I would recommend getting an engineer’s opinion and do consult with him about the entire project.

Things you should follow to build an indoor basketball court, are given below,

1. Consider The Size

The first thing you have to think about is how much space do you have. The NBA and the NCAA build their courts as 94 feet long X 50 feet wide.

If you have enough space, build your desired court in this pro size. If you can’t manage 94 feet of space, you could go for a half-court. To build a half-court, you have to afford 47 x 50 feet of space capacity.

2. Purchase The Hoops

There are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a basketball hoop. Most people select a wall-mounted basketball hoop for their indoor court, which is mounted on the wall by a mounting kit. The rest of the people choose a portable basketball hoop system. choose a basketball hoop according to your budget and choice.

3. Court Surface

After getting to deal with space and hoop systems, the next deed you should consider is its flooring. There are many flooring materials available in the market. Like, Rubber flooring, polyurethane flooring, Hardwoods.

The most used material is hardwoods because of their lighting in color ability and hardness. Select one of the materials given above and apply it to the floor. If needed, then call a professional to set them up.

4. Dimension Of The Court:

Every inch does matter in the basketball court. If your court is designed in the wrong dimension and you become accustomed to incorrect measurements, you may later have to face problems in pro-level games. So, my recommendation is you should paint the lines according to International Basketball Federation standards.

You could check our Basketball Court Dimension content for vast information.

5. Paint The Lines:

Painting the line is pretty much difficult. The entire court’s beauty will be ruined if the lines of the court somehow get distorted.

Call a professional one to paint your court lines, or get a Court Stencil Kit. You could do the lines yourself with court stencil kits. Here’s a video for you,

6. Lighting Setup:

While setting the lighting up, you should consider some things. You could use eco-friendly LED light which also consumes less energy. Moreover, Try to fit the light in a place where its light does not fall directly into the eyes of the players. 

7. Cooling/Heating System: 

Cooling and heating system usually be installed in the middle of the court. The heating and cooling system is generated based on the depth of the court into the earth. 

8. Ventilation:

One of the most important things to be considered is the ventilation of the court. The basketball players have to run on the court almost the entire time of the game. That’s why they need fresh air during the match. So, try to install windows or other ventilated methods to get fresh air. 

9. Extra Things

You could take some steps to make your basketball court unique and attractive by making your own logo and installing this into the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Indoor Basketball Court?

It depends on how you want to build it. An indoor basketball costs approximately $11,000 at low-end, $35,000 in mid-end and $75,000-$80,000 in high-end.

How High Does The Ceiling Need To Be For An Indoor Basketball Court? 

There must be enough space for the ball to reach the basketball hoop’s rim. Many advisors suggest having the height of the ceiling at least 16 feet.

What Is The Size Of An Indoor Basketball Court?

According to international basketball standards, the size is 91.9 by 49.2 feet. In the NBA, the size is slightly bigger, 94 by 50 feet.

How High Is A Basketball Court?

The basketball court’s height is approximately 22.95ft.

What Is The Minimum Height For A Basketball Court?

The minimum ceiling height should be 24 feet for any competent court.

Does A Basketball Court Add Value To A Home?

A survey claims that having a home basketball court is trending among the upper classes. It could add 11.5 percent more value to your home.

What Is The Best Flooring For A Basketball Court? 

The best flooring for a basketball court is Hardwood. Among them, hard maple is mostly used because of its hardness and shining ability.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Half Basketball Court?

A mid-range half basketball court could cost $15,000-$30,000.

Final Word

Building an indoor basketball court is much easier with a proper plan. Considering your budget, free space, and other things could make it simple. We hope that our article about “How to build an indoor basketball court” will help you there. If you have any questions or hesitation about the information we’ve provided, please let us know. Best wishes in advance for your future basketball court.

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