Choosing a basketball hoop isn’t an easy task. Because there are a lot of things to consider before choosing a basketball hoop. Still, there’s a major query “How much does a basketball hoop really cost?”

A balanced basketball hoop could cost between $300 to $1000. It depends on how good the material of the basketball hoop you want to buy is.

By finishing the article you’ll get a vast knowledge about basketball hoop prices, which hoop you should buy, which basketball hoop is best.
so stick to us and let’s dig in.

How Much Does A Basketball Hoop Cost

As I’ve mentioned before, the actual cost depends on some facts like the building materials, types of backboard materials, types of hoops, etc. Let’s have a look at all possible typical costs of a basketball hoop system.

Typical Portable basketball hoop cost

The portable basketball hoop is one of the most popular hoops because of its moving with ease facility. You can park it, move it, set it anywhere you won’t. There are so many and so many portable hoops available in the market with a lot of varieties and different price tags. The higher specifications you want, the higher the price will be. But an average portable basketball hoop costs $400.

Typical in-ground basketball hoop cost

In-ground basketball hoops are likely more professional and stable than portable basketball hoops. It needs to be set on the ground by digging. That’s why it’s not easily movable. The average cost of an in-ground basketball hoop is $500. And also let me remind you the price depends on so many things, the pro-level in-ground hoops could cost you more than $1200.

Wall-mounted basketball hoop cost

Wall-mounted basketball hoops are much more budget-friendly basketball hoops compared to portable and in-ground hoops. It will be a great deal for people who don’t have a wider space. As it can be mounted on any wall, it’s popular among the people facing space regarding problems. An average wall-mounted hoop will cost around $300. Most of the mounted hoops don’t provide a height adjustment facility. If you want to have the height adjustment facility, be sure you have to spend some more dollars.

Average Cost By Brand

How Much Do Basketball Hoops Cost

In the basketball hoop world, there are so many brands available. But will discuss the 3 most popular and trust typical brands and their average basketball hoop price tag.


Spalding is one of the best basketball hoops brands and basketball manufacturers in the world. The basketball and basketball hoops of Spalding used most of the major basketball tournaments including the NBA. The hoops of Spalding come in different prices and ranges. The average price of a Spalding basketball is between $400 – $1000.


Lifetime is probably the most popular brand after Spalding with a lot of hoops collections. Lifetime helped beginners, intermediates, and professionals with their huge variety of basketball hoops. They manufacture from low-level mini hoops too high professional tempered glass hoops. The average price of a lifetime basketball hoop is around $300.


Silverback is mostly popular among the consumer because of its innovative and creative footstep on the field of the portable basketball hoop. Silverback offers durable, sturdy, well-designed basketball hoops in different price tags. An average Silverback portable basketball hoops costs around $500

Which One Should You Buy?

As you have noticed, there are three types of basketball hoops. In-ground basketball hoops, portable basketball hoops, and wall-mounted basketball hoops.

The In-ground basketball hoops are basically fixed to the ground and can’t move easily. But it gives the best stability, professional feelings, and the best dunking experience. If you have enough space, no need to move the hoops frequently, and enough budget, You should definitely go for an in-ground one.

which basketball hoop to buy

Portable basketball hoops are so popular for their portability. It can be settled anywhere like, poolside, driveways, garden, yards. Most of the portable hoops come with a height adjustment facility. So, it can be used for playing any kind of basketball match.

Wall Mounted hoops are for those who don’t have enough for playing basketball. It offers 2 times better stability than any high-profile portable hoops. Dunking, shooting, hanging performance of wall-mounted hoops is the same as in-ground hoops. It’s also cheaper, sturdy because you’re only paying for the backboard and rim.

So, if you have enough space, go for the in-ground one. If you want to play basketball in driveways, and want to bring it for a recreational game while picnicking, You should choose portable hoops.
And lastly, if you’re facing space, money problems and don’t need to move your hoops, choose a wall-mounted hoop.

What To Consider When Buying A Basketball Hoop?

Before you go for a hoop, you should know the basics of every aspect of the hoop. It will help you to find the best hoops according to your needs.

Backboard materials:

There are three types of backboard materials available in the market. Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and Tempered Glass.

  • Polycarbonate is very durable and suitable for the outdoors.
  • Acrylic backboard materials look similar to glass, less expensive, lightweight and offer a better rebound experience than polycarbonate.
  • Tempered glass is considered the best material for a backboard. Its rebound experience is at its peak. It is also less harmful, sturdy and used by professionals.

Size of the backboard:

If you are going to prepare yourself for any kind of competition, I will suggest buying a standard-size backboard. The standard size of a basketball backboard is 42”/48” in height and 72” wide.


Before purchasing a hoop check how stable the hoop is. Basically, if you are going to buy a portable hoop.


If the rim is simply screwed to the backboard just skip it. Because it could make you injured while dunking. The best choice for a basketball rim is breakaway rims. With the aid of hinge and spring, breakaway rims bend downward while dunking or hanging and immediately snaps back when released.


make sure the building material of the hoop ensures durability. A typical basketball hoop should be built with long-lasting materials and the graphics shouldn’t fade away easily.

All-weather net: for outdoor basketball hoops it is really important to have an all-weather net. Because your hoop is going to face rainy, sunny, cold weather together.

F.A.Q’s About Basketball Hoop Price

How do I choose an outdoor basketball hoop?

First, make sure you’re going to choose it for driveways or home court. If you have enough space on the court, choose a 42”/72” tempered glass backboard.

How much is an outdoor basketball hoop?

It depends on the specifications or materials the hoop is made of. An outdoor basketball could cost you between low range $100 to mid-high $500.

What is a standard basketball hoop?

The standard basketball hoops backboard is 72”(183cm) wide and 42”(107cm) high. The rim has to be 18”(46cm) diameter and settled 10 feet higher from the ground.

Are angled basketball hoops better?

According to the experts, the stability of a portable basketball hoop depends on the base weight and the size, weight, etc. of the backboard. If your hoop is made by calculation, angelling your pole won’t affect the stability of the hoop.

What hoop does the NBA use?

The NBA uses Spalding Arena renegade basketball hoops.

What is the standard height for a basketball hoop?

The standard height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet from the ground.


Basketball hoop prices vary from low to high according to the materials and specifications it has. The much you pay, the much better hoops you’ll get. The portable hoops, wall-mounted hoops, and in-ground hoops are different in size, system, preference. So their price is also slightly different from one compared to another.

I’ve shared some buying tips from which you could learn How to choose a basketball hoop. Hope the article has helped you get over the obsession “How much does a basketball cost”.

If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section. Have a good day.


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.

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