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All Effective Defensive Tactics In Basketball For Beginners

Hey basketball lovers!

In the case of defensive tactics in basketball, you should be careful.

When I was a new player, I had no idea about this. I faced many problems. I spent lots of time to understand the standard strategy. If that time I could cover all these think, maybe I did not have to face such problems. e.g. We have no defense tactics to be restrained our opponent. That’s one of the reasons we lose and lose all the match or game.

In this post, you’re going to know about all defenses method and tactics. By the post, you might overcome your little confusion about defense and its tactics. I tried to cover all the compulsory things you should have to know.

[if you’re a beginner, this session is for you.]

What is the basketball defense?

It is so simple; the defense is trying to stop the opponent from scoring with uncommon types of methods. They use a variety of tricks in the game. A strong defense point can be established by highly professional performance and could grab the audience’s heart.

Why is it important in basketball then offences?

There is a quote from Becky Novacek “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” offense is always trying to score, and the defense target is to stop the opponent from scoring the point. But defense is more important. The defense has to able to stop offenses from getting the point. Strong defense tactics can change a game situation. That way, it’s so important.

 Types of defence

There are many types of defenses designed to get a better result. In this case, there are three types of defense in basketball. But also every type has different variations. Every type has pros and cons. if these tactics can use properly, you will get the best result. We will discuss all the differences.

1.      Man-to-Man

2.      Zone

3.      Combination or Hybrid


According to research, many coaches use a defense method during the game. However, an effective way to confuse your opponent with multiple tactics is best. Also, it will decrease your opponent’s power.

Man-to-Man defence

This is a strong defense strategy to restrict the opponent. In this method, each player is assigned to follow the movement of a single player on offense. Every player has their own responsibility during the game. It also is known as the person to person defense. If your opponent is powerful in shooting, then you must follow this strategy.

You can play in this two way.

Loos man-to-man: also known as [sagging], here you allow some distance. When you see your opponent is weak in inside shooting, at this time, you can implement this tactic. It will give you excellent performance at the time.

Tight man-to-man: this is a Strict way to control the offense’s trap. Here you guard your opponent aggressively. You have to cover them with no space. That way, this one is called an aggressive one.

Zone defence

This is another effective way to stop your offense player come across to score points. In this method, the players guard the specific area. Some defender players cover the main area of the court. It is more complicated than the man to man defense after the NBA mark it as illegal. Frank Lindley establish it in 1914.

If your opponents are weak in long shooting, then Zone defense is one of the best methods. If your opponent is very good at long shooting, then it will not work at this time.

Zone defence is usually changed by numbers. Commonly, there have six types of zone defence in basketball field.

Zone defence 2-3: this is a unique way to be more professional. In that method, two players stay on the front of the court, and three players play in close to the basketball goal. And it makes your seance authentic, more communicative, more attention about offenses, etc.

There are many beneficiaries of this strategy. The offense players can not make an opportunity for the inside shooting. You can hide your weak player.

The big problem is it makes too much gap in the court.

Zone defence 1-3-1

In this strategy, one defender play on the main point of the court, three players play in the front of the court, and one player performs close to the basketball goal. All players have their responsibility, and the coach has to design this strategy by considering all player’s abilities and talents. This is the key to success in a basketball game.

Play between the goal to defeat and cover all corner. It is a very good method to adjust your opponent trap.

2-1-2 basketball defence

This is an excellent defense for your competition. It allows lots of benefits such as aggressive mood, good backboard control, always keep the possession on the ball. But if you do a mistake, your opponents will get the change.

1-2-2 basketball defence

this is a solid defence. Its position and movement are very quickly. It does not take lots of time and practice.

If your opponent is very fast and good on an outside shoot, then 1-2-2 perfect for you.

Match-up zone defence

Match-up is very good for confusing your opponent. I personally use this method. It combines both person-to-person and zone. Every defender has a unique role and responsibility.

Combination Defenses

This defense is specially designed to make useless the opponent’s trap. This is a very useful preparation against any terms. This is a combination of zone and man to man defense. It is also known as hybrid defenses. In this method, three-player perform outside of the line, and two-player perform inside of the line. Each player has a different responsibility during the game. Also, it keeps changing on your coach’s guidance and situation. for this reason, it is also known as a combination.

There some basic combination defences types.

Box and one basketball defence

if your opponent is powerful at scoring that time you can use Box and one defence. Its combination of man-to-man and zone.

see more-

Diamond and one defence

It is designed like the size of the diamond, and one player performance in front of the court, for this reason, its name is diamond and one defence. A very good defence strategy to improve your gaming perspective.

Triangle and two-defence basketball

The Triangle is a very effective defence in basketball. Tree defence play in front of the court and two-player game outside of the court.

This method especially uses the end of the match to get enhanced results. Here the article will help you to know more.

Basketball defence fundamentals

You have to know about defence fundamentals before the types and all the strategy. If you have no strong knowledge about the basic fundamentals, then you can never make excellent terms and result.

Proper base:

In the game of basketball, you should stay your feet position proper way. Keep your balance in front of your opponent all the time. So that it can give you a better standability.

Eyes focus:

Always focus your eyes on the opponent stomach. It will help you to understand the movement of the offences player quickly.


Keep your weight on the front of your feet. It will help you to control yourself and make you faster.


I always understand the opponent movement and control your side with him/her. It totally depended on offences tactics. You can hand up your head to defend the shoot of the opponent.

know more about it.

Basketball defence drills

Without the best exercises and practices in basketball, you can never make a good term. Here a video will help you understand about defence drills process.


As I said earlier, a strong basketball defence performance can change the situation of the game. That way, it so important. Always try to practice with all strategies so that you can change your motion of the game easily and your opponent can’t understand this.

Be careful about when you decided to change your position or types of defence. Always understand the weakness point about your opponent. Then you can change your position, which is suitable for you.

And this guide always a basic concept about all the defences tactics. I hope, when you get the major point of this content you will able to the best performance in the game.

I highly humble request to you don’t go ahead with the useless strategy. Otherwise, you can fail.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

 Thank you!