The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022

Basketball and Trampoline are a great combination just like ice cream and chocolate chips. Basketball hoops add a whole new dimension of entertainment to the trampoline. As a result, they are among the most bought and loved trampoline accessories. Here, we have curated a list of the top trampolines so it is easier for you to choose from.

Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Image Name Feature Where To Buy
The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Skywalker Trampoline basketball hoop ● 360 – degree padded handle
● Stretch bands instead of springs
● Lower enclosure
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Mini trampoline for basketball ● Rust-resistant frame
● The protection net is outside
● Black mat and yellow frame pad
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Rectangle trampoline with basketball hoop ● Patented enclosed net
● Hook-and-loop breakaway rim
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 14-foot trampoline with basketball hoop ● Durable waterproof
● 6 W – shape legs
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Trampoline for basketball dunks ● Spring Pad
● Enclosure Netting
● Reinforced T – sockets
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Universal trampoline basketball hoop ● Adjustable angle basketball board
● Made with PP material
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Enclosed trampoline with a basketball hoop ● W – shaped support legs
● Load capacity is 375lbs
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Springfree trampoline basketball hoop ● Flexible composite rods
● 92 square feet of jumping area
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Propel trampoline basketball hoop ● T-bracket system
● Yellow and black safety pad
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The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022 Jumpking trampoline basketball hoop ● Universal design
● Solid back panel
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1. My Pick: Skywalker Trampoline Basketball Hoop

My Pick: Skywalker Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The Skywalker Trampoline basketball hoop has been tried and tested many times. It is a safe trampoline. Every product used in construction has been tested. So, your kids can play without you having to guard and worry about them every second.

The trampoline has a moon and stars jump mat that features a number of space sounds. They sync when children jump inside. In my opinion, this is a great way for children to spend their time instead of being cooped up at home with electronics.  It improves coordination and learning skills.

This is a great basketball hoop in terms of safety and price. You can look into it for extra entertainment options for your kids.

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2. High End Choice: Mini Trampoline For Basketball 

The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022
  • Constructed with robust and safe materials.
  • Provides more space

LANGXUN 60″ Trampoline is a great trampoline to add to your backyard. This trampoline offers more space than the other ones with its external net design.

Their seamless design between the mat and enclosure will sure maximum safety. You can leave all the worry or fear for your children to fall in the gap. Another thing about this is the prevention of structural twisting. There is a galvanized steel frame with T-socket which makes sure there is no twisting.

With features like rust-resistant and excellent bounce, this will be a superb addition. The trampoline is dynamic. You can work on your child’s athletic ability with this.

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3. Rectangle Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

The 12 Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop Reviews For 2022
  • Sturdy build
  • Budget-friendly

This Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline is a great choice if you have gymnasts in your home. The trampoline gives ninety-two square feet of jumping surface.

My favorite feature has to be their enclosed design (patented). This patented enclosed net ensures the gaps are removed in between the jumping area and net. It is made of safe and soft playable components. The overall build of this trampoline is safe and provides enough protection to kids. I think this rectangle trampoline will be a great choice for your children.

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4. Merax 14-Foot Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

Merax 14-Foot Trampoline With Basketball Hoop
  • Well – constructed
  • The net is difficult to set up.

Merax 14FT Trampoline is built focusing their utmost priority on safety. Their steel is heavy gauge and galvanized rust-resistant. They have six W-shaped legs for more stability.

This trampoline will stay around for a long time owing to its rust-proof design. It can function in humid or wet weather. There are five foam padded poles and another extra one for the basketball hoop. The bouncing is impressive. There are 72 galvanized springs attached. The gaps are covered with framed PVC padding.

This 14-foot trampoline with a  hoop is an excellent option to keep your children active.

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5. Skywalker Trampoline For Basketball Dunks

Skywalker Trampoline For Basketball Dunks
  • Built with quality materials.
  • Innovative safety features
  • The Manuel and videos that came with the product were not helpful. The directions were difficult and confusing.

Skywalker 15 foot Jump N Dunk round trampoline comes with an enclosed patented feature. The jumping space is well-protected for the children.

The basketball hoop is constructed with safe materials.  There is a loop breakaway rim that will minimize the damage for enclosure poles and nets. The springs are rust-resistant and safely placed around the net. One thing that I like most is their fade-resistant spring pads. There is another layer of vinyl coating. The T-sockets make sure to increase stability in the trampoline.

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6. Bounce Pro Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Bounce Pro Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • The trampoline is built with sturdy materials.
  • The assembly is a bit challenging.
  • The legs are made of plastic.

Bounce Pro is a fun and safe trampoline to set in your backyard. You could burn out some energy from your little ones.

The trampoline is constructed using a resistant galvanized frame made of steel. The nets are UV-resistant. There is a print jump mat in the middle. The padded spring cover provides an extra layer of safety which ensures that any unnecessary contact with the springs. The kids enter and exit through the zippered opening.

 It is a great choice. They give some great features. Remember the maximum weight handling capacity is a hundred lbs.

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7. Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • Retractable Tim can be found.  
  • The trampoline is quite easy to install
  • The universal clamp will work only for 25mm – 38mm.

I find the size of this trampoline perfect. The dimension for this one is 31.5 × 22.05 × 3.35 inches.

With the angle board for basketball, you have the liberty to make angle adjustments the way you want. The basketball hoop gets two options – Straight and curved pole. The trampoline structure is sturdy with a fluted disc design. The board is constructed with PP material. The trampoline comes with accessories: a universal clamp, pump, basketball hoop. It is sure worth the look.

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8. Giantex 14Ft Enclosed Trampoline With A Basketball Hoop

Giantex 14Ft Enclosed Trampoline With A Basketball Hoop
  • The assembly and maintenance is super easy
  • This trampoline has better deformation and elasticity resistance.

One of the most important things this trampoline vouches for is its stability. With six W – W-shaped legs, it can stand on any surface – rocky or uneven.

This Giantex trampoline can take about 375 lbs of weight. The basket hoop is built inside the trampoline. This trampoline is sure to offer services for a long time. It is built with wear-resistant materials. This 360 – degree mat is gap-free with a resilient jumping mat. There are zippers and buckle-up closures. This is a well-constructed safe trampoline. I suggest you consider this.

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9. Spring Free Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Spring Free Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • The bouncing is great.
  • The warranty could be better.

I like the package this spring-free trampoline comes with. The package includes 1 oval trampoline, 1 FlexrHoop, 1 enclosure, 1 ladder. The whole assembly will result in a little park in your backyard.

The trampoline is made with flexible composite rods. These ensure the feet don’t get pinched or trapped in the trampoline. The ladder makes the entry and exits easy. There is a lock system to prevent the children from entering unsupervised.

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10. Propel Trampoline Basketball Hoop

 Propel Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • Provides great bounce.
  • It can handle weight around 150lbs
  • The assembly is time-consuming

This trampoline includes a free Jump N Jam basketball system. There is a thick safety pad. They are covered by four holes. They are fed through the corresponding enclosure poles before being attached to the frame. There is a T-bracket system. They prevent and protect the frame from twisting all while increasing the overall stability. These T-Brackets lock into four legs. One of the most amazing features of this trampoline is its smooth bouncing. It really does provide the smoothest bounce along with its 40 springs.

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11. Jumping Trampoline Basketball Hoop

jumping Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • Sturdy build
  • The installation was difficult
  • The U-bolts and nuts aren’t of the best quality

This Jumping Trampoline allows you to have a basketball court in your backyard. With its universal design, the hoop fits a regular trampoline with enclosure poles.

The back panel will ensure standing up to the toughest basketball action. It further features U-bolt mounting brackets, hardware. The padded win and mesh basket ensures safety. This is a great trampoline to have in your home if your child is a mini Kobe.

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12. Vuly Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Vuly Trampoline Basketball Hoop
  • The installation is quite easy.
  • Sturdy trampoline
  • The basketball hoop is small.

The Vuly trampoline is a great set. It features a breakaway soft cushion rim. You can slam dunk and shoot hoops all while jumping on the trampoline. The hoop can be connected with a trampoline net easily. Just remove the end cap of the net pole.

This trampoline set comes with a mini basketball and inflating needle and pump. The trampoline can stand a good amount of abuse. It seems like a great option.

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Buying Guide

Trampolines are not cheap. They are expensive. It can be considered an investment. We have listed some important factors to consider. 


When you are buying a trampoline basketball hoop, make sure to check the longevity of the product. You would want the product to last at least a few years. You are spending a lot of money on it. Make sure to look into the materials used to construct the trampoline. Materials determine the durability and longevity of products.


Another most important feature to look is the size. Before looking at the product, measure the space where you will set up the trampoline. In the case of indoor, you will have limited spacing. Look at both diameter and height. An ideal 5-foot would be perfect. If you have a big backyard or garden, then you can look into the bigger models – ideally 15 to 16 feet. Read our guide about Basketball Hoop Height By Age.


The shape is also a smart factor to look into. Though it shouldn’t be in the list of the prime deciding factors. You can consider a square if you want more space as a square trampoline is more spacious than the circular one.


Safety is the key factor to look into when you are buying a trampoline. Little malfunction can result in big accidents in trampolines. These features determine the safety of the product.

Enclosure Net: The quality of the enclosure net is extremely important. Make sure to look into the latch and zip. They can cause big accidents, especially children around.

  • Springs: the springs attached to the enclosure net should be rust-resistant. They must be tightly coiled.
  • UV-resistant: look if the net is UV- resistant.


Assembly of the trampoline shouldn’t be difficult. Go through the customer reviews and see the scene of the assembly. You will be spending a good amount on buying the trampoline. You don’t want to spend the whole assembly the day you receive it. Or worse spend more money to get it assembled.


Trampoline maintenance does have an effect on longevity. The trampoline is not that high maintenance. Just follow the key rules and you are set. For instance, don’t move the trampoline constantly after setup. Check out for warning signs.

Basketball hoop

Check out the hoop materials so it lasts longer. Quality is important. Look at features like flex, build material.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Skywalker Trampoline basketball hoop comes in the first position. It is built with the safest materials. All the materials used in its construction are tested according to ASTM standards. It is affordable so more or less everyone can buy it.

If you want to go for a more high-end trampoline, then you can choose the Mini trampoline for basketball. It is constructed with robust materials and provides more jumping space.