You want to play late into the day but you’re unable to see the basketball hoops and backboard? Here we review the best light up basketballs so even as the sun sets, you will have a clear sight and be able to carry on playing. A light up basketball is a fantastic option to keep the game going.

Image Product Rating [1-10] Price
backpac GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball Rating – 9 Check Price
cordlessblower Hologear Basketball Rating – 8.9 Check Price
cordlessblower Wilson Luminous Glow Basketball Rating – 8.7 Check Price
backpac Tangle Nightball Basketball Champ Rating – 8.9 Check Price
cordlessblower Alkomi Glow In The Dark Basketball Rating – 8.8 Check Price
cordlessblower Nightmatch Basketball Rating – 8.3 Check Price
cordlessblower Adelkale Holographic Basketball Rating – 8.2 Check Price

What Is A LED Basketball?

LED basketballs are visible and clear gaming tools, usually featuring many interesting designs. Its purpose is to expand and spread light, especially at night. The light that is emitted directly from the ball does not reach the players’ eyes. It illuminates the backboard, rim, and court to make a way to play outdoors. LED basketball comes in different variants and radiations.

Here you can select the ball according to your own. The hoop lights work to direct the brightness onto the court. Hence, the brightening effect from the ball is distinguished into two LED lights that turn on as soon as you bounce it. Once the user finished playing, the LED’s basketball stopped after 40 seconds for inactivity.

How Does Light Up Basketball Work?

A light-up basketball works by turning its LED lights on as soon as the ball bounces. As the lights are spread across the area, they can be distinguished from anywhere. It is common for the LED lights to be on while you are playing and to stop when you are not using them.

The lithium battery, indulged with this basketball, detects bouncing balls and brightens. Before you start to play with the ball, you need to inflate it first. Then start to play. Not only this, LED lighting basketball allows you to play indoors. So you can play with that ball at night.

The 7 Best Light Up Basketball Reviews:

Here we have tested and reviewed the seven best glow in the dark basketballs so you can buy with confidence.

#1 – GlowCity Glow in the Dark Basketball – Most Popular Light up basketballs

Top 7 Best Light Up Basketballs 2022 - Expert Review 2023

When you first look at the basketball, it almost looks cheap. The color embedded with orange and black stripes will signify that it’s worthy of people from teenage to adult. If you’re looking to give someone special on their birthday or occasion, it’s a perfect gift for both boys and girls.

Glow city basketball amuses you while you come to know about its durability. The basketball is manufactured with a sturdy, rubbery exterior that helps to keep the lights glowing. On the other hand, the light also indulges in securing into the compartments as well as on and off the court.

Again, the most additive part about this playing ball is its easy-going setup. You could set up the ball at any time, anywhere. Although the ball has a pre-instructional guidebook and 2-pre installation battery, preparing this ball for ongoing play is mind-blowing. Here you just need to inflate a pump that starts swishing in the shots.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players 5-14 years old
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Indoor & outdoor
Glow 2 LED lights
Durability Rubber made exterior and solid type design
Material Rubber
Size 7
  • Spread more extended bright and light glow
  • Good enough for outdoor playing
  • Brightness extended up to 30 hours
  • Easy to set up
  • Lights up so superb that you can see miles away
  • The battery didn’t stay too long

#2 – Tangle Nightball Basketball Champ – Best Motion Activated LEDs

Tangle Nightball Basketball Champ - Best Motion Activated LEDs


Nightball basketball champ is fantastic at giving the best shot during the winter night. You don’t need to stay dependent here only on steer light or moonlight for the light hoops. Later on, the basketball is designed with the fascinating LED green light, which can catch your eyes easily. The ball is inflammable, calm, and radioactive.

Besides, you don’t need to bother thinking that the ball might shine all day long. But not at all; most of this basketball lighting is made with an automotive system, unlike any tube bulb. So the ball will shut off automatically even if you don’t indulge in playing.

TRP material is embedded under the coating to strengthen the basketballs so that they can be played on any large, hard surface. There was no vibrating, just well-balanced bouncing that allowed it to touch the hoop firmly.

The stylish, green vibes with different cool designs make this nightmare ball the best suitable to shoot on any hardwood or asphalt.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players 8+
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both indoors and outdoors.
Glow Motion-activated LEDs
Durability Unique matrix design
Material Latex-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber
Size Official size
  • It requires six LR44 batteries
  • It comes with an official size
  • Automatic shut-off features when you’re not playing.
  • Manufacturing with non-toxic and thermoplastic rubber
  • Ready to shoot any serious competitive basketball campaign
  • No particular cons were found

#3 – Alkomi Glow In The Dark Basketball – Best Rated

Alkomi Glow In The Dark Basketball


So this is our third pick; Alkomi glows in the dark. This tiny masterpiece only weighs about 1.52 pounds. It’s visualized that the ball is very lightweight to carry. One of the innovative matters of such green tattoo refill ball, made with hygroscopic leather.

Hygroscopic leather means you’re getting a much more reliable ball here than others. The professionals and the artists usually prefer leather-made basketballs.

What’s more! This glowy basketball has clear and bright lights to get the best visual effects. The motion alkali balls can be played anywhere at any time. You can play with the ball even in the darkest place, where daylight rarely enters.

Besides, the basketball player didn’t want any unique materials like a camera flash and battery charger. But for change, you need to take help from the sunlight. This is the only thing I didn’t appreciate. It’s because there is no sunlight outside.

Then what to do? Anyway, this nightfall comes in also the official sizes. With the size of NBA 7, in 29.7, this basketball is suitable for all ages, unlike kids and school-going folk.

Features at a glance

Age Of Players 3 Years or above
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both indoors and outdoors.
Glow LED light
Durability High-quality composite
Material Glow in the Dark Leather
Size Basketball matches the official NBA SIZE 7! (29.5 in)
  • Glows brightly in the dark
  • It comes with an air pump
  • Composite by sunlight for power and charging
  • Well engineering with hygroscopic leather
  • The light stayed up to 4 hours depending on the intensity
  • These basketballs are inflated and immediately deflate.

#4 – Wilson Luminous Glow Basketball – Best For Season-long Durability

Wilson Luminous Glow Basketball


If you’ve already used any of the additions of Wilson, you might know how effective this ball is to play on the way. Season lock constructions traditionally manufacture the Wilson luminous glow.

This is the core of these additional basketball pieces. The premium quality and heavy-duty lock materials emphasize its longevity so that you can use the champ for longer.

In a play like a basketball, your ball must have maximum intolerance to bouncing and hitting too much rough. So the more durable it is, the easier it is to excel.

Wilson gave their best effort while making such an initiative basketball. You must have agreed, as the pieces belong to the android unlockable flashlight controller. Yes, this ball can get the signal from your phone’s flashlight. It can glow and light up the ball in any pattern you are willing to create.

The 29.5″ inches basketball is ideal for boys of 12 and above. The weight indicates that it is convenient and bearable for the age of those years.

Overall, the ball maximizes and rises under the controls and dominates both basketball environments.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players Boys for ages 12 or more
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both indoors and outdoors.
Glow Luminous tech cover for trapping the sunlight glows at night
Durability Premium core construction
Material Faux Leather
Size 29.5″-inches
  • Fitted to play to pledge any shape and size
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Offer the exceptional durability
  • Compatible with luminous tech cover
  • It’s washable and available for all ages
  • Not found

#5 – Hologear Basketball – Built-In 100% Leather

Hologear Basketball


Hologear basketball is a champ to get your playing performance to the next level. The 100% leather-made materials give you the supreme experience with reliability and efficiency. Now you don’t need to worry about bouncing the ball frequently. Some think it may rely on practicing. Furthermore, in these holographic terms, you’ll get extraordinary advantages.

The manufacturer gave an apposite before the nylon-made windings and a rubber bladder for giving perfection to the bouncing affairs. Meanwhile, play with these round edges on surfaces like a synthetic court, cement floor, plank floor, etc. We mean, it’s amazing for providing an excellent grip that favors all gamblers.

This beast is available for women’s height of 28.5″-inches and for men’s height of 29.5″-inches when it comes to inhaling basketball playing excellence. On the other hand, we get impressed with its holographic colors. Basketball comes with a mix of varied colors. Black is the base color among those variations.

The essential fact, this ball appears holographic and more intensive at night with regulation size. The intensity will be sharply noticed when you wear the special glasses specially manufactured for this. It is also visible more light and bright when captured by phone flashlights.

Overall, this ball allows you to top for social media posts as well as is suitable for all ages. It lets you play down even though the sun is going to be set, unlike other light in dark models. But the critical difference is this time; it has become more bitter and extreme.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players Almost all ages
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both indoors and outdoors.
Glow True reflective effects
Durability 100%
Material Leather
Size Regulations
  • 100% leather
  • Great gift for kids and boys
  • Available in multicolor glow
  • Made with solid nylons and patent padding, holographic
  • Perfect for social media posts.
  • The grip is not as good as expected.

#6 – Night match Basketball – Best Playmaker Light Up basketball

Night match Basketball


Nightmare is another pick from our collection of light-up basketballs. First, we would like to talk about its good. The ball comes in familiar shapes with fiery, intense colors. It glows so brightly that it looks like a fireball. Nightmare is ready to go toy for the kids.

They can practice by holding such a ball for hours and hours. Although it works as intended, one thing, you might have to know. The loaf isn’t timbered with the same materials as other strengths.

The instructions are straightforward to run. You need to strip the batteries on it and put the ball over the backboards. While the ball bounces, it simply scatters the light. Also, it is instantly stopped to do such flickery whilst you’re not in the playground to play.

The two impact LEDs in this dark basketball work to make a fierce impact over the playground. It is important for maximizing the luster in the dark that these ingredients are present. Their lighting power density is very intense and powerful, visible from a long distance.

Now you can enjoy the best moments of your life. As those basketballs are waterproof, you can now play them during the rainy season. Some of them seize the extra quality and much more durability.

The official 7 sizes had won the heart of maximum shortened age players, especially adults and students who are more fond of playing with this sort of pomp. It looks too phenomenal in darkness.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players Adult
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both indoors and outdoors.
Glow Excellent brightness
Durability Good
Material Solid
Size 7
  • Excellent quality
  • Two impacts activated LED
  • Looks cool at night
  • Light Up basketball
  • Easy to pump up
  • It’s tough to figure out where to take it out, and now, the ball didn’t hold in the air for longer.

#7 – Adelkale Holographic – best for brightening without any beads

Top 7 Best Light Up Basketballs 2022 - Expert Review 2023


Another light in dark holographic basketball for adults is Adelkale Holographic. It has arrived with spotless and smooth velvet designs. The unique grip design minimizes the player’s suffering to roar on any surface. Its brightness will stay around 1-3 hours. It uses the best cover materials made with synthetic polyurethane for achieving novel wear resistance. With premium materials, it can withstand the rough and tough street game.

Available in various light up colors so that a user can make up his/her mind to choose facile. The performance butyl bladder with this strength ensures air retention qualities.

You get a maintenance kit here, including pumps, 2-needles, and a ball net. Make sure the soccer you got isn’t gas-charged but don’t lose sight of it. Put a few drops of silicon oil over the balls for a better swivel. It prevents the ball from being dirty and fading.

Also, it’s a size of 7, which is similar to any traditional basketball. This playful beast only received powerful light sources, including the sun or anything close to this. Plus, the net that comes with the packages helps you hang the balls outside for a couple of periods before getting on the floor. Easy to pump up as well as assemble the new one.

Features At A Glance

Age Of Players Girls, adults, and teens
Area Of Play [Indoor/Outdoor] Both
Glow Clear Bright neon light
Durability abrasion-resistant material
Material Polyurethane
Size 7& 2.95
  • Good charging systems
  • It glows in the dark perfectly
  • No need for batteries or external connections
  • Standard size
  • Holy grail for upgraded performance
  • It’s more expensive than other basketballs.


Our guidance on the best light-up basketballs gives you a good hint on which field you should spend the cash on. Our top picks include all the best must-have features and a light-up basketball. Their main goal is to spread light in the darkness; they also come with some betterment and advantages that help you get better hand support.

Light-up basketball supported by LED features can also be a fascinating homey tool. Lighting balls is a great fascination for kids. So nothing is good like this gifted one or more towards those little buddies to be passionate about these games. Later on, it appears to be the outlying high-performance PU cover and most extended quality for accompanying the playing stemming.


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.

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