We’ve all worn incorrect fitting clothes and shoes in our life, it’s normally when I’ve been given a gift at Christmas that I’ve forgot to return. It’s been proven that incorrect footwear fitting can cause foot pain and foot disorders such as lesser toe deformity, corns, and calluses. Also, Best fitting shoes enhance comfort and help to boost the player’s ability.

Finding the perfect shoes for wide feet can be difficult, especially considering the arch support required. This article helps you find the best Jordans wide feet basketball shoes.

In the article, we have created a list with the top 7 best jordans basketball shoes for wide feet in 2021.

If you do not have time to read our full review our top two Jordans For Wide Feet picks are

Let’s dive in.

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Best Jordans For Wide Feet Basketball Shoes Review

#1 – Jordan Air Big Fund

Jordan Air Big Fund

These aesthetic sneakers are a re-release of the 2005 Jordan Big Fund. The sneaker comes at a very reasonable price with all kinds of facilities like comforts, traction, and stylish looks. The shoe itself will give you the best performance along with making a statement about your elegant choice too.

Jordan Big Fund’s Nubuck leather upper is constructed to give you the best comforts. The zigzag and circular line combination going to give you superior traction on indoor courts.
A number of people found this shoe as Durable, Comforts, lightweight, stylish, and well ventilated too.

  • Beautiful style Comfortable to wear great Cushioning Lightweight feel positive reviews are given by customers Good fitting for wide feets
  • Some user claims that the durability could’ve little bite higher.

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#2 – Nike Air 1 Retro

Jordan Nike Mens Air 1 Retro...
  • Jordan
  • Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Laser
  • White/Metallic Silver
  • 705289-100
Nike Air 1 Retro

The brand name Nike is comforted by itself, but with this, it is not all. Nike Air 1 Retro is among the best basketball-wide feer shoes with great performance.

This pair has a strong structure to help achieve a strong grip or aid to cut sideways. It has more excellent traction, thanks to its thick rubber sole.

The company brand has focused on the comfort of its wide feet shoes by providing a base cushion. The pair is made with high-quality synthetic and fabric material to last long.

It is a great and all-around performance type of wide feet shoe. However, the shoe is the best option when you want a stylish and lightweight with no weaknesses.

  • Great value for money Stylish look Lightweight Great quality Stylish High durable
  • The style might not attract all people

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#3 – Nike Men’s Air Ring Leader

Jordan Nike Men's Air Ring...
  • Low-cut silhouette allows for optimal range of motion in the ankle.
  • Encapsulated Nike Air unit provides lightweight cushioning.
  • Outriggers provide excellent lateral stability for hard cuts.
Best Jordans For Wide Feet

This pair will be a breeze in your comfy and supportive type of basketball shoe from Nike. It has more exceptional traction ability, thanks to technology for full-length midsole.

The wide feet basketball shoe comes with performance-enhancing features such as secure fit and superior grip. That helps you only focus on the game and not your feet.

The upper, synthetic leather enhances easier cleaning and promotes durability. With mesh lining, the shoe will give you maximum comfort all day.

The low heel basketball shoe allows you to take a stride with maximum protection—a perfect choice for those who value freedom of movement and court feel.

  • Superior traction Secure fit Comfortable Breathable Classic look
  • Poor construction Sole easily detaches at toes

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#4 – Jordan Men’s True Flight Basketball Shoes CU4933-001

Jordan Men's True Flight Basketball Shoes CU4933-001

If you’re looking for a high-top basketball shoe with a stylish look and best performance at a reasonable price, then True Flight could be one of them. The sneaker offers a true effortless break-in with ease, Best supports with leather and Durabuck upper.

The shoe is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The cutout details on the side allow an athlete’s feet to breathe. The high-top shoes also provide good ankle support and sufficient holding, which an athlete needs most for quick movement on the court.

The shoe also offers good traction with the aid of a multi-directional herringbone pattern that will stick you on the court. Also, the midsole will give you good cushioning.

You’ll get a piece of information on how good this shoe is if you look at its reviews given by the users. This pair is holding above 90% of user satisfaction with good reviews!

  • High-top profile for excellent ankle support ventilated design lightweight quick movement Stylish and durable Good traction
  • Some user had issues with durability The laces are so long which is unnecessary

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#5 – Air Jordan DMP pack

Jordan Mens Retro 11 Low...
  • Jordan
  • Retro 11 Low
  • 528895-012
Air Jordan DMP pack

Air Jordan DMP pack is a unique basketball shoe for wide feet. It has unique construction features. This product’s traction is at odds, and it is reliable to use on clean floors.

The zoom air cushion is designed for a flightspeed plate to enhance functionality. With latter technology, it gives this shoe great bounce and improved responsiveness.

The Air Jordan DMP pack provides incredible traction. It is an excellent performing shoe that can work well even with heavier players.

  • Ideal for large feet players Comfortable The well-constructed ankle collar
  • Unreliable due to inconsistency traction feature Wrong choice for standard feet players

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Similar Product- Price $469

Jordans Basketball Shoes

#6 – Jordan Nikes Men Air 17

Jordan Nike Mens Air 17 +...
  • Vendor Name: Jordan
  • Style No: 832816-122
  • Material : Leather
  • Descr : AIR 17 + RETRO
Jordan Nikes Men Air 17

Nikes Men Air 17 is a wide feet basketball shoe made with high-quality leather material. The mesh enhanced comfort and breathability when wearing. It comes with a soft rubber sole, which compliments the mesh comfort.

This shoe shaft comes mid-size, making it ideal for support and flexibility. So, don’t worry about ankle injuries anymore. With incredible traction, the shoe provides a seamless fit for wide feet.

The collar is padded to help avoid injuries and improve comfort when playing. Another unique characteristic is the design inspired by luxury and music. It is crafted with reptile-skin embossed accents, carbon-fiber sheath, and quick lace. The shoe is a top choice if you need a supportive, comfortable, and with tons of impact protection wide feet basketball shoe.

  • Well constructed rubber sole Lightweight Strong built for the immense support
  • It runs on the small size

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#7 – Jordan men’s fitness shoes

Nike Air Jordan 10 Retro Men's...
  • Synthetic
  • 100% Authentic
  • Brand New
  • Durable
  • Original Packaging
Jordan men's fitness shoes

If the style is a major concern, then this Jordans Men’s Fitness Shoe is a great option to choose from. It is multicolored and features different sizes to choose from. So, you have to worry about finding a size that will define your preference.

They are made using leather and synthetic material in their upper section. That gives the shoe vintage style and durability.

The outer sole has a unique rough design to allow the player ample action time on wet and slippery floors. The design of the shoe gives it an extraordinary look.

  • Unique and stylish design Durable material Lightweight

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Best Wide Feet Basketball Shoes Buyers Guide

When it comes to basketball, many players have larger and wide feet. It, therefore, means the manufacturers have to design basketball shoes for wide feet.

Similar to other products, Jordan has a variety of wide feet shoes to choose from. Each shoe model has its unique features.

When buying wide feet shoes, check at these factors:

  • Cushioning

Cushioning system is a significant factor to check before buying wide feet basketball shoes. Cushioning helps to provide support, and you need it to ease movement while on the court. Different shoes are made with varying technologies, but remember to choose one with the best cushioning system.

  • Traction

While playing basketball, you frequently make quick moves to try to pass the opponent. For safety purposes, choose a pair with great traction ability. These shoes have different levels of grip. The more the pair of shoes has a firmer grip, the safer and faster you will be in the court. 

  • Style

Style is another major factor while choosing the best wide feet of basketball shoes. That is because most athletes wear stylish shoes. After all, they are celebrities. However, don’t select basketball shoes having great style but with a compromised quality or intended purpose.

  • Support

Basketball shoes should provide you with the best support. Many accidents can take place in the court, including ankle injuries. Find shoes that will perfectly support your ankles to have an amazing sporting time. During the tournament, you can make many cut and jump moves, therefore, required to have a pair to support your ankle.

  • Fit

The best wide feet shoes are those fitting you properly but can allow breathing space and enough room for toes. As such, take into account a broad toe box when you’re shopping for your basketball wide feet shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a basketball considered as wide feet? A: The difference between a regular and wide feet shoe size is about ⅓ inch.

Q: Why do basketball shoes with wide flat feet tend to be expensive? A: This is because wide feet shoes are made with the best features and specular type of material. Those shoes having the best features are more expensive compared to those having only good looks.

Q: Why are basketball shoes higher? A: Basketball shoes should be high to change directions and give support to ankles.

The Final Verdict

The best basketball shoes for wide feet depend on the features mentioned above. In the list, not all feet can fit in these shoes. It is the reason we recommend you choose a size that can fit you. If you have a chance of trying them before you buy is essential because they are not common like the regular feet shoes.

It is also recommended you choose a pair of shoes with features you want with respect to your experience and sporting roles. After you get a pair of shoes, you desire, research for its reviews. Remember only to choose fitting and comfortable basketball shoes for an excellent performance.

Jordan Big Fund is our first pick because the sneaker comes at a very reasonable price with all kinds of facilities like comforts, traction, and stylish looks.

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Nike Men’s Air Ring is our second pick because, this pair has a strong structure to help achieve a strong grip or aid to cut sideways.

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