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13 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops Under $500 & $1000

In-ground basketball hoops could be fun with neighbor kids, adults, and friends. It will be an excellent investment for the home. Your kids going to have a healthy habit. An in-ground basketball hoop is super stable that you don’t even need to think once for its stability, doesn’t matter how much the wind is flowing.

But there’s a lot of think you have to consider about before buying an in-ground basketball hoop, such as all-weather resistance, Stability, Backboard materials, etc.

In this article, I’ve covered some of the best excellent in-ground hoops under 500$ and 1000$. So that you can pick according to your desire or budget.
Let’s kick the accelerator!

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop 2021

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop Under $500 54 x 32.7 x 120 inches ; 87.4 pounds Check Price
Silverback 54″ In-Ground Under $1000 1.5 x 54 x 6.5 inches ; 150 pounds Check Price
Goalrilla FT Series In Ground Basketball Hoop Above $1000 54 x 38 Backboard Size. 327 pounds Check Price

The in-ground hoop system is accessible for its Permanente installation solution, stable, and durable. Also, perfect for a family basketball court. You can adjust the height level according to the player’s skills and requirements. It is a long-lasting solution for the driveway or backyard of your home. That’s a way; we look at an in-ground system.

We face many problems before buying a hoop as like products, materials types, budget, rim quality, driveway, backyard size, court dimensions, support system, feature or benefits, and many more. We come with a solution for your benefit. In this article, we will give all answers step by step. First, we have created a separate list so that you can make a choice perfectly with your budget.

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop Under $500

1. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop (54-Inch Polycarbonate)

Lifetime 71524 XL

Lifetime 71524 XL is an effective basketball hoop system and comes with an in-ground and portable feature both. This product works well for rough, high-intensity play. Also, its Stability and Sturdiness performance is outstanding. Also, the height adjustment feature is mind-blowing. Lifetime basketball hoop especially great for height and its unique manufacturing design. People can easily use this feature, and it helps people to make everything more smoothly.

  • Backboard material and Size: Polycarbonate and Size is 54 Inch X 33 Inch X 1 Inch and Shatterproof action.
  • Height adjustment: 7.5 feet to 10 feet rim high with Power lift adjustment.
  • Rim: Slam-it pro rim 7.5 feet to 10 feet tall.
  • Pole: 3-Piece Powder-Coated Steel Round.
  • Net: Nylon, and it perfect for all weather.
  • Base: In-ground and XL Portable Base.
  • 5 Years limited warranty.
  • Proudly assembled in the United States of America.
  • Power lift adjustment is the much-benefited feature for all age players.
  • Steel-framed Backboard for shatterproof
  • Fade-resistant graphics.
  • Installation instruction is a little bit difficult.

Overall I like this product. If you understand assembles instruction easily, then this product is an excellent choice for you or you can call a mechanic to install your hoop.

2. Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable

If you are looking for significant durable and impressive height adjustment, then Lifetime 90020 is an excellent choice for you. This product is perfect for families, children, and adults. You can get long-lasting services from this product because of its materials. We know, Lifetime is a good brand in the market. So, there is no doubt about the manufacturing process.

  • Backboard materials: 48-inch Shatterproof Fusion backboard with a Makrolon playing surface and fade resistant graphics provide a durable pro-glass look!
  • Height adjustment: Instant height adjustment feather.
  • Rim: Slam-It Rim, and it is excellent for the dunk.
  • Pole: Black Steel Pole gives you great durability.
  • Net: Nylon and all-weather protection.
  • Base: In ground
  • Most durable basketball hoop.
  • Affordable price.
  • Instant adjustment.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor both
  • Easy to install
  • Some of the backboard systems are a little bit noisy.

As I mentioned in the cons section, some of the hoop’s backboard is a little bit noisy. A few days ago my neighbor got a hoop where I didn’t notice any cracky noise issue.

3 . lifetime 71281 Review

Lifetime 71281

Lifetime 71281 is a budget-friendly product. It is trending for its height adjustment feature and Sturdiness. Also, the installation process is straightforward. Backboard materials and Size: Polycarbonate and Size are 52 inches. Also, the backboard materials are steel-framed and shatterproof.

  • Height adjustment: You can adjust the height of this hoop 7.5 to 10 feet. And, it is elementary with Power lift adjustment feather.
  • Rim: Slam-it rim
  • Pole: 3-Piece Powder-Coated Steel Round Pole.
  • Net: Net is excellent. It made for all-weather protection.
  • Five years limited warranty from a trusted brand.
  • Affordable price.
  • The height adjustment feature is fantastic.
  • Its durability is great.
  • Setup instruction is obvious.
  • The perfect and ideal type of product.
  • It takes a little more cement to install.

4. Spalding NBA aluminum trim glass backboard

Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

If your budget is middle, then the Spalding NBA In-ground basketball system is perfect for you, Very Good quality, better Sturdiness, stable, and easy to assemble. So, it can be an excellent choice for your basketball court system.

  • Backboard materials: Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard and two different sizes 54″ inch and 60″ inch.
  • Height adjustment: 7.5 ft. to 10 ft. Height adjustment feature. You can easily use this height adjustment system.
  • Rim: Pro slam breakaway rim
  • Base: In-ground system.
  • There is no confusion about this product performance.
  • Affordable price.
  • Following instruction look a little bit hard to understand.

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop Under 1000


5. Spalding NBA in-ground basketball system – 50 acrylic backboard

Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

If you want long-lasting Services along with height adjustment, sturdiness, Weatherproof, and stainless facility: then this product could be one of the great selections for you. I’ve been using this item and found that this product has been giving me the best service over the years.

  • Backboard materials: Acrylic board.
  • Height adjustment: 7.5 and 10 feet auto fixable height feature.
  • Rim: Pro-Slam Breakaway rim. 
  • Pole: This product comes with a 3.5″ round steel pole for excellent stability features.
  • Base: In-ground base
  • The best option for adult and outdoor courts.
  • Long-lasting feature and materials
  • Affordable price.
  • Steel board frame and easy to adjust the hoop height.
  • The Backboard is not too professional.

6. Silverback 54 Review

Silverback 54" In-Ground Height Adjustable

This is one of the most popular basketball hoops nowadays. Especially it will perfectly match with your backyard, and you can enjoy the pleasure time with your family, friends, and neighbor. This product is a sign of super quality. Its backboard materials are tempered Glass. The high adjustable system is awesome. That is the perfect Toddler Basketball Hoop, adults, and professional. It is perfect for anyone. Its performance is really awesome and very good sturdy, and durable. Installation instructions are very easy. Also, Silverback is an excellent company they also provide good quality products, So you can trust this brand.

  • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass
  • Height adjustment: 7.5″ to 10″.
  • Rim: Pro-Style Breakaway Rim
  • Pole: backboard Pad
  • Net: all weather.
  • Base: In-ground base
  • Perfect basketball hoop for Outdoor Activities.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Most durable and perfect for your kids.
  • The height adjustment feature is very good.
  • Some faces missing parts issue

7. Lifetime Products Crank Adjust In-Ground

This is another good in-ground hoop system. If you are looking for good quality, the value of money, and durability, then this product is perfect for you. This product has many benefits according to your demand. I suggest this product to who are love to play in an outdoor game with their family member. Its materials are perfect for outdoor games. Its adjustable systems, Goal, and quality are great. Also, Lifetime is one of the leading brands. They are a trusted brand. So don’t worried about the quality of this product.

  • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass 54.”
  • Height adjustment: 7.5″ to 10″.
  • Rim: Slam-it ultra-rim
  • Net: All-weather net
  • Base: In-Ground Pole System
  • 5-year limited warranty.
  • The construction process is good.
  • Highly durable.
  • Value of money.
  • Waterproof will give you long-lasting services.
  • The installation process is a little bit hard. You need too much concrete to set it up.

8. Silverback 54″ In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop

This product is kind of similar to no – 9 products. But this product has some extra benefits & features. Such as good and clean instruction guidelines, very good Stability, Value of money, and other interesting factors. I love this product because it looks more professional to me. This product can be a very good choice for your basketball game.

  • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass 54.”
  • Height adjustment: 7.5″ to 10″.
  • Rim: Pro-Style Breakaway Rim
  • Base: In ground system.
  • Easy to install instruction.
  • Five years of limited warranty.
  • Very good construction
  • Safety- approved
  • Affordable price with good quality.
  • It wasn’t the easiest to install because you need to dig the hole much.

Best quality in-ground basketball hoop or expansive


9. Goalrilla FT Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla FT Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for high quality and professional in-ground basketball hoop for your driveway, then this Goalrills Ft 54 is the best choice for you. This product’s backboard material is tempered glass-reinforced, which is ten times stronger than ordinary glass. The height adjustability feature is awesome. Duality is perfect. If you want a very good performance, then this product will be an excellent choice for your basketball game. Also, the manufacturer of this product is one of the leading brands in this industry. So don’t worry about the quality of this product.

  • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass. Reinforce backboard 54.”
  • Height adjustment: 7.5″ to 10″.
  • Rim: Pro-style Breakaway Rim
  • Net: All-weather net
  • Base: In-ground.
  • Uncompromising strength.
  • Perfect rim to dunk
  • Goalrilla would give a guarantee if the hoop damaged normal play or use.
  • Professional look and performance.
  • Highly recommend from experts.
  • A perfect hoop for a family to an outdoor game.

    10. Spalding NBA Ratchet Lift 44″ In-Ground

    This is a very budget-friendly product with overall good quality. If you are looking for a good basketball hoop at an affordable price, then this product is best for you. Its construction is very good, well researched. It can be a very good option to make happy your family or neighbor. Its quality and Sturdiness are very good. Also, Spalding is a well-known brand. So, you can trust this brand.

    • Backboard materials: Polycarbonate 44″ x 30″
    • Height adjustment: 8′ to 10′.
    • Rim: Slam Jam breakaway rim
    • Pole: Steel board frame
    • Net: All-Weather
    • Base: In-ground
    • NBA approved
    • Affordable price.
    • Goal and Looking is 100% perfect.
    • Very good Sturdiness.
    • Installation is quite easy.
    • Not too high quality according to this price range

    11. Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

    Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

    Goalrilla Gs54 is very popular in the ground hoop category. A perfect product to burn your calories. Its sturdy can make your game more professional and accurate for any driveway. It is perfect for children, Youth, Adults, and any age because its adjustable height feature is awesome. You can adjust the height from 7.5′ to 10′. Its pro-level materials make it more professional and extraordinary.

    • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass – 54.”
    • Height adjustment: Adjustable from 7.5″ to 10.”
    • Rim: Pro-Style Flex
    • Shipping weight: 330 pounds
    • Pole: 1-piece rock-solid steel
    • Net: All-Weather
    • Base: In-ground
    • Lifetime limited warranty.
    • Pro-level materials & very professional.
    • Very good height adjustment performance.
    • Perfect for family & outdoor achievers.
    • Transportable.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • You have to follow the assemble instruction perfectly. Otherwise, it makes too much vibration.

    12. Spalding 888 series review

    best in ground basketball hoop under 1000

    This is another great basketball hoop to spend some enjoyable moment with your family, friends, and your neighbor. This product is very sturdy and durable. Height adjustment is perfect for any age. Overall, its quality is awesome. Spalding is a very good brand. You can use this product without any doubt.

    • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass broad 54.”
    • Height adjustment: 7″ to 10″ Height adjustment feature.
    • Rim: Flex breakaway rim
    • Pole: Steel board frame with aluminum trim
    • Base: In-ground
    • Designed for outdoor resident play
    • Solid Goal
    • Professional looks and design.
    • 64% Five-star review
    • I don’t found any major issues. But Backboard shatters within around three years.

    13. Goalrilla gs54 reviews

    Goalrilla GS54

    This is a very sturdy, professional, and attractive product for any level of players. If you are looking for great durability and long-lasting performance, then this product is perfect for you. The Goalrilla G554 is awesome for your home. Its height adjustability is really good. Overall, high-quality materials will make your game more professional. This product can be a good choice for your driveway. Also, Goalrilla is a very great brand; you can trust their services.

    • Backboard materials: Tempered Glass 54.”
    • Height adjustment 7.5″ to 10.”
    • Rim: Pro-style breakaway rim
    • Net: All-weather net
    • Base: In-ground
    • Lifetime Limited warranty.
    • Perfect of any sizes of court
    • Best outdoor basketball hoop
    • Value of money.
    • Assemble instruction is clear.
    • Little bit vibration.

    What Is An In-ground Basketball Hoop?

    There are three types of basketball hoop available in the market, In-ground basketball hoop is one of them. This is a permanent, stand able, and strong solution in the basketball hoop system. Generally, it’s attached to the ground by cement and concrete. That way, it becomes very strong. It is ideal for getting a long-term service.

    The Advantages of an In-Ground Basketball Hoops

    The advantages are lots. Such As-

    1. It will give you long-lasting and permanent services.
    2. A great option for your family.
    3. Stable & durable
    4. Professional gaming feel
    5. Height Adjustable setting for different kinds of skills and age.
    6. Perfect hoop enjoys the pleasure time with your family, friends, neighbor, and relatives.
    7. More secure than other basketball hoop system

    Why Should You Trust Us and Before Choosing a hoop

    We designed our article considering the price range, durability, backboard. We created this list by researching the in-ground hoop market around 1 weak. So, You don’t need to research about any product given by us. These all are highly recommended and appreciated by the experts and users. Price is dependent on the materials and design of the basketball hoop. There are products at different prices; generally, it starts at 200$ to $1500 and above.

    I recommend you consider your budget and buy a product within your budget, and choose a product that will be good for long-lasting services. This is not a normal product which you buy regularly. This is a long time investment. So be careful about your budget.
    I recommend buying a middle price product from $350 to $700 for those people who have a low budget. If your budget is high, You can purchase a high-quality basketball hoop.

    What you should know before buying an In-Ground basketball hoop

    1. Backboard materials and Size.

    The Backboard is a very important part of your basketball hoop system. If you buy a good hoop, but the backboard materials are not good, then you might face a terrible situation. It can be torn off and So, you should keep in mind this significant part.

    What should you look for?

    Well, First you have to look at the materials of the Backboard. There are three types of basketball materials available in the market.

    • Tempered Glass: Most of the in-ground basketball backboard is tempered Glass. This is super professional. Experts always suggest getting a tempered glass backboard. Because it will give you a super solid rebound, professional look, and other benefited kinds of stuff. All tempered glass backboard is good, but some are an extra
    • Acrylic Backboard: This material is in a medium price range. Good but not too professional.
    • Polycarbonate: This material is a low price. This material is a little bit similar to the Acrylic backboard.

    In this, three types of materials. I recommend buying Tempered Glass. Because tempered glass is the most popular and professional.

    2. Backboard Size

    NBA recommends Size is 44″ to 72″. But most of the basketball hoop size is 44″ to 54, which we see in the market. The reason for this, if it makes more than 54″ bigger, then its weight will increase. Because of that, it is very difficult to install.

    Make sure you get at least 44″ to 54″. Family and other Courts recommend this Size.

    3. Support pole Size

    The support pole is another essential factor, which you should keep in mind. In this case, bigger is usually good. Most of the time, many poles come equipped with 4″ .6 or 6″ square. If your backboard size is large, then you need a large pole size to get enough strength and stability.

    4. Rim

    There are two basic rim types available in the market. [1] Adjustable and [2] Static. If you want to use this in your family court. Then you should select the adjustable basketball rim.

    Standard basketball rim size is 18″ diameter. Keep in mind when you go to buy a basketball hoop.

    5. Stability

    Stability is depending on many factors.

    1. Anchor: This factor is highly affected on the stability system. Read this article to know more. https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/pr/hoops/choose-in-ground-hoop.html
    • Pole: The next important factor is the pole. Ensure the quality of the pole, which you want to buy. See the Size, which perfectly matches with your Backboard.
    • Support Arms: This factor is also affecting the stability of your basketball hoop. Look at the design of the basketball; then, you will get the idea or read the feature and speciation of the product.

    6. Durability

    Durability is depending on materials and design. You should choose a more durable basketball hoop. It mainly depends on the materials. Most of the in-ground hoop make by steel poles. It tempered glass backboard. So you have a look at the materials while thinking about durability.

    7. Height Adjustment

    Height adjustment is an essential part, especially for a family or on a professional basketball player. You need to adjust the height when you play with your kid, adults, and others. This feature has made for getting commutable for everyone.

    8. Net

    All-weather net can give you a long-lasting service. Because of the Natural disaster and rain, it could be damaged. That way, you need an all-weather protectors net.

    9. Warranty

    Most of the basketball hoop brand gives us a lifetime-limited warranty or five years warranty.

    Before purchasing a hoop, you should look at the goodwill of the manufacturer in the field of after selling service.

    How to install an in-ground basketball hoop

    Before starting the installation

    If you want an outstanding performance from your basketball hoop, then you have to install the in-ground basketball hoop in the right way. Remember, all about an inground basketball hoop system is proper installation. And this secession will help you that. –

    Note: Remember one thing, verify everything when the delivery company shipped the hoop to you. First of all, look at all the parts of the hoop are delivered properly or not. Do any parts are missing? Any damage issue because of the bad delivery method.

    Find the perfect location: Finding the best suitable location is the first priority of installing an in-ground basketball hoop, cause you can’t move the hoops often easily. Make sure the place you’ve chosen is legally approved. Because may HOA or municipalities have strict rules against ugly nuisances. And also make sure your neighbor won’t get disturbed by you if you install a hoop.

    Items need for anchor kit installation:

    • Post Hole Digger [1]
    • Shovel [1]
    • 80 LBS. Bags of Concrete [11]
    • 15/16 Open-End Wrench [1]
    • 15/16 Socket And Ratchet [1]
    • Concrete Form [1]
    • Wheel Barrow [1]
    • Garden Hose [1]
    • Level [1]
    • Tape Measure [1]

    Step 1

    Cut the box carefully and bring the anchor kit box and instruction guidelines.

    Step 2

    Read anchor systems instruction properly. If didn’t get this, read it twice.

    Step 3

    Mark the place with the right measurement.

    Step 4

    Assemble the anchor system. Follow the instruction guideline of the hoop. It will help you perfectly.

     Step 5

    Ensure the concrete form is parallel to the court before digging.

    Step 6

    Dig a 16″ diameter hole that is 48 inches in depth.

    Step 7

    Mix and pour concrete into the hole, agitate the concrete.

    Step 8

    Insert the four pieces of rebar into the concrete in a square formation.

    Step 9

    Mix more concrete until slightly above the form agitate and smooth out the surface of the concrete.

    Step – 10

    Take a straight edge and marks a line in the concrete where you want to place the front of the anchor plate to ensure this line is parallel to your court.

    Step 11

    Push the anchor system into the concrete right away. Immediately use a level to level the anchor system to ensure your anchor system is square to the court.

     Step 12

    Come back, a minimum of 24 hours later. Then your anchor kit is ready to use.

    Well! You’ve successfully installed the anchor kid.

    It’s time to assemble the in-ground basketball hoop. Always try to follow the instruction guideline. Because there are some differences between basketball hoop brands.

    The most common item you need

    • 15/16 open-End wrench [1]
    • 15/16 Socket and ratchet set [1]
    • 9/16 deep well socket and ratchet
    • ¾ open-end wrench [1]
    • 5/16 socket driver [1]
    • Drill and 9/16 dill bit [1]
    • Level [1]
    • Tape Measure [1]
    • Rubber mallet []1
    • Set of padded sawhorses [1]
    • Ladders [2]
    • Safety Glasses
    • Phillips screwdriver [1]

    Follow the instruction process step by step.

    Placing the pole on the anchor system requires at least four capable adults.

    Stand up the pole in the anchor system.

    Attach the Backboard: Attaching the Backboard requires at least five capable adults.

    Level the pole and level secure the pole pad with the coverage. Remember one thing you need to follow is getting proper knowledge of installation. This video will help you with that.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many people do you recommend for the assembly process?

    Minimum 3-4 adults need to assemble an in-ground basketball hoop.

    What is the standard diameter of a basketball rim?

    18 inches is the standard diameter of a basketball rim.

    What is the standard height for a basketball hoop?

    10 feet is in professional height. It is standard. If you play with your family, then you can adjust in 7″ to 10″ according to your demand.

    How deep should a basketball pole be in the ground?

    16″ diameter hole and 48 inches deep.

     Is a 54-inch backboard big enough?

    Yes, it is enough! Especially for family or street court.

    Final word

    After 10 days of research, we have created this article and the basic guideline. An in-ground basketball hoop is one of the best choices to make your game more professional. And it will give you a long-lasting service. Once you do, it can be enjoyed for a long time. That way, you should select the right product. In this well-researched list, we’ve enlisted the best in-ground hoops available in the market in the different price ranges with the proper installation method. If you are facing any problems, then please type your message in the comment box. I would love to answer your question. Thank you!

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