Good dribbling and gripping the ball are important in basketball. But dribbling basketball with sweaty hands is very difficult. As being a basketball consultant, I’ve seen so many players and their affords to grip the ball with sweaty hands.

I’ve seen their hard journey from dribbling amateur to dribbling master. Despite gripping the basketball with sweaty hands is hard but it can be overcome by proper plan, hard work, and using good quality products.

In this article, I’ve covered some of the best gripping powders which I used to recommend to my students. So, stay with us till the end to have the best information regarding grip powder.

Best Grip Powder For Basketball 2022

1. Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping solution

Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping solution

Dry hand ultimate gripping solution is one of the best gripping powders available in the market. It reduces the grip problems caused by perspiration or wet weather.

It repels the sweaty problem and improves the grip between your hands and the ball. It could take your game in an edge by applying just a small amount.

Not only basketball players but also other athletes, pole dancers, shooters rely on this. But the only flaw is it left a little residue on the surface. So you have to reapply after use.

  • Suitable for middle sweaty hands Creat best gripping environment on hands Ensures the protection against all kinds of weather Better and less messy than liquid chalks. Give the confidence like bare hands Enhance the performance by alleviating grip problems

  • Despite no residue claiming by the manufacturer, it left some residue Doesn’t work super last

2. Tourna Rosin Grip

Tourna Rosin Grip

The Tourna Rosin grip powder is made of top-grade rosin powder. It provides the best result among the rosin powder available in the market.

Tourna rosin grip powder dominating the rosin market for more than 45 years. The instant sweaty solution, safety, non-toxic elements, and impact ability have made it different from the rest. Speed your basketball game up by this gripping master.

  • Instantly dry sweaty hands45 years of market-dominating Easy to apply and use Works effectively even with gloves Give your hands a good gripping ability
  • Can’t prevent perspiration as it not an anti-perspiration powder

3. Cramer Firm Grip

Best Grip Powder For Basketball 2022

Cramer firm gip is designed and manufactured by keeping in mind strong activities that need a strong holding. This product repels the perspiration problem and ensures the athletes a firm holding.

Although the outdoor activity is far difficult because of hot weather, It works finely on both indoor and outdoor playing. Improves your shooting, dribbling, and ball-handling skills by preventing perspiration problems.

Cramer’s firm grip also prevents an object from slip so you’re going to stick to the ball and become ahead of the curve in any competition.

  • Wood rosin formula for improving grip Work same efficiently in any sports Create the same grip impact on indoor and outdoor activities. Helps to hold the ball firmly Won’t left residue Non-sticky
  • Doesn’t last super long Have to reapply in sweaty hands

4. SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid

Best Grip Powder For Basketball 2022

SPORTMEDIQ pro-made liquid chalk will be the another best selection in term of gripping. This magnesium carbonate liquid dries too fast and gives the best gripping solution.

It’s less messy than normal hand chalk. Both adults and teenagers can use this because it’s made from safe materials. So, say goodbye to your perspiration problem.

Lots of positive reviews and good stars indicate that the users of this product are also satisfied with this gripping liquid.

  • Ensures great gripping Do not mess like hand chalk Doesn’t left residue Suitable for tough weightlifting, tennis, baseball also Dry quickly after apply Made of safe materials Just a pea amount can cover your hands
  • Doesn’t last so long

5. Spin-iT gripping spray

Best Grip Powder For Basketball 2022

The spin-iT gripping spray will elevate your basketball gripping ability to the edge. It works simultaneously indoor and outdoor.

This spray gripping liquid is specially designed keeping in mind basketball players. It is compatible and useful for kids also because It has no harmful materials.

Create a strong bond between players and the ball. It reduces the ball slippage problem give makes players focus on their game.

  • Effective simultaneously indoor and outdoor Remove ball slippery problem Immediately effective Safe for kids also
  • Do not stay super last.

How Did We Make The Recommendation Product List

Some of us might have the question, does it really work or not. You can be sure that the products we’ve recommended it 100% working and effective.

We did countless market research and collect huge mixed reviews from the product users. We put the bad reviews and good reviews together to see does it really work for you or not.

Be sure without hesitation that these are the best gripping products picked from the thousands of choices.

  • Who Is These Product For

These gripping products are for anybody with a determined mindset of elevating his/her ball-handling skill despite facing perspiration problems. Our recommended products work great on dry hands, sweaty hands, ball handling, ball slippery, and also having possession over the ball.
Also, these are safe, effective and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

How to choose the best grip powder

Choosing a product from a list could make you confused. Especially if we talk about gip powder, it’s really confusing because almost all available grip powder’s specifications are the same. Well, here I’m giving you some points by following them you might able to choose the best one for you.

  • Powder or Liquid: decide whether you prefer the powder or the liquid. The powder might leave a residue that’s why most of the people choose the liquid one for them.
  • Long-Lasting: be sure the product you’re going to choose lasts for long. Reapplying the gripping powder in a while could be awkward for both of you and your mates during the match.
  • Perspiration Preventing Ability: Your desired gripping powder or liquid should prevent the perspiration well. The powder which prevents your hands from being sweaty will last for long and your hands also not going to be slippery after a while.
  • Safety: before choosing or buying a gripping powder, be sure the product is made of good ingredients and also safe for you or your kids.
  • Allergy Warnings: If the person for whom you’re buying the gripping powder has an allergy problem, then also check if there any warning of allergy or not.
  • User’s Feedback: the thing I prefer the most is user feedback. Every e-commerce website especially Amazon has a soft corner for user feedback. There is a lot of user feedback on each product. From there, you can come to know what people thinking about the product and it’s going to be perfect for you or not.

Which One Will Be Best For You?

For Adults: If you’re an adult and a hard-working basketball lover, then I would like to suggest the Dry Hand Ultimate Gripping Solution for you. It’s going to work both indoor and outdoor. The gripping lotion gives the ultimate gripping on any weather. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot, cold, rainy, humid, or damp, it will give the same gripping all the time. It’s holding the most positive reviews and user satisfaction on amazon.

For Kids: the kid’s skin is totally different from the adult’s. Kids’ or teenagers’ upper layers are much thinner compared to adults’. The gripping powder or liquid I will suggest for the kids is Spin-It Hand Grip. the suitable ingredients, easy to use, and mostly the safety made me suggest this for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do NBA Players Put Chalk On Their Hands? A basketball player has to run 2-3 miles during a game. This running makes the players perspire heavily and their palms get slippery. That’s why they put chalk on their hands to absorb the sweat and get the best grip on the ball

What Do Athletes Use To Keep Their Hands Dry? The athletes use a variety of gripping tools. Some of them are magnesium carbonates, liquids, and sprays.

Why Does Lebron Wipe His Hands? Lebron has to run all the time during a game. That makes him perspiring heavily and because of that, his hands get slippery. He wipes his hands to have to best gripping.

Will Grip Powder Help Me Palm The Basketball? Grip Powder helps to reduce perspiration and increase the gripping ability. So it can be said that gripping powder will increase the chances of palm the ball.

How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating When I Play Basketball? There is some way by following them you can reduce the chances of sweating. The sport cloths, magnesium carbonate, gripping liquid are some effective methods of wipe out the sweat.

Final verdict

Sweating is a common problem for all athletes. A player has to run all time during a match. That creat a damp situation for the players. You can’t prevent sweating during a match. What you can keep your hands dry by using gripping powders or liquids.

In this article, I’ve shared my experience and suggested some Best Grip Powder For Basketball.
Pick one of them without hesitation and have the best gripping solution ever. Best of luck.

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