Do you know a game like tennis relies on what factors? It’s all about your control, balance, and performance. So, the right footwear will not only make you look special but also protect you from any possible injury in a game like a tennis.

The basketball shoes are specifically designed to provide you good support from all angles, keep your arches comfortable and your ankles safe that grow your confidence to keep a perfect balance and move laterally. As it ensures the maximum protection of your feet, you can execute your moves excellently.

So, if you are looking for the Best Basketball Shoes for tennis? Then you are at the right place. We have selected some best basketball shoes after deep research. Let’s take a deeper look at them!

1. Under Armour UA Jet – Rating: 8.6

3 Best Basketball Shoes For Tennis In 2022

The Under Armour Jet is a decent basketball shoe for hoopers who want to feel fast on the tennis court. These shoes have plenty of court feel and are very responsive.


Cushion: The UA Jet comes with the EVA foam that delivers the right amount of comfort and support. The compression-molded EVA midsole and insole work together to provide an ample amount of comfort without negatively impacting responsiveness.

Traction: These basketball shoes used a durable rubber outsole with the herringbone multidirectional pattern. The traction pattern allows your feet to easily grip the surface of an indoor or outdoor court and gives you more control when making lateral movements.

Material: The UA Jet is made out of synthetic leather and mesh. For the midfoot area, the molded quarter panels provide extra breathability and are made out of a light textile that’s designed to wick away moisture and keep your feet nice and dry.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Great durability and support
  • Flexibility
  • Herringbone multidirectional traction
  • EVA insole and midsole design

What Should Improve

  • Less ankle support

2. Nike Kyrie 6 Review – Rating: 8.8/10

3 Best Basketball Shoes For Tennis In 2022

The Nike Kyrie 6 has almost everything that needs to become one of the top-performing basketball shoes of 2021. It offers all-angle traction, Zoom Air Turbo, and an adjustable cross strap that really works exceptionally well.


Cushion: The Nike Kyrie 6 is designed with a wide and flexible Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushion in the forefoot and a plush foam in the midsole. The Air Zoom Turbo ensures all-around comfort and engages when you push off to enhance on-court acceleration.

Traction: These pairs boast an all-angle traction pattern that keeps the outsole more connected to the court. The multi-angle curved outsole wraps up the sides of the upper, making it ideal for precision cuts and quick side-to-side movements

Materials: Some gradations are noticed in the sixth iteration of the Nike Kyrie. These shoes are equipped with ballistic mesh and premium leather. At the forefoot, the ballistic mesh material offers lightweight support and increased breathability.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Amazing traction
  • Nike Zoom Turbo cushioning
  • Premium leather
  • Support stability
  • Containment

What Should Improve

  • Slight bulkiness

3. The Adidas Marquee Boost Low Review – Rating: 8.7/10

3 Best Basketball Shoes For Tennis In 2022

The Adidas Marquee Boost Low is a modern performance basketball shoe built for quickness and agility on the hardwood. It features a molded ankle collar with a cushioned heel for support and comfort.


Cushion: This shoe is designed with a full-length Boost cushion that provides a ton of impact protection in the heel and responsiveness in the forefoot. As with the greater the impact absorbed, it ensures more energy is returned.

Traction: The herringbone patterns across the entire outsole ensure a super aggressive bite on clean courts. It offers multidirectional coverage from heel to toe, maximum floor control, and grip as well.

Materials: The Adidas Marquee Boost Low has done a great job with its nice combination of knits, canvas, and micro-molded mesh. These come together to provide you an insanely comfortable shoe.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Support and stability
  • Containment
  • Well-balanced Boost cushioning
  • Very supportive

What Should Improve

  • Traction on dusty courts is problematic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have incorporated some questions that associate with the best possible answers. So, check out them to get relief from your confusion and enrich your knowledge:

Can You Really Wear Basketball Shoes For Tennis?

Both are the “court” shoes that allow your feet to sit relatively flat, compared to the more cupped position of running shoes. So, if you enjoy both tennis and basketball a single pair of shoes would be alright for you.

Are basketball shoes good for tennis?

Literally, they would be alright. The basketball shoes are a much better option for tennis because they offer support for forwarding, backward motion, and lateral movements that you need on the court.

What’s the difference between tennis shoes and basketball shoes?

The main difference between tennis shoes and basketball shoes is that tennis shoes have harder soles, more durable uppers, and better ankle support.

Can you wear basketball shoes casually?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear basketball shoes for casual purposes. They are much lighter, look very cool and comfortable too.

Do basketball shoes work as an alternative for tennis shoes?

Basketball shoes can be a decent alternative for tennis shoes because they are built for similar lateral support due to the similar movements in both sports.

Final Words

As a final recommendation, I would like to say that you should go for Nike Kyrie 6. The Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushion, all-angle traction pattern, multi-angle curved outsole, ballistic mesh, and premium leather offer you the responsive court feel, consistent traction, and lightweight support.

However, every pair of shoes that takes place on the list are good, they have much quality to be your mate on the court. So, pick one of the best shoes according to your budget and needs.

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