Nike conducted research and revealed that 3 in 5 people at any given time wear the wrong shoe size. You’ve probably been to a basketball store or have shopped online and realized that choosing the correct shoe is not an easy feat. If you’re just getting into the sport, the process may even be more overwhelming for you.

One of the most vital pieces of gear you need to have as a basketballer is high-quality shoes. Wearing them on the court impacts your game. So, which basketball shoes are right for your feet type?

In this review, we’ll make the process easier for you by suggesting some of the best basketball shoes for narrow feet.

If you do not have time to read our full review our top two Basketball Shoes for Narrow Feet picks are

Our Top 5 Selection

1. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes

The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Narrow Feet 2023 updated

The upper parts of these shoes are made up of mesh, making them very breathable. They have lovely stitching, excellent traction, and feel. Their color and style are also unique. Made from a lightweight upper material, they ease your turnaround. The rubber outsole is designed with tread pattern traction to absorb shock and keep you flexible. Additionally, the padded collar is meant to contain your ankle.

They may, however, be a little uncomfortable, tight, and expensive for their quality. Also, they may not provide the best cushion for your feet. Check more Best Looking Basketball Shoes.

  • Very breathable Have excellent traction and feel Great color Wonderfully stitched
  • A little bit tight Don’t have the best cushion

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2. Nike Mens Zoom KD 11 Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Zoom KD 11 Basketball Shoes

Being the latest in Kevin Durant’s signature sneaker series, Nike KD11 is designed with versatility and style that captures his personality. They are lightweights and tough enough to give you an excellent feel on the court. The creatively designed upper gives you a secure fit as the underfoot provides comfort, spanning from the heel to toe. With a breathable upper mesh, you’re sure your feet will stay cool.

These shoes are, however, hard to put on at first, but once worn for a while, they open up.

  • Very comfortable Supportive Great color Lightweights
  • Poor quality Narrow Small collar

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3. Nike Men’s Kobe AD NXT 360

kobe 360 nxt

You will love these shoes because of their beautiful colorways. The material may seem cheap but keeps it fresh. Their lightweight and elastic feature additionally help to keep it durable. They are easy to put on, are comfortable, fit on smoothly, and have excellent cushioning. The flyknit with many holes keep them ventilated and cool.

However, because their traction depends on nubs, they are prone to wearing and ripping off.  They also attract dust that clings onto the rubber, making cleaning a little bit difficult. But a harder wipe immediately reveals their amazingness.

  • Has aesthetic colorways Lightweight and elastic Easy to put on Have great cushioning
  • A little bit hard to clean Wears and rips off easily


4. Nike Blazer High Mens Basketball Shoes

 Nike Blazer High Mens Basketball Shoes

 Nike Blazers are great basketball shoes. Fused with upper mesh, they are light-weighted, breathable, and durable. A great fit for narrow feet, they give your feet a great lockdown. Their internal shank grants you support as the zoom air cushioning technology enables you to deliver high bounces for your game. They also give you excellent impact protection. They are, however, not very comfortable and may be a little tight, but their aggressive traction pattern will prevent you from slipping.

  • Durable Great lockdown Excellent impact protection Provide great support
  • Not very comfortable A little bit tight

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5. Nike Women’s Low-Top Sneakers Gymnastics Shoes

Nike Women's Low-Top Sneakers Gymnastics Shoes

These shoes have an excellent quality build. They give a lightweight upper for maximum breathability and comfort. Their low – profile rubber sole and duralone forefoot grants you traction, durability, and excellent cushioning. They are made of synthetic material and are wrapped around with a band that makes them fit tightly.

Considered the most favorite sneakers, they are designed to follow the movements of the foot. Wearing them supports you and gives you a classic look. One of the buyers, however, said that their size is a bit small compared to what’s on the label.

  • Great quality Maximum breathability Nice cushioning Fit tightly
  • A bit small in size Synthetic material tears easily

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6. Nike Men’s Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoe

Kyrie 4

It’s made to be durable and comfortable, courtesy of lightweight cushioning, zoned support, and advanced traction. Their upper mesh allows air to flow adequately into your shoes and keep your feet dry and sweat-free. Made of rubber sole, their design quality is superb, and will keep you from sliding.

They may, however, be rather small though they are fair. The tread may also begin peeling after a short period. Though expensive, they’re worth buying.

  • Durable and comfortable Good traction Keep your feet dry Excellent quality
  • Peel off easily Expensive

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7. Nike PG3 (Iridescent)

Nike PG3

These are Paul George’s latest signature model. Built with mesh upper and synthetic material, they excel on the court. Their integrated tongue design and multi-directional traction outsole complement their premium quality. Using zooming air technology and phylon midsole, they provide you with impact protection and impressive cushioning. They fit great, are very comfortable, and come in color and style that you’ll love. Their lightweight nature enables you to turn around quickly.

One buyer says he took two years with a pair though they made some squeaking noise as he walked. Nevertheless, he still said he would definitely get a second.

  • Premium quality Provides impact protection Impressive cushioning Excellent color and style
  • May squeak as you walk

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8. Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

The latest in Stephen Curry’s signature footwear, they are made for optimal unpredictability. These lightweights enhance your speed precision and agility. They give underfoot responsiveness because of their EVA cushioning midsole. Besides that, their anafoam contains the forefoot’s lateral wall and heels. You can make quick cuts and instant stops on any surface because of their all-court grip system. These shoes were designed to assist Stephen to maximize his performance on the court.

Though comfortable, the rubber may tear into small pieces as the sole separates. They are also a little bit tight in the arch area of the foot. Despite this, their full-knit construction will give you a 360° fit & feel.

  • Great cushioning Enables you to make quick cuts and instant stops Gives underfoot responsiveness
  • Sole may separate A little tight

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9. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball

The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Narrow Feet 2023 updated

Are you a player with quick acceleration and footwork? These shoes are designed for you. Their upper sock-like construction is designed to circulate air that makes your feet cool. Made with durable forgefibre, they are lightweights, thus enabling you to turn, jump, and move easily. These James Harden signatures also have a fractal traction pattern outsole and a responsive boost midsole that makes them comfortably grip the floor. The upper custom lacing system and the inbuilt piece fit like a glove around your ankle. They have a great color, which can match several outfits.

One buyer said they are a little tight on the heel and a little heavy. Despite that, their ankle support is fantastic.

  • Good air circulation Lightweights Provides ankle protection Great color
  • A little tight on the heel A little heavy

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10. Nike LeBron XII Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike LeBron XII Mens Basketball Shoes

Having a desire to win at all times like James Harden? These shoes will inspire your natural strengths. They have inherent flexibility and harnessed support that is designed to enhance your explosiveness. Their rubber sole ensures you have superior cushioning and support on your feet. Made with mega fuse technology, they will comfortably lock in your feet while you move. Their hyperposite wings and breathable one-piece inner sleeve also help to contain and support your feet. You can be sure that they will last long without tear and wear.

  • Naturally flexible Lock in your feet well Are breathable Durable Supportive
  • They may easily fade

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Best Basketball Shoes For Narrow Feet Buyers Guide

You need to consider several things if you want great basketball shoes for your feet and game. You don’t want to base your decision on one thing. It’s crucial to know different things that your potential basketball shoes have and the part they play in your game.

So, here’s what you need to know;

  • Size matters

You require shoes that perfectly fit to perform excellently. You don’t want to slip out of your shoes or get blisters because they are tight. Choose the right size for your feet. Fortunately, most brands are offering standard sizing with regular, narrow, and wide feet options. So, take advantage of that whenever you can.

  • Excellent traction depends on the sole

In a basketball game, a sole with a unique pattern will influence the traction you get. You want shoes that that will prevent you from slipping and falling.

  • Are you comfortable with them?

Shoes with excellent cushioning will provide you with comfort. You want to cushion your feet, especially if you are making a lot of quick movements and exerting yourself physically. Consider shoes with ankle, heel, and midsole support. If you have sensitive feet, you may want to consider extra-cushioned shoes.

  • It doesn’t hurt to add on a little style

Shoe companies hugely emphasize on style because it’s a factor that many people consider when shopping around. There are many styles, designs, and colors to pick. You want to choose one that will boost your personality on the court.

  • The material determines durability and performance

Materials used on the sole and upper impact on how your shoe performs. Consider sneakers that are made with a synthetic mesh, canvas, and leather. These materials enhance flexibility, durability, and breathability. It’s fair to assume that the more expensive the shoe, the better its material quality and craftsmanship.

  • A great profile

Your shoes’ design and how far it comes up on your ankle play a significant role in support. You want to buy high profile shoes that support your ankle and make your movements flexible.


Q: Should basketball shoes be loose or tight?
A: Your shoes need space for the toes because your feet may swell up a bit when you’re exercising. The heel, however, should feel a bit snug for stability, comfort, and security. Tight shoes may give you blisters while loose shoes may roll your ankle. They should just be tight enough to support your ankle but not to the extent of restricting the mobility of the joints and blood flow.

Q: Should basketball shoes fit my toes?
A: Good basketball shoes don’t bend near through the arch but near the ball of the foot. Those that have a broad toe box help to prevent your toes from being squeezed. On the other hand, those that are shallow may put pressure on the toe leading blisters and bruised toenails.

Q: Can my basketball shoes stretch out?
A: Basketball shoes need to be flexible at crucial points. Stretching-shoes hacks may not work, though, with some effort, you may be successful. Alternatively, with a wooden shoe stretcher, you may stretch your shoes. Just ensure you target the areas giving you problems with a stretching plug tool.

Q. What type of player are you?
Basketball shoes are designed with specifics in mind; they are not all equal. So, to get your correct fit, you need to know what type of player you are. Are you a fast player or a power player? That is an essential factor for the choice of your basketball shoe. Here’s what each player needs to know;

Look for maximum stability and cushioning if you are a power player, to protect your feet every time you jump to either shoot or rebound the ball.

On the other hand, if you’re a fast player, lightweight shoes will provide you with moderate support, flexibility, and cushioning, thus keeping your feet light. You may also want to buy a lower cut basketball shoe.
• If you’re an all-round player, moderate shoes with ankle support and cushioning will be your best fit.


The best basketball shoes for narrow feet are the greatest ally for your game. Just like you can train for a marathon without running shoes, you also can’t play basketball without the right sneakers. Ensure your shoes fit your personal needs, are a perfect size, and provide you with great comfort and support that you need. It’s affordable to invest in a pair of basketball shoes. However, the difference in their quality may affect your performance.

Nike’s men basketball shoes is our top pick because the upper parts of these shoes are made up of mesh, making them very breathable. They have lovely stitching, excellent traction, and feel. Their color and style are also unique.

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Nike’s Men Zoom Kd 11 is our second pick because they are lightweights and tough enough to give you an excellent feel on the court. The creatively designed upper gives you a secure fit as the underfoot provides comfort, spanning from the heel to toe.

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David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.


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