4 best basketball shoes for guards make your game more professional

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for guards, then you are in the right place. Here, we have covered 20 best products. We have mentioned the unique properties every each product, Such as style, traction, color, looking, professionally, and other compulsory matters. I hope after reading this post, we will never face any problem to buy basketball shoes for the guard.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for guards


  • Colours- 4 different color – universal red, black and white, black, and grey,
  • Material- 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Traction- fast class
  • Size- available for small, medium, and big feet
  • fit-  reviews- 81%

If you are looking for an adjustable running shoe for basketball guards, then Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is the best choice for you. According to all marketplaces, it is more professional and comfortable. We research customer’s reviews to find the major pro and cons of this product.

Product description

Also, Adidas is a very well-known brand. I hope most of the people already know about this company.

Adidas make this product to get a professional performance during the game. It has many feature and specification. We love to choose a shoe from different colours; that way they come with four different colors with this product. Colors are universal red, black white, Mgh Solid Grey, black.

You can get this product in any sizes, and you can choose the right size according to your foot. Every color of this product has a different size. So that everyone can use these shoes. Big, medium and small.

100% textile and synthetic to improve comfortableness and rubber sole gives you more durability. Xeno upper and its responsive manufacturing give you more energy.


  • Awesome traction
  • Strong upper
  • Unique style and looking
  • Professional performance
  • Affordable price
  • The best shoe for regular use
  • Good Sneakers shoe


  • A little bit heavier than other shoes.
  • Durability is excellent, but not too much high.

According to all customer review of the marketplace and It brand we recommend this product. I hope it never is the wrong choice for you.

NIKE Men’s PG 2 Basketball Shoes (9.5, Black Blue -M)

NIKE Men's PG 2 Basketball Shoes


  • Colors- Black and Blue
  • Material- mesh, either synthetic, or leather
  • Traction- impressive grip and remarkable performance
  • Size- Length and Width
  • Fits reviews- 80%

Nike-pg2 is the best basketball shoe only for its comfortable feature. Also If you are looking for the right shoe at an affordable price, then Nike-pg2 is perfect for you. People love this product for is looking and traction.

We already know about NIKE due to its trusted performance in the market. We know NIKE is an authority brand.


Product description

This product is a low top feature; that way, every fashionable person loves it. The signature of Paul George’s makes it more attractive. Either mesh used to build the upper of this shoe and other materials is synthetic and leather.

When we talk about its style, we can say it is incredible due to you not only adjust within basketball court but also in your office and other activities. The manufacturer designed of this product to give great performance at the same time.


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable feel
  • Great support and excellent stability
  • More bunch performance
  • Perfect size and fitting


  • It looks like a kid shoe.
  • Some buy claimed it too tight

We know that you want to choose shoes after thinking about many queries. That way, we select this product on our list. I hope you will satisfy with this product.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball

adidas Harden Vol. 2


  • Colors- 14 different colors
  • Material- mesh bootie, rubber sole
  • Traction-
  • Size- available in small, medium, and wide feet
  • Fits reviews- 85%


Most of the shoe, when we play a long time, we get a little hurt. If you have faced this problem every time. Then Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is perfect for you. This product deigned to get comfortable and cushioning feeling every time.

Also, it is a fantastic stylist shoe and looking good.


Adidas is always a good brand. They make a product with significant research for customers.

Product description

The rubber sole makes it more durable. You can get his product in many US men’s size. 14 different colors. You can choose this item with your preferred color. Mind-Blowing designed can grab attention to anyone. Knit upper to get the best performance during a match. You can get great support for its synthetic materials. Soft and better traction. This shoe weight is 524g and lower top.


  • Adidas harden vol 2 got many positive reviews only for its comfortable upper.
  • Cushion firmer
  • Great durability
  • Adjustable to every foot for its lacing system


  • The outside rubber is not very fixable.
  • Some basketball player says, it too tight for midfoot.

Overall we feel that Adidas harden vol 2 can be an excellent choice for you. That way, we recommend this product and listed in our selection.

Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes

adidas Originals Men's Crazylight Boost Low



  • Colors- black and white
  • Material- Jacquard synthetic, textile, and rubber
  • Fits reviews- 81%


If you are looking for a shoe, which provides excellent traction during a game and comfortable or suitable for outside activities, then this Adidas creaylith boost, is perfect for you.


This time Adidas designed this product to get more durability and great impact protection.

Product description

Low top feature to make a basketball game for traction. Its 100% textile upper and synthetic jacquard materials to make it comfortable. The rubber sole makes it more durable and a little bit attractive. It molded heel collar piece for more fit and confidant. It all materials used to get best jumping performance during a basketball game. Its rubber sole gives you an excellent grip. Also, it weighs only 379g.


  • You can get the best perfect in wet and dry conditions.
  • Comfortable
  • Good looking and styles
  • Great jumping and grip performance


  • Not perfect for a long run for this rubber sole.

Overall, this product got 94 scores according to customer and experts. We love this, design and jumping performance — that way, we recommend this product.

The most crucial factory you should know before buying basketball shoes.

Anatomy of basketball shoes or parts of shoes

If you can understand the main construction of the shoe. Then it will help you to know then the quality of the shoe. I spent too many time to find out a great article to understand. Here is the item.


Best basketball shoe brand.

There are many basketball shoe brands available on the market. I just reviewed some of them.


Nike is one of the famous sport goods suppliers in the world. This company is leading in the marketplace for sports suppliers. Its unique design and quality product garb people attention. This company basketball shoe gives you professional jump performance and other benefits.


Adidas is another leading brand in the world. Also, it is most famous for its product. They come in the market with different product regularly. Which people love so much. Especially we can see in the NBA, most of the NBA player use this brand to get better performance.

@ Puma

Puma is a German multinational company and very popular or trusted. Almost everyone is familiar with this brand. They also designed a more sweet and excellent basketball shoe. This brands shoe can give better performance during a game.


Reebok starts its journey since 2005. It makes a trusted place from his customer. If you are looking for high footwear and apparel related product, then Reebok is perfect for you. In the basketball game, they took over a great amount of place. Reebok shoe best for exceptional durability, jumping, traction, and others benefited feature.

@Air Jordan

 Air Jordan is one of the greatest brands for a basketball shoe. Every professional love this brand. Air Jordan is a trusted brand. Most of the NBA player use this brads shoe. Not only popularity but also this an authority company since 1984 by NBA player Michael Jordan.

@ Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company. This company manufacture very professional basketball shoe. This brand founded in 1996. Under Armour is another great brand. They made unique shoes, which can give you better comfortableness and jumping performance.

This is not the end here. There a lot of manufacturers available in the market, we do short review some of them. But these brand generally we trust more than other new company.

Importance of the right shoe for five position player’s

  •  Point guard

We always say point guard is the leader of the basketball court. He needs to more running skills and controls himself. That way for a Point Guard player a best guard’s shoe is essential.

  • Center position

Center is a position here any player can do an excellent performance without blocking or guard’s skills. This is the place where you need to guard always your opponent player. So that is the reason. A best guard basketball shoe is compulsory for him.

  • Small forward

Small forward player, this is the position which player all the court during the game. He/she need more blocking skill to stop the opponent’s player from scoring. That way, an excellent performance is mandatory for this posit.

  • Shooting ground

Shooting ground player always uses new tactics and method to grow their score. Shooting ground not only plays for scoring but also they need to guard the opponent. That way to play in this position, you need a great jump and grip.

  • Power forward

This position also is known as the second protected pillar in the game of basketball. That way then needs more blocking and running performance. That way a right gribble shoe is essential for this position.

Buying Guide

Value of this product for guards:

Before buying a basketball shoe, especially for guards, it so essential. See what materials they use, what is the design can solve this problem. Don’t worry about it too much because most of the basketball shoe brand mentions it in her description box. So you need just to read the description. Alternatively, you can search on the internet to know more.

Design, color, and looking:

Most of the time, we see expensive shoe’s designed, color, and traction is not good. However, it depends on your preference. The most important issue is a costly product or cheap product always different. We recommend buying a product looking it material and manufacturing durability.


Budget is another issue in our life. Take is easy. Fix your budget then you can choice many basketball shoes in the market. That way we covered affordable product in our list. When you are looking for a basketball check the product price in several marketplaces. Generally, leather and other expensive materials products are too high. Moreover, rubber textile is a little bit cheap.


Materials are so necessary, due to its impacts on product value and quality. Most of the basketball materials are textile, rubber, Synthetic, and leathers. Check carefully about every each part of a shoe. Which materials they use to make, such upper, low case, sole and other.


Almost all the market place creates an option to check the actual size. Where you can choose your preferred size. However, most of the time, we face a problem with size. Only for we don’t know which material grows a little bit after using. The only plastic shoe does not increase after using. Otherwise, most of the materials grow a little bit after using 1 or 2 weeks.

Lasting or durability:

It depends on manufacturing. If the product made with proper instruction, then it gives you long-lasting services. Generally, materials play a perfect role in this situation. Also, look at the basketball feature, is the company made this product for using in outdoor or indoor. Sometimes companies designed a basketball shoe dry or wet game.

Performance during the game:

Our main goal is to find the best shoe for guards. Here jumping is so essential. Don’t worry about it. Companies design a basketball shoe to give an excellent jumping performance. We mention it to know the good of a shoe.


Without comfortableness, you never make a good result. Also, it can be hurt for you. So make sure about is it comfortable feature. Textile and leather shoe always can give excellent satisfactory service. Although it depends on the only design of the product.



What are the best basketball shoes for point guards?

You can choose from here. We covered the basket basketball shoe for point guards also.

Can i use shoes without a lease to play basketball?

I’m sorry to say that you can’t use shoes without a lease because it can’t give you proper fitting and comfortable feel.

Last vertical

Our mission is to help you to find the best basketball shoe for a guard. We review 20 products with proper research and expert recommendation. We analyze many customer reviews to find this list. After taking three days of research, we create this list with a buying guide. I hope you know which is best and why. One most important we research lots of product, there is not another product out there. If you have, any question about this page please comment below. I will answer it. Thank you!

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