Hey, are here ready to transform or improve your shooting skills? Then we’ve done thorough research for you the key mistakes to avoid while shooting. Before you get to know what to avoid when shooting, make sure that you have focused on increasing strength in the leg/hips, core, and upper body and also you have developed excellent movement patterns. Besides, work still on the weakness that is developed on self-evaluation. Below, we have discussed in detail 8 key mistakes to avoid while shooting a basketball. Young players and experienced players can follow these steps.

1. Shooting after the Top of your Jump

In most cases, players develop hitch and jerky shots when they shoot past the top of a jump. This is also common to the players who tend to jump high as they can to make their shot. Being a player, you should always shoot before your top jump for some reasons which may include the following;

  1. When you shoot before your top jump, it gives a quick release. This gives a defend less time to stop your shoot.
  2. It also gives you chances to have more shots. The shot has done before your high jump is fluid and results in a smooth and soft shot. This is due to none stopping the shot motion at any point in your shoot. 
  3. Long-range. When a shot is done at the top of your shot, the upper body strength will be required to get the ball into the rim as compared to when you shoot when going up. This is because the shot has done when going up, the leg momentum will carry the ball a lot farther. Therefore, try shooting from the hoop when using this style.
  • How to fix this problem

This is quite simple to fix. Don’t panic. You need to do frequent shooting the basketball before your top jump.

2. Avoid unnecessary Jerky Movements

Jerky movements when shooting can cause body twisting, fading backward and to the left and right, and you might as well become an inconsistent player.

  • How to fix Jerky Movements

Simply, make sure you monitor when the jerky movement is happening and the type of jerky movement befalling at the same time. If no one to help you notice this, take a video of your shot and watch the movements after. If you have a major problem of twisting your body it might be caused by;

  1. Poor alignment of your feet.
  2. Bringing your guide hand down too early.

As a player, when making your shot, make sure your feet are well lined up. This will require you to pivot more when you are receiving a pass, or maybe when into you shot off the dribble.

Bringing your guide hand down early creates other unnecessary movements during your shot. This causes body twisting, and to avoid, you should extend your guide hand in the correct position.

3. Avoid Thumb on Shooting Hand

A huge number of the players tend to have the ball on the tip of their thumb of the hand while making their shot. This is wrong because it causes the straining of the body to maintain a proper shooting form. To become a pro in making shots, be comfortable, and you only need the ball rest on the thumb side.

  • Avoid thumb on the Guide Hand

Flicking the ball with your thumb hand when shooting is awkward, and this will cause the ball spray left and right. To fix this, try squeezing your thumb against the index finger on your guide hand.  Also, shooting strap can help keep still your guide hand thumb.

4. No Arc – Flat Shot – Flinging the wrist

So many players miss shot and because of having flat shots. Or, a player does not get several shooter bounces, which could be caused by flinging wrist and flat shot. To check, you get this problem, have the ball at your set point, and bring it straight down. When your shooting hand rest on top of your head or the back of had, then you have this problem. To fix it, make sure you move the ball forward, so when you bring it down straight, your grazing hand grazes your forehead.

5. Make sure your Elbow is under the Basketball

When raising up for your shot, the elbow should be positioned directly under the basketball for a perfect shot. Your upper and lower arm should form an “L” shape and wrist bent to 90 degrees.

6. Before shooting, have a balanced base

A greater shooter should have a balanced base. Your lack of a balanced base will cause you to have inconsistency while shooting. To have a balanced base, you should not lean on either side while taking a shoot. The weight of your body should be equally distributed, and by this, your shooting opportunities will be increased.

7. Make sure you have prepared for a shot

Before a shot starts, make sure you are all well prepared to receive the ball. Many players down look on this step, which costs them inconsistency. A good player should always avoid rush shot decisions by lacking time to prepare for ball reception. Lack of preparations gives a defender to block the ball from reaching you. For preparations, before you catch the basketball to make a shot, make sure your knees and hips are bent, show your target hands, and finally prepare yourself mentally to shoot.

8. The Bottom Line

Are you having bad shooting habits, and you are thirsty for becoming a pro in shooting? This is the best article for you. We have discussed in detail on what to avoid while making your shot and the solutions to solve your problems in shooting provided as well. Every player wants to have plenty of shooting opportunities. But this is always impossible to some due to some mistakes highlighted above.

These are the major key mistakes to avoid for both experienced and young players in basketball. Follow them keenly, and you will have so many opportunities to shoot. Be a great player!


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.

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