Jordan Kilganon The Pro Basketball Bunkers Uncover The Truth

jordan kilganon

Jordan Kilganon is king of dunker in the world. He is a professional dunker. In this article, we will learn about his success story and how he starts this unique career. And wiki of his life. Also, How he start and why he entered this world.

How he starts this

When Kilganon was in high school. During a game of basketball, He find dunk is very interesting for him. and he began to improve at dunk. after high school he leaves basketball, volleyball and baseball game. and started dunking Professionally. Per day around 3 – 4 hours, he spends to improve this skill. And invent awesome tactics.

He can do the best in dunk, since then. He takes this skill seriously. and start to spend time to find how to jump higher. Every day he trained hard himself. And his 16 years old he makes his first dunk.

The specialty of Jordan Kilganon.

Jordan is well known for his newly discovered dunking procedure. Jordan loves to invent new things. Because, He was a student of Industrial design, which Synonymous with being a discover. He doesn’t like dunks that other players have done before. He loves to be the first to do some interesting things which anyone ever has done before. As a result, he invents 80-90 new dunking method, which nobody has ever done before. He said some people give him many ideas, but he always ignores this.

The bio of Jordan Kilganon

Jordan Kilganon is Candian dunker. He was born in 1992 in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He studied at Humber College in Toronto [2011-2015]. Jordan Kilganon’s mother name is Jeanne Sauve. And father name is Rick Kilganon. Entered life He was youtube dunker. where he make videos for his audiences. This is the Youtube Channel.

Early life or background


When he was eight years, he connected with basketball game. At first, he played basketball game, but his total forces were in dunking. When he was in high school, he was point guard player.

Achievement in NBA

This video is recently going viral in social media. Jordan shows his talent in the NBA in jeans. His performance grabs people’s attention to him very fractionally.

Some people asked him. Can you dunk in jeans? And he said he can dunk in anything.

Vertical jump

Dunk in NBA in jeans. The vertical jump was 50-inch.

Income source

Kilganon says he is part of term called dunk Elite. And, he competing for money in a different country. Also, he has a jumping training program. and he sells this program in 77$ for those people who want to jump higher. He said in a statement. I don’t like travelling too much. I love to stay at home. And love to invent a new dunk.

First dunk of Kilaganon

He was 16 years old. when he made  the first dunk in her life. He said in an interview of NBA. It was a weak dunk. We were on vacation in Niagara. He makes this dunk. That time he was 6 feet tall. and the dunk was two-handed.

Jordan Kilganon scorpion dunk

Never looks at the rim. It is a no-look dunk.

Jordan Kilganon best dunks

Jordan told the Scorpion dunk is the best dunk in her career. Scorpion – he never looks at the rim. It is a no-look dunk, and he brings the basketball behind him. and others

Can he win an NBA contest?

An interview he said. Yes, I can win. I have this confidant. Because the NBA players job is to play basketball game. However, my job is dunk.

Some Questions

How old is Jordan Kilganon?

He was born in 1992 how he is 27 years old.

Can Jordan Kilganon play basketball?

Yeah. But the basketball game is not his profession. His job or passion is only dunking.

What is Jordan Kilganon vertical leap? Alternatively, How high can Jordan Kilganon jump?

50-inch is the highest jump, which he makes in the NBA.

Is Jordan Kilganon in the NBA?

No, he is not in the NBA.

How tall is Jordan Kilganon?

He is 6’1″ tall.


After considering the base of all statics or information. We can learn a different and exciting think of Jordan story. This is [thinking unique]. A person, who has a new innovation mind. Always try to think differently. Which brings with it a great success in his life. Also knowing your power and weakness is very important.

11 Incredible Basketball Tips For Short Players | Expert Solution

basketball tips for short players

Are you a short basketball player? And opponents can easily block you when you go to shoot a basketball. And you are facing the problem when defending the big guys. [basketball tips for short players]

Don’t worry. I am going to share 11 incredible tips to solve this problem. I hope this step by step guide will be an excellent solution. basketball tips for short players

Step by step solution of  basketball tips for short players

1. Learn handling basketball

As a short person or big guy ball-handling or controlling is very important. In the case of short basketball player without ball-handling skill, you never can get a good result in basketball.

This is a fast skill, which you have improved before entering in this field. If you can control a basketball, then you can find another important job perfectly. Like passing the ball, shooting, and defence your opponent. So this is a very fast skill you need to get started. Here are seven tips to improve your handling skill.


2. Grow your passing skills

A short basketball player usually can’t go ahead in all situations. That way,  they need to pass a basketball to others player. If you have known about Muggsy Bogues.  The world short basketball player. Muggsy Bogues has incredible passing skills.

Only passing skills can give you the right solution in any situation. But you should be careful, and your tenement also needs this skill. Then you can make an awesome result from here.

3. Grow shooting skills

A short player always faces a problem. They usually blocked by big guys. In this case, your shoot skill works perfectly. Shoot skills are the key for a short basketball player. I always try to learn the different types of shooting method. Practices this method in real life. And build your muscle memory. It will help you to get better in the basketball game.

4. Be faster/hustle

This is the mandatory, especially of a basketball player. The special short basketball player has to increase this skill as soon as possible. I hope you know about Muggsy Bogues dunk. He was very fast and smart shorten in NBA basketball player. You can follow Muggs Bogues to learn something.


5. Practice

You can’t get consistent without practice regularly. You should practice again and again until you become a successful basketball player. You should spend regular time on basketball. [Never stop]

6. Understand the tactics [defence and offence.]

This is your coacher duty to teach you the tactics in basketball. Also, you can get excellent ideas from the tactic in basketball post. When you learn everything about tactics, then you can understand your opponent’s game strategy, which will help you to go ahead of success. 

7. Stamina

Your stamina is everything to success. Increase you interested to learn. Don’t upset. You can do everything. Believe in yourself, you can do it. If your stamina is weak, then you should increase your strength fast.

8. Find the mistakes of your opponent.

This is an awesome solution for a short basketball player. They always look for opportunities to defeat an opponent. And improve your guard skills. Find the mistakes of your opponent.

9. Improve your jumping performance

Jumping performance is another useful skill. It will help you to defend your opponent or dunk a basketball.

10. Get inspiration for Short NBA player

You can follow you, favourite player. There are many short successful players in NBA like Earl Boykins, Muggsy Bogues, Earl Boykins, Keith Jennings, and others. You can follow any of them to get inspiration. And build your own method.

11. Select your position

Position fixation is the most important task before entering in basketball field, which position you should select.


What is the best position in basketball for a short person?

Point ground and shooting guard is a sweet choice for a short person. But it totally depends on your preference. I hope you can understand.

Can short players play basketball?

Yes, sure | Why not! 5 ft 3-inch Muggsy Bogues is great inspiration for yours.


A short person is always nervous about playing basketball. Because they have lots of questions. I hope everything is clear now. If you have any confusion about this content, please don’t forget to share with by comment box. Thank you!

Best Basketball Backboard Material Which You Should To Know

Best Basketball Backboard Material

There many types of basketball backboard material in the market.  But, which you should select and why. In this article, I will discuss the best basketball backboard material.


Best basketball backboard material List and short reviews

  • Tempered Glass Backboard- Expansive and best for a professional’s basketball player.
  •  Acrylic Backboard– Medium expansive and best for quality blackboard at low budget.
  •  Polycarbonate Backboard- low price best for family.
  •  Steel- best for street basketball court systems.
  • fiberglass- Not for a professional basketball player
  •  Aluminum- same as a fiberglass basketball backboard.
  •  Wood- It is homemade, excellent but same as fiberglass, aluminum and steel backboard.

This is our shortlist. I make this list in from my own experience. I have used all those backboards. These seven types of basketball generally I use in my life. I Found Tempered Glass Backboard has given me the best performance during the game. Acrylic and polycarbonate is good but not like Tempered glass.

Other materials like steel, fiberglass, wood, and other,  use those people who want some fun in street court or any other else.

Details about each material or why those is good


Tempered Glass Backboard

Tempered Glass Backboard

Tempered Glass materials is one of the most expensive backboards. Usually, NBA Backboard is tempered Glass materials. Its provide High-quality performance and rebouche. If you take the basketball game, seriously then tempered is the best choice for you. But, The problem is less durable than Acrylic and polycarbonate. But still no 1 in our list for the performance of this product.


Acrylic Backboard

Best Basketball Backboard Material Which You Should To Know 1

Acrylic is a highly durable and less rebouche performance. Plastic materials can give you functional durable but can’t give you bounce and professional feeling. But it is the second-best materials available in the market. It is a common material in the basketball hoop system. If you want good quality in a low budget. Acrylic is best for you.


Polycarbonate Backboard

Polycarbonate is a little bit similar to Acrylic backboard. Also, there is a slight difference in performance. But polycarbonate can give you awesome durability for its plastic materials. This is medium-level materials. If you can’t afford to buy tempered Glass Backboard then this is the best option for you. We want to list it in the second position for its durability, but the performance is better of Acrylic.



Steel is more durable than others, but the problem is the worried noise. On the other hand, it is not suitable for any profession basketball player. Generally, we see this in the park or street court. It is very standard for street, park and another outdoor place. If you want to use it in a public place. Then it can be the right choice.



The good side is the low price, but rebouche performance is not good. You can see it in institutions or another place. Its performance is similar to steel. Also, durability is not too much good. It is usually used for outdoor courts.



Similar like steel backboard. The problem I found of the aluminum backboard, its vibration of these materials and bounce performance is terrible. But its durability is awesome. A less expensive or unique performance. Everything is good but aluminum makes a vibration when you shoot; as a result, rebouche is very bad.



An awesome situation. You can get very good quality for Wood backboard. But the problem is wood backboard is not available in the marketplace.

Its perfect solution is you can make in-home, or you can get help from carpenter’s.

Here is an awesome video to get more about the first three types of basketball backboard materials.



Bounce resource-



What is better polycarbonate or acrylic backboard?

We have listed Acrylic in the second position. Acrylic is better than polycarbonate. [Note: many expert’s recommendations may be different. but it’s taken by in my own experience.]

What type of backboard does the NBA use?

NBA use Tempered Glass Backboard. It is a very professional and high-quality material.

What is the best size of basketball backboard?

This question depends on many matrixes

According to Wikipedia- Regulation, the backboard size is 72 inches wide by 42 inches tall.

Is 72-inch backboard too big for driveway?

It totally depends on your demand. But in my experience it is perfect.

Which is more durable polycarbonate or acrylic?

Polycarbonate is more durable than acrylic.

How big is a high school basketball backboard?

Usually, 72 inches is perfect high for any type of backboard.

What is the standard size of a basketball backboard?

72 inch and 42 inch is the standard size of a basketball backboard.

Is a 54-inch backboard big enough?

54 inch is standard for a two-car driveway basketball hoop.

Is Tempered glass better than acrylic?

Yes! Tempered glass is better than acrylic.

How can you tell the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?

The main difference is durability. Polycarbonate backboard is more durable than acrylic. And performance overall same. 

Final word

Generally, tempered glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic are most popular in this time. If you are a professional basketball player, you should choose tempered glass backboard to get an awesome result.

Polycarbonate is the second option if your budget is low. Acrylic is best for family and other activities. These three materials are best for you. You can choose anyone from here.

On the other hand, wood, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum are not for professionals. It just for a public place and those people who won’t spend some time with basketball. If you still face any problem, don’t forget to comment below… Thank you! 

Muscle Memory Basketball Shooting The Best Guideline

muscle memory basketball shooting
Most of the beginner basketball player makes a mistake in this part [ muscle memory basketball shooting ]. They do not spend time to know what is muscle memory.  and how to improve it. That way they make 100 of the shoot but can’t get a better result. If you know about muscle memory, you can get the best result during the practice and basketball game. If you want, a good result from your shooting practices. You should know about this. We have covered A to Z guide so you can learn everything in a single article.

What is muscle memory?

When You first ride a Bicycle. Then you don’t know how to ride a bike. Your coach guided you about your body position and other tactics. First, you can’t do this because your body was not familiar. That means, your body memory was zero. After some practice, your body memory was fixed with Bicycle. Then your body language became active. Since then, any bicycle has been comfortable for you. This is your muscle memory. The same formula works in basketball shooting. Think like your riding Bicycle. First, you have to fix your body language. Then practice repeatedly.

Do muscles really have memory?

According to livescience. Muscle tissues do not have any memory. A research found a hard-trained muscle and not trained muscle look similar. You see the whole article from here. []

Connection of our brain

Yes, it is connected with our brain. When we think to build a skill about any topic. First of all, your brain makes a basic outline of the skill. Here is an excellent article about how our brain changes our mind structure when we want to grow a skill. In addition, Wikipedia makes an awesome article about this. You can know more from here. The article.

Importance of how it helps to become a pro-level basketball shooter.

Muscle memory is very, very important to become a pro-level basketball shooter. It will help you to be more professional during the game. But one thing you should remember. Practice can make your performance permanent. But it can’t give you a perfect result unless you can use smartly. Don’t worry about it when you can fix your memory. You can do a great performance in any basketball courts. Even though it is a long shoot or short shoot. Long shoot: a perfect long shoot is essential is the basketball game. It can help to defeat easily any strategy of your opponent. We face the problem most of the time in the long shoot. A perfect drill can help you in this case. Short shoot: you should learn different types of shooting methods. Whatever type of shooting you want to learn, first of all, you should build your muscle memory.

Shooting Drills to Perfect Muscle Memory

Can you remember? When you lean bicycle? Your coach taught you some tips, which help you to ride a bike. In this video, you can find some awesome tips and tricks, which help you to be a great shooter in basketball.

Learn more.

How to Develop Long Distance Basketball Shooting Range You can read this content. In addition, you can follow their guidelines. They share fantastic guidelines about basketball. Here the article you can follow.


This is very interesting part in the basketball game. [Muscle memory basketball shooting]. First, you need the basic idea, tips, and trick. And most important practices again and again. When you can learn the whole process, then you have to drive or use it smartly. This is a simple guideline. If you have any question about this matter. Please don’t forget to comment below. I will answer your question. Thank you!

How to get better at basketball full mastermind tips

How to get better at basketball

Do you have this question, “How to get better at basketball easily?” then this post is unparalleled to be a successful basketball player. Here we have covered the mastermind tips and tactics for basketball game. We have not only covered the advanced point, but also we have mentioned the basic to advanced guide, so that every person can be benefited from here.

How to get better at basketball over the summer

  • Set your Goal  

Main success rules of a basketball game. One of the famous quote by Antoine de Saint. He says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

  • You should enjoy the basketball game.

This is a very important part of success of any field. If you can’t feel interested in a field, you can never make a better result from here. Some of us, who know the basic point. That way, they can grow their interest. But some of us don’t know the basic and can’t get a better result. Fail again and again and end of the outcome, they lose the interest from basketball.

For these types of people, I highly recommend please. Get the basis point. I hope you will feel the main exciting fact of this game. But the question is where I can get the basic. Don’t worry. Here I have covered A to Z tips. So keep reading this post.

  • Make a plan or your Goal

A perfect plan can makes your work easy. One of the famous quote by Antoine de Saint. He says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Make a plan for how you can successfully complete the Goal, Set time, and make an outline about it.

  • Learn some from your daily

You can set it up in your plan sheet. Otherwise, keep it always mind because it will help you to understand the advanced level knowledge fast. This system works from any types of goals, so you should follow this method in basketball. Stay up all the time to learn something new

  • Follow your favorite player strategy

Sometimes we can see our favorite players show some excellent tactics or strategy during the game. You can follow these tactics in your game. But sometimes we face a problem: “how he do this”? Don’t worry about it’s too much. When you follow it regularly, you can see the improvement.

  • Build your own strategy, which make you more unique

This is the advanced level subject. but every player should have a unique power or tactics which makes you more professional. The problem is when you totally follow form any other player. We can’t find our own strength. That way, we recommend you should build your strategy.

  • Get better at home

For implement for your basketball

Focus on building some necessary skills

  1.  Dribbling

This is your first job to get better at basketball! Because if you can’t hand a basketball right way. How you can do others performance perfectly!

For example, if you are a beginner at basketball, and you are in a game. The ball is in your hand and you can’t dribbling in this time you opponent easily can take the ball from you.

Some beginners make a mistake for the first time. They focus to build shooting, passing, and other skills at first. It is a big mistake. At first, you should focus on dribbling or handling the ball. Always keep in mind, it will grow you others abilities.

 2. The practice is the primary key

The basketball game is a practical skill. Practically is the reality we know this word. Always keep your mind you.

When I was a newbie and my coacher teaches us. I just follow it on the basketball court. I don’t practice it any other place. The end of the result, I can’t realize My Improvement is terrible, and I lose my time. I fell behind for the first time.

Moreover, later I realized how big a loss it was for me. So that is the reason, I told you should practice regularly. You can do it in a basketball court, in your home and any place where you can feel free to do this job.

3. Shooting

Shooting is art in this field. This is the second basic step of the basketball game. Shooting performance can make your game more professional. But most of us too much afford about it.

They always say they can’t do this. But it would help if you kept in mind a single person never make it overnight. So it would help if you practiced it.

But the question is where I can get the best perfect guide about the shooting. Don’t worry; we have already covered an article about it you read this post from here. [How to shoot a basketball perfectly].

And we have covered another article about types of basketball shoot.

4. Find your power and weaknesses and note down

Most of the successful person uses this method. We should list down this in the first section of this post.

I think like normal people. If you can find your problems and power. You cannot imagine how much it will help you.

Take a notebook and write down your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that it is a continuous process. You should update it regularly.

However, most of the time shows encouragement at the first moment. Next, we avoid it. It is too bad for your Goal. So keep a regular base update.

You can write it down in your Smartphone. If you are familiar, you can set it on your wallpaper [it not mandatory]. If you want to hide it, also you can save it in your notepaper in your phone. Whatever you can choose but you should implement tips in your Goal. It is essential for every beginner.

5. Follow your coach instruction properly

Maybe you can see here we don’t talk about the tactics How to shoot a basketball, how to plumb a basketball, how to better at basketball and other essential facts.

The reason, this is your coach or instructions job. He teaches you everything about the movement technically way, defense, passing skills in detail. That way you should follow you your coacher instruction properly.

But the question is if I haven’t any instructions about the basketball game. What will I do then? Don’t worry about it too much. You can stay with us. We have already posted some articles about step-by-step guide of each point of the basketball game. Moreover, online is always open for you.

6. Always learn from a basketball game

We already mentioned about it. I still want to say one thing. Learning is our life mission; keep in mind always. Whenever you see a basketball game. Find out the significant think you see the first time.

7 . Improve your vertical jump

The vertical jump is another excellent skill in a basketball game. If you want to be a great dunker or defender in your term. Vertical jump performance will help you in this case.

Here you can find a very good idea about vertical jump…

Read moreHow to get better at basketball full mastermind tips

Different Shots in Basketball & Underful Video Resources

different shots in basketball

Do you want to know about different shots in basketball? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we have discussed types of the shoot in basketball, guide about each shoot types, basic or fundamental.

If you are newbies basketball player, this post will help you ideally to understand this matter. So let’s go to start step by step.

Different shots in basketball



Bank shoot

Jump shots


Hook shots

Alley Oop

Fade Away

Free Throw

Post Shots


Our main target is to help to become a great shooter.  That way, we share this excellent video resource with you. See this video step by step. I hope this resource will help perfectly. Next time we will share more awesome resource about basketball.

If you have any questions about this post, please do not forget to comment. Thank you.

How to shoot basketball perfectly The Most Important Tips & Tricks

how to shoot basketball perfectly

This post is only for those people who ask how to shoot a basketball perfectly. We have shared the most important tips and trick so that you can be a great shooter. 

Important facts
  • Shooting is most famous for the basketball game. This is a basic step before building your career on it. If you can shoot a basketball, then other skills like rebounding, footwork, passing skill, jumps will work. Otherwise, it did not work without good shooting skill.
  • If you think I can’t shoot accurately so it not for you. [I never will a good shooter]. This is a wrong conception. The shooter is not born; they practice and develop himself.  No single player was not perfect in the beginning. They practiced and made themselves like that. So believe me you can be a good shooter. You need to improve and a proper guideline.
  • Always remember your right hand is shooting hand, which help you to shoot the target.

Moreover, your left hand is balanced hand, which helps you to balance the basketball consistently.

[Note] it can be change for left-hander player.

The beginner BEEF method

BEEF is a method used for teaching kid and who have no idea about basketball before, and it is too simple. That way, you should know about it.


B- Balance

E- Elbow

E- Eyes

F- Follow Through

I hope you can understand. It is super simple. It is basic of the art of shooting and then you can move to advance.

At the first time, every coach uses its method to gradually ahead to advance.

Disclose the solution to the problem in a couple of lines

how to shoot basketball perfectly

#1 preparation

Always get proper training before shooting a basketball. Do not try to shoot first always get prepared or be read fast .otherwise you never make an excellent performance. 

Don Mayer says, “You don’t shoot fast, You get ready to shoot fast.”

Some tips to get ready fast

@ Get prepared to receive the ball. You can start with your knees in ready motion. It will help you to save your time.

@ show your shooting hand so that your teammate can easily pass you the ball and you can get extra time from here.

@ Create the shoot Everman with your mind. You can remind your mind this is time a right time to shoot the ball.

#2 then the method of catches the ball

When you receive the ball you should hold the ball correctly, and you should do this very fast.

Your shooting hand must be up and down of the basketball. You balance hand on the side of basketball.

One most important always thinks as hold the ball “L” and “T” systems. Never hold it like “Y.”

Your finger position is so important. Always touch all finger pads on basketball properly, and it should be spread easily on the ball.

#3 Balance

Good basketball shooter always maintains the balance. Without your balance, you never make a good shoot. That way, it is mandatory.

Some time for a better shoot.

@ Your feet should be slightly staggered stance so that it will be comfortable for you. Your shooting foot is always kept ahead then non-shooting foot.

@ You can keep your feet directly at the basket/ hoop. [It is not too much mandatory.]

@ You can put a little space in the middle of your feet. We prefer it to get a better feel. You can close it if you do not feel like it. But open space, always keep your feet point ready toward the basket.

When you find the right balance stance for follow it is the time to shoot. Don’t use others stance and method.

# 4 Eyes and fix the target

Eyes target is very important for shooting a basketball. Think without a target, how can you do you shoot the basketball. Many beginner basketball players make this mistake always. They don’t fix a proper eyes target. Here tips you should follow…

@ locate your destination at the hoop as early as possible. There is every professional defeated the time that way, and you should follow this method.

@ Only focus your eyes on the target. Never follow the others thinks. Keeping your focus on the rim is so mandatory. So should not avoid this.

#5 is short pocket is mandatory

Yes, it is! Always find a better place is where you feel comfortable for shooting the basketball on the rim.

@ When you get the ball move it fast into the short pocket area.

@ Grip the ball consistently and ready to shoot. Remember one thinks don’t miss properly grip the ball. And keep your position properly limiter inches above your waist.

Final word

We have covered the main factors in a short time. So, that you can easily understand and apply it in a basketball game. In future, we will update this content with some more expert opinion. What you learn from this post, do not forget to share in the comment below.


Here I have shared the most and significant tips about How to shoot a basketball perfect. I hope before be a great shooter you must need to know this subject.

Why do basketball players wear masks know the behind history

Why do basketball players wear masks

Why do basketball players wear masks

The answer is simple, to protect any types of injury-related from face injury. Such as, the broken nose, eye, mouth, and other facial accident. So, that why basketball players wear masks.

We know basketball game is such a competitive and aggressive sport. Also, the basketball court is not big like other game. Those ways, much little accident often happens. Although, there are many restriction rolls in his game. But unfortunately, it happened almost all the time. That is the main reason basketball marks advent.


The maximum physical game is so aggressive. We know that, we maybe harmed from here at any time. Thinking about this, we often make many discoveries to secure ourselves.

But the evolution of basketball mask is more unique. In 1990, Bill Laimbeer got a serious hit from the opponent player. Due to he had to go to injury for a month.

That time he was a very important player for his term. He was an outstanding center player. That time the term of Bill Laimbeer could not found like him.

But he needed a lot in the term. That time an Orthotics in Detroit had to find a solution for Laimbeer. He creates a mask to protect his face accident. Especially for Bill Laimbeer’s face Due to, he was a severe victim in this case. 

After that, most of the NBA players start to use this discovery. It is leading causes are almost everyone suffering from this situation. From then, it began to circulate.

Players use it and why

After the revolution of this solution. Many NBA player starts using this product. But an important note is, we see some basketball players use it and some of them not use this. Here I have covered a shortlist which NBA player wore it and why.

Richard Hamilton

In 2003-2004 Hamilton broken has nose several time in NBA. Since then he has started to worn masks. Richard Hamilton, a professional American basketball player. He played 14 seasons in NBA.

Richard Hamilton mask

Bill Laimbeer,

We already know about Laimbeer.

Bill Laimbeer mask

Jason Terry

Jason Terry starts to worn masks in 2009-2010 seasons.

Jason Terry mask

John Starks

In 1993, John started to worn basketball masks. After getting a hit from his opponent.

John-Starks mask

Chris Paul

In 2012 Chris Paul surfing the same problems, that way he wants to protect his face.

Chris Paul mask

Russell Westbrook

In 2015, Westbrook unfortunately hit by Andre Robinson. That the time he starts worn basketball masks to protect his face. Russell Westbrook is one of the greatest player ever in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook mask

If you are interested to know more about the victim NBA guru, then please visit this article.

This the article 

This video is another excellent source to know more

Importance for a basketballs player

Basketball is so exciting game. Also, it is very tactical and strategically game. We all want to win the game; that way, we never thought only jump randomly. As a result, we get harm. But it gives us an enjoyable moment.

That way considering our safety basketball masks is very important for us.

Why some people look like a comedy,

We find variety of answer against this question. Some people take it in serious mode special the professional and basketball love.

On the other hand, general people see it as a comedy. They can’t understand the real problem.

Moreover, some professional also reacts it as fun. But most of the professional take it very seriously.

Common and natural injury in basketball game

  • Sprained Ankle

According to an NBA, research in 2014-2015, season 19.5% basketball player suffering this problem.

  • Thigh injury

Around 9.7% basketball player face this problem. This injury is very painful for every basketball lover. It happened when a player dunk and try to vertical jump.

  • Knee problems

This is another top injury during the basketball game. Around 13.9% of players suffering this problem. Most of the time it when a player can’t control himself.

  • Neck or Back injury

9.3% of basketball lovers face this problem. It also very disgusting injury special beginners face this problem.

This list has naturally occurred in this sport. If you can prevent it correctly according to your coacher or expert, then you can solve this problem.

Some others gear to secure in the basketball game

1.   Mouthguards

2.    Padded Undershirt

3.    Knee Pads

4.    Basketball Shoes


So we already know, Why do basketball players wear masks. And we see the most of NBA player usually worn. But some player not wear masks because of the don’t need this. Especially the center and point

Highest vertical jump records in NBA History

highest vertical jump

A vertical jump can be made any types of a game more enjoyable, and audiences love it. In the case of the NBA and NFL, it is no different. There are many high vertical jumps here. We listed separately of all the records so that you can easily understand.

Best vertical jump in NBA

Here a top list and the details below.

Wilt Chamberlain – 48″

Wilt Chamberlain is one of the greatest basketball players in history. He plays many terms and leagues before the NBA.  He was 7 ft. 1 inch tall and weighs 250 pounds. But, it can here before bulking up he become 300 pounds [140kg].

He has numerous NBA records like scoring, rebounding. Ball control and durability. He is a player who scores 100 points in a single game. One of the fantastic players is average point 40 and 50 every game. NBA champion in (1967, 1972).

Height- 7ft 1”

Born and died – 1936 to 1999


Playing Position: Center

Darrell Griffith – 48″

Darrell Griffith is one of the great shooting guard players. He was born on June 16, 1958, in Louisville. This 6 ft 4” inches NBA player won many awards, which are very highlighted for his career history. Darrell Griffith is also known as Dr. Dunkenstein was a great American basketball player. This jersey number was 35.


Michael Jordan – 48”

The greatest basketball player in NBA history. He plays in shooting the guard. This 6 ft 6 “player has so many greatest history during the NBA for vertical jump and good defender. His average of 33.45 points per game in his career. Not only famous for that but also very good leadership, agility knows about his strengths point.  Here a video we collect from YouTube.

Spud Webb vertical jump – 46.”

Spud Webb a very good basketball point guard player. Some people said he is one of the shorts players in the NBA.  He was 5 ft 7”. Now he is president of Texas legends.

His vertical jump was really interesting and very excellent. Here YouTube video, it can help you to understand his talent.

Zach Lavine vertical jump – 46.”

This shooting/point guard player is one of the best performers in NBA league come with Minnesota Timberwolves 2014-2017. At present is playing with Chicago Bulls. He is 6 ft 5” height and born March 10, 1995, in, Washington, America.

This is an interview with Zach Lavine.

This video for inspiration and about this duck and skills

Jason Richardson vertical jump– 46”

Jason Richardson was a great basketball player in the NBA. His 46” inches vertical jump made more popular to all audience. He is 6 ft 6 “inch, and his jersey number was 23. He is shooting guard player.  The 46” vertical jump is very point of view of his career at that time. Here is a video to get more idea.


D.J. Stephens – 46”

One of the best basketball players ever in the NBA right now. This small forward player born December 19, 1990, and his height is 6 ft 5 inch.  This vertical jump was excellent in his career. Here a YouTube video will help you to understand about all skill of this young basketball lover.

Shannon Brown vertical jump 44.5 inch

This vertical jump was a great imagination of Shannon Brown career. 44.5 inches is a great performance overall in the NBA. This 6 ft 4-inch height player proved he is one of the valuable basketball players in the world.  He is the best player of shooting guard/ point guard player.

David Thompson vertical leap 44 inches

David Thompson vertical jump was a great inspiring about basketball history. He was 6 ft 4 inches in height. In shooting guard/ small forward was perfect for him. Read furthermore about David Thompson.

Deshawn Stevenson vertical 44 inches

This vertical jump also another great vertical jump ever in history. Deshawn Stevenson is 6 ft 5 inches height. He was a great shooting guard/Small forward player.

LeBron James vertical jump 44 inches

LeBron James‘s 44 inches vertical jump most popular for all basketball lover. Also, at present, he is one of the great players in the NBA.

He is 6 ft 8 inches in height. That way, he is playing small forward and power forward.

Nate Robinson vertical jump 43.5 inches

Nate Robinson is a point guard player, and his vertical jump is most great in his career. This 5 ft 9-inch height player build a 43.5 inches records in NBA history. Here a video he teaches about how to increase your vertical jump. In this video, he builds these records.

Before we go our last session some major point you should know, Note: if you already know about it then you skip this session.

Types of a vertical

Are divided into two

Running vertical: Most of the time, we see it in a basketball game.

Standing vertical: Generally, NFL player performance is standing jump.


What is a good vertical for a 15-year-old?

There perfect vertical jump for the 15-year-old player is 17 inches. Some coaches and expert recommend a different opinion, but 17 inches is the best answer.

What is a good vertical jump for a 14-year-old?

15.7 inches is good for a 14-year-old.

How much vertical do you need to dunk?

If your vertical jump 28 inches then it is perfect. Also, it not too hard, if you continually practice than you can jump 48” inches like Wilt Chamberlain or Darrell Griffith you already know those dunks.


In this article, we do authority research to find historical information about vertical jump records. We have coved officially and verify movement and video footage. So, you can easily understand. However, one of the most important things we are always maintaining when any basketball dunk create records recently, then instantly, we will cover the information in this article.

Vertical jump always looks great for the audience. They love when a player jumps high to scoring or defense side. That way, this world records can impress the entire basketball lover. If you have any questions about this article, please comment here.

The Tactic In Basketball You Should To Know

tactic in basketball

I hope you know the basketball game is a very strategy. Over 825-million, worldwide followers of basketball and it is increasing day by day.  Due to it is a fantastic game like football. Also, it can easily grab people’s mind.  If you are a basketball lover, but you no idea its tactics and techniques. Then this content will help you to understand all tactic of basketball.

Here I have covered basic to advanced tactics, which use during a basketball game. Also, I have discussed every each technique like positions of basketball, how to throw a basketball hoop or goal, basketball strategy, passing, rebounding, Dribbling, and Blocking. All these sessions are essential for every basketball game.

The defensive tactic in basketball

There many defensive tactics created by basketball leader and coach to make strong the game process.

There are two effective categories of defense to get beat result during the basketball game.

Person-to-Person Defense: They cover the offensive player. Each defensive player includes one offensive player. Person-to-Person defense is great for stooping long shot and bounch.  It is a secure wall for the outside chance. The required skills for man to man defense is a good position, perfect stance, body balance, clever footwork, ability to understand assigned opponent traps.

Zone defense: every player has specific is in the court and the responsibility for defending.

Zone defense tactic is excellent for stopping inside attract. Every player should be very talented, great ability to understand the opposite gaming technique. Also should be good Blocking, clever mind.

They are not suitable for stopping the long shot and outside attract. If you understand the gaming process properly, then you can get the best result from Zone defense.

Attacking or offensive tactic in basketball

The offensive tactic is mandatory for every game. If you have no great attacking technique, then you can lose the game. That way, this is most important for the basketball game.

There are some skills and requirements to grow your offensive strategy effectively.

Need to understand defensive traps: zone, spread motion. There are various types of offenses tactic to great shots and get the best result. The offensive player should be a strong tactic, bouche, positive mind, and ability to defeat the opposite gaming technique.

Types of offenses

  • Early
  • Set
  • Motion
  • Zone
  • Spread.

Position of Basketball

The position is the most important tactic in the basketball game, especially for a competitive match. We know that there a five-player has every term.  Five-player has a role. According to all player roles, we divide of basketball position in 5.  One more thinks many term and coach use different types of position. You can follow anyone and this primary position. You can understand the player’s role during the game.

  1. Center position
  2. Power Forward
  3. Small Forward
  4. Shooting Guard
  5. Point Guard

Center position

This is an essential part of protecting the attack for competition player. Required a strong and talented player for this position. The center player always should be uses height and size. If you are a center player, this guide for you.

Power Forward

This player always plays in offensively back to the basket and must have talent with excellent bouche. Also, they need great defense and shot-blocking. Shooting, strength, and conditioning.

Small Forward

This player has a significant role than the other four players. This player mainly plays on offense. That player needs to keep that quality such as. Tall, great shooting, passing performance and basketball controlling.

Shooting Guard

The Shooting guard player performances from the middle stage. In addition, his main target is to create high-level shots on offense. Best rang and communicated with other players should be creative to get a better result.

Requirement skills

Height should be 6’3″ – 6’4″.

The best experience of soccer in multiple ways.

This player should be very faster and quickly so that the player can easily defeat the opponent.

Point guard

This is another best position in basketball. Usually, this plays to stay in the middle and main point of the basketball court. The Point Guard player maintain a faster and intelligent role so that the passing performance. This player controls the basketball.

Skills and qualification

Best contouring and be sure get the right ball person at the right time.

This player Height should be 6’1″-6’3.

Good footwork and best handling of basketball.

Why are tactics important in basketball?

The most important reason is that without a proper trap idea and strong defense, the game will be worst. You should know about your obtain trap and how you can defeat them. On this time, the performance of your tactics can give you a professional result. Those way tactics are very important in the basketball game.

Movement tactics

Every player has a separator role and responsibility of basketball. Movement tactics help you to understand the gaming process and passing performance. Here content helps you to understand the basketball movement tactics.

click here.

If you’re a beginner then, some importance term and essential action of basketball

Air ball: it will happen when your offensive shot but they fail to goal and contract to the rim or net.

Block:  when defensive players try to stop an offensive player from reaching the basketball hoop.

Double term:  when two defensive players guard one offense player.

Forward:  offensive player, who always responsible for scoring the basketball.

Foul: when player violet the role of basketball, that time happens Foul.


There is a massive variety of tactic in basketball. We have discussed the most common tactic, which usually uses in the basketball game. Our main target is to help the beginners to understand this amazing game. If you have any questions about the basketball game, then you can comment below. We will give your answer. Thank you!