Adidas vs Nike Basketball Shoes: Which brand is best?

Both are huge brands which have dominated the sports market for many years.  They have played a huge part in the world of basketball, both supporting and sponsoring some of the greatest players the game has ever seen Top 5 Greatest NBA Players Of All Time (

In this article, we’re going to break down the distinctive comparison between Adidas VS Nike basketball shoes. After reading this you will have an informed view on which brand might be best for you. 

Basic Comparison Between Adidas Vs Nike Basketball Shoes

Features Adidas Nike
Launching Year 1971 1972
Maximum Size flexible styles to fit almost all people feet 18 inches
Materials Breathable adiprene Leather
Pros -Available in various sizes & color

-Any customizable will be required

– Great grips on their shoes

– Breathable shoe fabrics

– Manufactured with top quality elements
Cons – Their shoe sizes are too narrow to fit – Expensive


Feature Comparison Of Adidas VS Nike

Feature Comparison Of Adidas VS Nike


Now we’re going to discuss the basic feature comparison of these two brands. We analyze them on the basis of their sizes, weights, signature wear, sole materials, and prices so that you can make a precise opinion about these two.


Size is the main criterion that is relevant to the comfort of people. Equivalently, Nike has a wide and large selection of shoes. Those shoes are almost suitable for people with wide feet.


Not only this, but it also offers you large scales in shoes. The ideas can be estimated by an example of Nike Lebron, one of the best-selling shoes of Nike. With the maximum size of 18, it’ll provide you with bigger support, no matter what size feet you’ve. All in all, this is an ultimate source of more stretching abilities, able to lessen the sufferings of break-ins.


Besides, Adidas is a little bit in the backwater in these terms. They had narrow shoe sizes, which are often terrible for people with broader feet. They made their shows considered to the professionals as those people usually had narrow feet. But you don’t need to be hesitant as soon as they compensate for their sizes as the time requires.

Sole Materials

Adidas vs Nike Basketball Shoes: Which brand is best?


Actually, there is no objection to these two brands’ materials. It is really awesome that both of them are working with their loyalty to prolong the product’s quality.


In comparison, Adidas is like the current DC movies where they are trying to be artistic and creative. This brand did more than it should, but some succeeded or some failed. The materials that it chose are a good illustration of durability and relaxation. Most of their outer soles are manufactured with cushioning and softer elements. The integration of Adiprene is the main reason which provides such prominence. Of course, Adidas will ensure the best comforts.


Again, Nike prefers to use leather in all of its shoes. So the user gets here full freedom to expand and stretch their legs on their own. The soft and pliable materials act here as a pain reliever. Nike shoes can give protection from the unbearable struggles of joints and feet’ anguish. With an exceptional stretching ability, it allows you to kick in any movement and enhances the administration. Nike ensures to keep the better quality on their shoes so that anyone can enjoy the wear snugly instead of rough and harsh.

One of the best parts of these shoes is the intense breathability that is provided by the constituency. For this, the shoes are able to prevent sweat while you’re in shoots.

Signature Shoes

Adidas vs Nike Basketball Shoes: Which brand is best?


Both Adidas and Nike have precious signature basketball shoes every year. They launched them to spread their fame and popularity all over the world. Again, who didn’t want to support his favorite player by wearing the signature shoes, so it’s a promotional term to address their shoes to their customers.


Nike had launched their first signature shoes in the 1972s. Both the Bruin and Blazer are still favorites among the basketball warriors for their stunning looks and comfort. Most importantly, Nike owns the Jordan brand, which focuses on basketball only. They really know how to play the game and what shoes go beyond the basketball players.


On the contrary, Adidas had launched its first signature made shoes in 1971s. There is no doubt; they also contained better technology than Nike. As compared to Nike, Adidas is very older, and its foundation was laid in the mid 20th century (the 1920s). Their first official shoes, 3-stripes, reigned over the field of basketball for many years but faded very soon when Nike reached the market.

Weighing Capabilities

The shoe’s weight which cannot be bearable by you might be a waste. In terms of the basketball field, it really varies crucially. If you don’t bear the weight, you can’t jump high enough to reach the headboards.


Fortunately, Nike only bears the average shoe’s weight. It ranges up to 300-400 grams that reflecting their lightweight capabilities. One of the smallest shoes of Nike is named Nike Kobe Zoom, having a weight of around 10.05-10.06 oz. However, the weight of the shoes is distinct by their sizes. So you can’t specify them individually. In short, Nike shoes are an initiative for lightweight wearers.


Comparatively, Adidas shoes are also lightweight and easy to wear. The average weight of the Kobe series of Adidas is about 340 grams which indicates higher weights than Nike. With more clarity, Adidas shoes are on the top list for their benefits of less weight.


shoes Pricings


When you’re going to buy any products, less expensive things will naturally snatch your attention. But we often compromise to think about its advantages. It is a universal fact that the high standard product requires some extra penny. In those cases,


Although Nike is on the top priority list, it isn’t too cheap that anyone can afford. You might have heard the famous proverb, ” the more sugar you’ll add, the sweeter it will be.” This blissful proverb holds when you’re going to purchase the right things. Unlike the brand of Nike, people go crazy to buy the shoes for its market demands and uncompromising vogue.

The lowest shoes of this brand are available at the above range of $100. Don’t forget that the $100-200 price range is a true deal for any type of top brand, especially for basketball shoes. So we must say Nike did justice to their pricing haul.


In the case of Adidas, most of them are available at an average price, unlike Nike. Adidas only focuses on their creativity. That’s why many people are still willing to pay a good amount of cash to buy these shoes. It’s because Adidas will be able to provide safety on the court and reduce the risk of injury. After all, as intelligent human beings, we all know that paying high means you’re getting a higher return in exchange.


Is Adidas A Good Company?

In 2020, Adidas got Ethical consumers’ best ratings for Environmental reporting. It’s because they have quantified the future environmental targets. The company had reached an environmental report dated within 2-years. It was independently verified and also shows a reasonable understanding of the main impacts.

Is NIKE A Good Company?

Of course, Nike is a good brand as it has owned the top priority list in the world. Recently they have grown to be the number one brand. Not only this, they had obtained the fame of 14th most valuable brand all over the world.

How Is Nike Different From Adidas?

Adidas is different because it tends to keep the customer in top shape. They used to create products according to their customer’s will. On the contrary, Nike is comfortable to wear, but their design creativity is based on innovative minds.

What You Decided, Nike or Adidas?

Believe it or not, Nike shoes are on the top list right now. Still, when you’re going to decide to buy one of the two, the confusion may give you panic.

In that case, a little trick can solve these issues in just a few seconds. First, you have to decide for what purposes you’re going to purchase the shoes. As different people have different opinions, the choices must vary.

With more clarity, Nike is the best basketball shoe for every wide-size wearer. Meanwhile, Adidas should not go for the people with narrow anthropometric assessments. So in the battle of Adidas vs. Nike basketball shoes, Nike is the winner. Adidas is also a good buy considering all aspects.