The Adidas Dame 7 is the newest installment of the Adidas line. The Adidas Dame 7 is a shoe that every basketball player needs to have in their collection. The Adidas Dame 7 has been updated with a new design and tons of new features. This review will cover what the Adidas Dame 7 offers, as well as any downsides or cons about it so you can make an informed decision before purchasing!

The shoe has been trending on social media and retailers as a must-have for this season. This article is an overview of the features, benefits, and reviews to help you make your decision if these shoes are worth it.
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Adidas Dame 7 Review Summary

The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know


Who Should Use This Product?

This product is made for basketball players who want a lightweight shoe that provides maximum comfort, stability, and grip on the court. The regular fit allows your foot to move naturally when playing ball while not sacrificing support or cushioning as many other shoes do.

Who Needs Looks With Quality

If you are a person who wants to have the best performance along with making a statement, Adidas Dame 7 is something cool looking with great colors (and at a good price). They were an impulse buy but they turned out to be perfect for what I was using them for.

Casual Wear

Even though it says “basketball” in the title, these would still make pretty nice everyday shoes if you don’t need anything heavy-duty and serious about working out. And a huge amount of people has given their opinions about this shoe as casual using.

Men And Women

This shoe has been made keeping in mind both men and women. This shoe is considered one of the best shoes for women and the best shoe for the man. It is a great-looking shoe that looks good on either gender, casual or formal wear. The man and woman’s color is different, so pick the one you like.

Workout Shoes

The perfect workout shoe if you need something comfortable but also supportive to help your feet stay stable while running or working out at the gym. Plus it’s really nice-looking too! This product is made just like high-top basketball shoes which can keep your ankle in place.

Outdoor Activities

It also perfects the game of ballers who play on non-basketball court surfaces like concrete or asphalt. It is a great choice if you wish to get the Adidas Dame 7. The rubber sole of this shoe comes with a tread which makes it perfect for outdoor activities, meaning that it will provide good traction even when playing on hard surfaces.

What You Should Know

The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know
The Adidas Dame 7 Review: Every Aspect You Should Know

Key Features:

Synthetic Leather Upper: The synthetic leather upper provides maximum Durability and Support. The upper part gives you durability and support without compromising on any other aspect like comfort or breathability.

AdiPRENE For Amazing Responsiveness: While playing basketball or running outside, your feet continuously hit the ground at high speeds over and over again. The adiprene helps with providing a great bounce back so that your feet don’t feel too much pressure when running. So you can bounce right back up with ease.

3m Tape For Enhanced Grip: The Adidas Dame 7 has 3M material attached to its upper part which gives your feet an incredible stronghold on the court like no other. It is also the reason why these shoes are great for outdoor activities as well since it provides a more firm grip even on hard surfaces.

Lightstrike Cushioning: This technology offers comfort and maximum responsiveness without compromising on any other aspect of this shoe such as durability or impact protection.

Low-Cut Design: The low-cut design of this shoe provides a lightweight fit and maximum breathability. Also makes it easier to put on and take off which also creates a better fit when playing basketball. Plus, the ventilation is also much greater than in other shoes like high-top sneakers, so your feet won’t get too sweaty or hot while playing ball.

Rubber Outsole: The sole of this shoe is made of rubber which provides good grip and durability. It can stand up to court surfaces and outdoor terrain perfectly and also, the material used for making the sole is really lightweight so it’ll help you move faster on your feet without feeling too much pressure on your legs or ankles.

Premium Looks: The Adidas branding at the back of the shoe provides a unique look while playing ball with an elegant touch.

Various Colors: There are many different variations when it comes to the colors that these shoes come in, both men’s and women’s styles. So no matter what gender you are into there will be a cool-looking pair of Adidas Dame 7 waiting for you specially made just for your outfits.

Comfortable: These shoes are incredibly comfortable, specially designed with soft foam to absorb shock which also provides support to your feet during extended use so they don’t feel fatigued at all. The cushioning is just right too which means that walking around in these shoes will not be strenuous at all meaning that you can wear them for hours together without feeling any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

The Overall Impressions Of The Shoe

  • A lot of colors: There are plenty of colors for this model that both men and women can choose from. So you will never get tired of your Adidas Dame 7.
  • The traction is also great on these shoes when playing basketball which makes them a good choice if you want to play it in outdoor terrains like concrete or asphalt.
  • They provide an amazing fit so you won’t have to worry about adjusting the laces every time before a game, just zip up and start playing straight away.
  • The soft foam material used for making these shoes feels comfortable around your feet and helps to keep them dry even after hours of use without the risk of getting them too sweaty since they come with improved ventilation as well.
  • Although these shoes provide an amazing fit, they have very limited support especially on the ankles so if you have weak ankles then this might not be a great shoe option for you.
  • The rubber sole wears out easily which means that your Adidas Dame 7 will not last as long as other models of high-top sneakers made by this company do.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Amazing traction
  • Provides good support for the arch of your feet.
  • Comes in many different colors for men and women to choose from.
  • Super lightweight material that helps you move faster than before on your feet.
  • Minimal ankle support so not recommended for players
  • The material is not so premium


The price may be a deterrent for some consumers But considering all the features and benefits they come with, it is definitely worth it to invest in this pair if you are a basketball player or just want something casual to wear around town.


David Harris is a former player and after many years of writing and testing hundreds of products associated with the game, created this website to share his tips, basketballs and gear.  I look forward to continuing to grow and build this site and sharing great content.

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